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A Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah Analysis

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Ishmael Beah on C-span

Ishmael Beah, who wrote A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, published in 2007 and interviewed in C-span by, Brian Lamb (2007) explains that he was a boy soldier living a brutal life and had little to no hope for himself because of the Sierra Leone Civil War. Ishmael was not the only that was impacted but also by millions of the world wanting to stop child brutality and it explains to the first world countries how life is not pleasant everywhere. Although, Ishmael Beah talks to the interviewer, Brian Lamb and intonating in a miserable and gloomy but journalistic tone. The war has impacted him today and has unlocked his creativity in how own comfortable way, talking to someone about his miserable life in such an smooth and incredibly controlling way. It has made me believe that he’s overcome his harsh life challenges. Ishmael was so
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They were often manipulated to be dreadful animals, often committing terrible unlawful things to people without a purpose. This makes me feel hopeless and bitter about humanity, using innocent children to make harmful things to other people serving for a purpose and losing it once you have killed thousands. In the last 15 years, the use of child soldiers has spread to almost every region of the world and every armed conflict. Though an exact number is impossible to define, thousands of child soldiers are illegally serving in armed conflict around the world. Ishmael was one of them, I could never imagine living in such a difficult era where I’ve lost my family and I’m devoting to killing people for my life. Especially forcefully drugged and reenacting the horrendous scenes in American films. While Ishmael Beah was being interviewed, I learned a lot about his past, his structure and path has been very difficult, but he has overcome it and has learned from his past. Although he killed hundreds, maybe thousands, he has showed the world that he really could achieve

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