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A Long Way Gone Maslow Analysis

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a theory created by a Abraham Maslow. It’s a theoretical idea about the progression of needs humans must meet to survive. There are five levels, the first being physiological needs, air, food and water, the second being safety needs. This is followed by needs for love, next needs for esteem and finally needs for self actualization. The idea is people cannot progress to each level unless they have successfully met the one before. In the book “A Long Way Gone” the main character Ishmael Beah experiences all five levels of the hierarchy of needs. Before the war, Ishmael is at the fourth level of needs, needs for esteem. However once the war reaches him he was brought down to the first level of physiological needs. Throughout the book Ishmael slowly works his way back up the hierarchy.
The first level of Maslow’s hierarchy is physiological
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Maslow’s fifth level is needs for self-actualization. This level describes a person's need to be and do what they were born to do. This level cannot be achieved unless all the levels before it have been successfully reached. Near the end of “A Long Way Gone” Ishmael gets the opportunity to go to New York and talk about what’s going on in his country. During the interview he says that he felt he could portray the story the best because he lived it. Ishmael feels that this is something he should do which is one of the concepts of self-actualization. At the conference Ishmael feels comfortable with the people around him, and when he gives his speech he states he wanted to speak from the heart. “I had a speech that had been written for me in Freetown, but I decided to speak from the heart (199).” The fact that he has his own thoughts the speak about shows how much he cares about the issues in his country and finding ways to stop them. He finds what he truly enjoys doing. This puts him on top of Maslow’s hierarchy of

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