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The novel, “A Long Way Gone”, is filled with cultural stories and myths. The tale of the “Wild Pigs” and the “Bra Spider” are told in this novel. The tale of the “Wild Pigs” is about how a man could transform into a pig. He would lead wild pigs into a clear opening, where they could not escape. He would eat a plant, and transform into a human again, killing the wild pigs afterwards. The other pigs soon learned about what this man was doing and destroyed all of the plants. When the man lead them into the clearing, he went to go eat the plant, only to discover that it was destroyed. The wild pigs soon killed him and they kill any humans they run find in the woods, as revenge. The story of the “Bra Spider” was that everyone was having feasts all day. The Bra Spider gave each leader of the village a rope, and to tug it hard when it was time to eat and the Bra Spider would come to feast on all the food with the others. He starved himself for days while waiting for the day of the …show more content…
“ ‘We must strive to be like the moon.’ An old man in Kabati repeated this sentence often to people who walked past his house on their way to the river to fetch water, to hunt, to tap palm wine; and to their farms…. She explained that the adage served to remind people to always be on their best behavior and to be good to others…. No one grumbles when the moon shines. Everyone becomes happy and appreciates the moon in their own special way.’ “ Ishmael’s grandmother says it is because it reminds people to be on their best behavior. It reminds people to always be good to each other because we are all the same and we all appreciate the same things. The moon does not complain. The moon shines bright every night, and the people in the village should be good, they will shine bright like the moon if they do. They should not complain, because the moon does not. The moon shows up every night like it is supposed

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