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A Look Inside the Brain-Housing Area

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A Look Inside the Brain-Housing Area
Amanda Marie Cervantes
Seungbae Park, Ph.D.
18 September 2010

The human mind is quite a mysterious machine. While we can break down and examine every detail and trait of the human brain, we cannot dissect the human mind. We can only observe its distinctive traits and behaviors. Brain states and mental states go hand in hand but do not equal each other. If they were identical, there would not be the case of whether they relate, but more so of how the relationship between the two works.
Brain states and mental states have different characteristics than one another. The mind resides inside of the brain, but it is not the actual brain itself. The only way to prove that the brain and the mind are one, would be to perform a successful lobotomy to test whether or not the receiving person would assimilate the previous owner’s mind, memories and traits and characteristics. If this were if at all possible, the receiving person would no longer have their original mind or memory of being their original self or anyone else for that matter. Brain state regulates and controls the body’s activities, receiving and decoding sensory impulses and communicating information to the muscles and body organs. The brain employs the ability to live and function. It is but an involuntary organ within the body, the nucleus, which controls all of the vital organs automatically by default. We cannot will the brain to keep the heart pumping or to send signals throughout the nervous system; those things are uncontrollable by the human mind, however, we can train the brain to ignore or reinterpret certain signals of pain and pleasure. The brain enables us to become knowledgeable, remember events from the past and to recognize things. It does not cause us to panic when we are terrified or black out when we are utterly…...

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