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A Look Into a Guys Mind

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A Look into a Guys Mind Amber Guenon

Tall, dark, and handsome are just some characteristics that a female would want in her man. Throw in a crooked smile and a warm body to cuddle up with, and a girl would be set and stone with this guy. But, wait she’s dreaming she could never get a guy like that unless he’s looking for the same thing, right? What does a guy look for in a girl anyway? Do they want skinny, blonde, dumb, and will absolutely do anything for him (like make a sandwich)? That is what most girls would believe about a guy, that all they care about is looks and sex. Well that isn’t the case so I have found out recently. I have created a survey with 15 simple questions that I know a guy would understand; I had 25 men take this survey and be completely honest throughout the questions. Guys ranged through the high school from 15-17 years of age, all who have different outcomes of what they look for in a girl. First will be body type, second will be about the women sense of style, and thirdly the women’s maturity and sex drive. Let’s see what you boys’ have said. Bodies type what could this mean to a guy? The #1 question asked, “Do you prefer a female with a small built, medium built, or a large built body?” Out of those 25 men 85% wanted a medium built woman, 10% wanted a skinny woman, and nobody wanted a bigger woman. Leading to our next question was what they’re perfect female height, weight, and age would be. The men averaged out to about 5 foot 6 inches for their perfect height on a woman, not to tall, but not too short. The weight was a harder subject to percentage, many of the men answered that they prefer women at 120-135 pounds, some also said 115 pounds is perfect to, and of course there are those special guys that a girl would love to know that they wanted no bigger than 180 pounds. To me it seems like guys do not want the female to be bigger than them in case they need to be the bigger person and all. Age is the #3 question, how old does your perfect girl need to be? Well, looking at the results guys do not care so much about age, because most of them answered with at the same age or at least three years older, I would have never thought. Skin color can be perceived in different ways from light to black and all in between. 78% of the guys said that they would prefer medium colored skin tone, or tan you may say. 10% of both light and dark skins were said, and 2% wanted a dark black woman. The next questions really caught the guys’ attention because it asks what chest size you look for and butt size you look for. It was shocking to find out that all the guys wanted a woman to have between a B and D cup chest size, and a medium sized butt, no J LO or Beyonce, and no play mate. Hair, fashion, and makeup what do guys’ look for when it comes to these questions. Let’s start with hair, I had the guys’ answer what color, length, and style they want their prefect girl to have. Brown, blonde, red, black, and random were the colors and it turns out that brown and blonde tied and guys like when there mixed together, although each red and black had one guy, random colors had three that’s interesting to know. 90% of guys wanted medium length hair above the woman’s chest, and 10% wanted long hair. The style that most guys wanted was curly and down, some preferred ponytails, and of course some did not care at all. Makeup ranged from caked onto a girl’s face to no makeup at all, and in between the classic makeup look colors that matches the girl’s face perfectly. There is no doubt that guys did not want a woman frosting her face with makeup, but a nice light smear of eye showdown and eye liner was just fine, along with no makeup at all, I think guys like us girls better just the way our face is naturally. Fashion was easy to figure out because hardly any guy wants a girl with no fashion and hardly enough want high fashion, so right in the middle class area is what guys wanted most, a T-shirt, jeans, and a nice pair of shoes. Maturity made me laugh because the question asked if they want a girl to act like a 12 yr. old, a bad ass teen, a grown up, or your mother. Even though there was one person who said their mother, and three that said 12 yr. old many guys are looking for a bad ass teen that can also act grown up when they need to be. Of course no guy wants a dummy for their girl right? Right, because no guy answered dummy for the brains question. Smart, dumb, or in between, 97% said in between and 3 % said smarty. Now, the very last question also caught the guys’ attention because it’s asking what kind of sex drive do they want in a girl, one who is ready when they first lock eyes, one who waits for the third date, or one who doesn’t want to even kiss in public. This is what girls want to know are guys just into sex and looks or just sex? Survey says….WAITS FOR THE THIRD DATE. It’s true 90% of the guys said they would rather get to know the girl before they did anything serious, usually by the third or fourth date. 5% didn’t want to kiss the girl in public and 5% were complete horn dogs. So girls don’t worry too much after the 2nd guy you’ll find the one that waits for when you’re ready. So, what did we learn about guys from all this, every guy has a different outlook on a girl from skinny to fat, younger to older, white to black, dumb to smart, ready to not, every guys looks at a girl differently. All those myths that a guy wants is blond, dumb, and a big chested girl is false, maybe except for some. But we girls’ should not worry about what a guy looks for in us do not try to be that girl that will change everything about your attitude or on your body because being yourself will defiantly bring a guy closer to you, as long as he’s looking.

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