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A Lost Season

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22 Feb 15

A Season that was Lost

The Eagles are down one with eighteen seconds left on the clock until they move on or the season is lost. They advanced the ball by using a timeout. The eagles run to the huddle and them all standup.
They can only hear one voice and that’s coach coop saying relax, take a deep breath, stay calm and don’t panic. He decided the play he was going to call was eagles six. We are going to run eagle six, also win are going to win the game!! The first horn sound, the referee comes to the bench and says that the first horn. Now the second horn sounds and the team breaks the huddle. The referee blows his whistle, loud due to the packed gym and the crowd had the building shaking. The ball is on the side of the court.

The gym was hot! All you could hear was the balls boucing on the hardwood floors, the first shot goes up all net swoosh. Now the real fun begins. Ten minutes into shooting drills you hear a loud whistle and a buzzer sound in the gym.

Coach Cooper or (Coop) as he refers to his self, yells on the line. Tot the base line. The team is thinking we are going to run. With a huge smile on coops face start running, we are like for how long for? He simply replayed until he was tired. The team responds with laughter to the statement
Luke says cannot be like this. The team start saying let’s go, get it done.

The team starts running while the clock is just counting up on the score board. After two hours of running the sweat dripping of the players faces the horn sounds. The whistle blows and then you hear a loud thud or smack on the hardwood floor. Sean falls to the floor.

Mark and I stand up straight and look over at Sean and walk over to him and pull him up. It took the both of us due to the fact he is six feet eight and a half inches tall and weighs almost 300 pounds. We also address the players on the floor to stand up you will get more air.

The players get the summer league schedule from their coach. It was a national schedule we had a tournament in two weeks’ time. The games were all compact over two or three day span. Ten games in three days WOW! The team shouts this was crazy but it’s a showcase for us to prove the hype. The tournament was at the University of Chicago. The eagles took third place in the tournament; our record was seven wins and three losses. That is when the team realized that we were expected to make it all the way to state playoffs.

The summer is over now there is a chill in the air its October first; Now it’s basketball season.
The clock reads three fifteen sharp. They place to be was the gym first day of basketball tryouts. There were forty people trying out for fifteen roster spots for the eagles’ basketball team. Even though these were some of people we called friends once we stepped between the lines it was all business, competition ion was going to be so fierce once you step on the hardwood. Horn sounds time to start playing ball.

They only are holding tryouts for three days; and will last three hours. There is going to be pure passion, blood, sweat, tears and injuries. They determined the coach would have a cut list and post the list after last day of tryouts. The tryout period is over and coach posts the list of the 15 newest members of the eagle boys’ basketball team. The list was all the names from the summer league team. Now we start practice the very next day. The team realized that we should be ahead of a lot of teams due to the schedule in the summer we played and also we knew each other. Now it time for the thanksgiving tournament, which we knew that we would win. We did win that tournament.

Holiday break rolls around and we have a tournament and the field is loaded then within the first four minutes of the game injuries happen. Luke goes down with an ankle injury you could only hear the heart beats of the eagle nation; the gym had a hush over the gym during the first game,
In the third quarter Dwayne was hit with an elbow trying to get around a screen. And sprained his should which would keep him and like out two or three weeks. The team would win the first game of the tournament. And lose the next three games. Once the two players came back we began to start winning again. The midseason slump was over. Winning was the only thing on the teams mind, the first step was to win conference championship, then regionals, then sectionals, then super sectionals, then on to state final four.

March madness start for the eagles back at full strength fresh off conference championships.
It’s time for one and done basketball there is no next year for the eagles. The time is right now.
We win regionals easy. Now onto the sectionals the game was close during the first half, but we turned into the running team that got us starting to score to break a close game open. Now on to
Super sectionals against the power house out of Chicago Westing Housing. They played the same style of basketball like us running and shooting and pressing and we matched up with them except for Sean. He was big and slow. So coach had a huge issue really huge. Do we play the style that makes us a champion or do we match up with their style. What to do is what the coach is saying to the team. Its game day for super sectionals we are on the bus with a two hour ahead of us going to Kankakee

The Eagles are down one with eighteen seconds left on the clock until they move on or the season is lost. They advanced the ball by using a timeout. The eagles run to the huddle and them all standup.
They can only hear one voice and that’s coach coop saying relax, take a deep breath, stay calm and don’t panic. He decided the play he was going to call was eagles six. We are going to run eagle six, also win are going to win the game!! The first horn sound, the referee comes to the bench and says that the first horn. Now the second horn sounds and the team breaks the huddle. The referee blows his whistle, loud due to the packed gym and the crowd had the building shaking. The ball is on the side of the court. We inbound the ball and the clock starts running down we run the paly eagle six and I start driving to the basket and the defense stops me I pass to Luke and he shots the ball and as it goes up it looks good for the win, now it starts to roll around the rim and rolls out and that the game. The eagles lose the game by 1. We never ran eagle six so that was a season that was lost.

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