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A Man-Machine Interface

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Alfred J Haines
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Dec. 18, 2011

The Man Machine Love-Hate relationship is examined and the eventual blending of the two to create an augmented form of reality. The problems with such a task are not only with the hardware but with the Human sense of spiritual bonding to the past. A past imbued with fear, pain and hardship, a meta-ethnic past that some long for and believe to have been a simpler time.

The Personal Computer will someday become an invisible extension of our minds with no peripherals nor external hardware to obstruct the users from achieving their creative goals. From its beginning mechanical computers have frightened Humans who believed that they would be replaced by these thinking machines. The human beings mechanical mobility has evolved out of our spirits need to interact with the universe and the next step, the one that frees mankind from physical limitations will be the use of machines that will be ubiquitous, in effect, working as natural extensions of the body. The continuous innovations in electronics are making more and more components ubiquitous. The convergence of man and machine requires that computers become an integral part of the human body. The hurdles are many and those in opposition of such a world are afraid that these changes can only come about with the sacrifice of the soul. The last huddle that will stand in mans way of a true Man-Machine interface may well be one of posed by the threat that others may seek to control the machine portion and enslave mankind as mindless cyber-men.
How did these fears of mechanical computers, these thinking machines, replacing Humans get started and fears founded in reason? Human computers have been used by government and business since the dawn of the man to calculate taxes and manage accounts. While working on calculating machines...

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