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A Matter of Envirionmental Justice


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A Matter of Environmental Justice The case of harvesting what is known as the “Pygeum” tree located in the Aberdares Mountain Range of Kenya has become an example of environmental issues, as well as environmental justice issues. Both issues are represented well in the controversy of what is right and wrong in this case, and what measures can be taken to come to an agreement that benefits all parties involved. The “Pygeum” tree is very valuable to the “Kikuyu” tribe of natives that live in the region. It is used for medicinal purposes, as well as in building houses, and other forms of use. Colney and Pitts, a company that uses the trees for medicinal purposes wants to harvest the trees in the area to manufacture the pharmaceuticals that they need. Icer is an environmental group that has interest in the “Kikuyu” tribe and what is best for them, if the harvesting of the trees should occur. Ecosmiles is another organization that has decided to have a hand in this issue, on the fact that they represent the natural environment. Ecosmiles wants what is best for the environment in the long run. All three parties have a different agenda. These agendas collide due to the fact that the parties involved want different things. Colney and Pitts want to harvest the trees for personal gain. Their reason is a good one, but it is at the cost of the people in the “Kikuyu” tribe as well as the environment surrounding the project. Icer wants the tribe to be taken care of if the project proceeds. Ecosmiles does not want the project to happen at all because it will pose a threat to the project area as well as the surrounding areas. Although their agendas differ there can be a common ground agreed upon if all parties involved step out of their own views and see the views of the other parties involved. If the environment, as well as the good of the tribe can be held in first

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