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A Pair of Tickets

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The struggle of accepting who you are
Amy Tans story “A Pair of Tickets”, the narrator shows they are in denial of her nationality; she doesn’t want to accept that she is of Chinese decent. It takes her going to China and living out her mother’s dreams that she realizes who she truly is. She has never seen this side of her family and resents her mother for never bringing them up and feeling how it is not to be Americanized.
She feels betrayed because she found out her mother who is now deceased had two other children from a previous marriage that she had to leave while searching for food and help in Shanghai. During her visit her family reminisces and speaks of the memories they have of her mother, making her feel like she didn’t know who her mother truly was.
The narrator speaks a lot on family and how she feels separated from hers because she doesn’t know them. Her being raised with American way and her family being of raised Chinese, they are two different cultures with what she felt not much in common.
Visiting makes her realize this is something that she has been missing and wants to know more of. Looking back, she remembered speaking to her mother about being Chinese and realized that "once you are born Chinese, you cannot help but feel and think Chinese” This is what she is missing family and knowledge of whom she is. She is now in China to fulfill her mother’s dreams by finding her sisters.
The narrator shows how much of a loving, caring person she is. She wants to make her mother happy, even though she is now deceased. She wonders if her mother felt terrible for having her after having to leave her other children. The love that the narrator has for her father is precious; she feels the pain her father is having speaking about her mother. He is speaking of life his wife had before him.
She would dream...

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