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Brain death is final there is really no way of living after being brain dead, besides being on live support as a vegetable. Brain dead is where your neurons die that make your brain function properly. Brain death is an irreversible and total loss of all brain functions that are needed to be alive. Brain death does mean there is no coming back from it, but some parts of the brain might stay alive for a while well other parts of the brain die almost instantly. Cardiac death is when your heart just stops pumping blood throughout the whole body. Cardiac death happens when something slows/ stops the flow of blood through the heart, causing bad damage to the heart muscles and body. Cardiac death can be reversible if treated properly within minutes after cardiac death happens, unlike brain death were there is no way medically to reverse what happen.
Yes, the prudent person rule can be applied to the case for both the family members and the doctors. The family members assuming they are her parents knew the diagnosis, risk of the procedure, benefits of the procedure, alternative treatments, prognosis if no treatment is given, acceptable standard care is followed and the cost of the health care treatments. The doctors gave the family members all the information and followed the prudent person rule. The doctor can’t refuse to put the patient on a ventilator by the family’s request.
In my opinion I think that something had have gone wrong in surgery to have the patient to bleed uncontrollable and go into cardiac arrest then end up brain dead. If something did go wrong they could have possible stopped it from happening or fixed what went wrong right away if they caught it in time to fix what went wrong. On the other hand there is really truly not enough information to give any kind of real answer to the question.

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