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A Paper I Wrote When I Was 15

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Hi my name is Bentley. I am black and brown with spots and many people love me more than cats. I am very very fluffy and tiny and I love playing in the backyard. I am also shy around others.
Can you guess what I am? I am a puppy. One day when I was walking back from the beach to the hotel, Chima, the mean dog threw his ball at me and hit me in the head. I told him to say he was sorry but he didn’t. He and all of his friends laughed at me because I didn’t act like they do or pick on other puppies. I felt so embarrassed that I ran as fast as a cheetah back to the hotel where we were vacationing at. Chima, Lily, Marco, Roo, and Josey were all award winning showcase dogs. They were bigger than me and older than me that’s why they bothered me all of the time. After this horrible encounter it was time to go back home to Atlanta, Georgia. After a few weeks passed before I saw them again. This time it was different. I saw Lily, Roo, and Marco screaming for help because Josey and Chima were stuck in a hole. While they were trying to pull them out, Roo and Marco accidently fell in, so Lily needed help. I thought about all the times they had been mean to me but instead of not helping, I ran to Lily, grabbed the rope, and helped her pull them out. They were so relieved to be out of the hole. But even though Bentley helped them out, they still were mean to him. The next day Roo told them that they were wrong for treating me so bad when I never did anything to anyone because I was so shy. The group realized that Roo was right, so they went off to find me playing in the yard. Josey was the first to apologize for being so mean to me for the past two years; then the rest of them apologized.
I forgave them and asked them to play with me. The dogs started playing and having fun. That day I had friends for the first...

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