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A Personalize Induction Will Always

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“ A personalize induction will always be more effective” Discuss. Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class.

In my essay I will discuss the importance of a personalize induction in relaxation.
As we know, every one is different , this difference is not only outside but inside as well. We not only look different but we have different characters built on base of genes preferences, as well the influences of our parents and friends, schools, age and life experience. This is why it is so important when making the first contact with our clients.
We have to be able to gain their trust and get as much information about their history, their likes and dislikes, background, hobby’s, fears, allergies, history of illness and if possible medication. Initial consultation is a time for acquiring information and finding out client’s history in order to personalize an induction. A person's preferences and modalities are not always stable and can change in order to a situation. This is why the induction has to be flexible and by trying to get an idea of which modality our clients prefer, it will help them to feel more comfortable. We use all of our senses in different situations but all of us will have a favourite one of which we are more comfortable although it is beneficial to use all the senses when trying to build a safe and comfortable space for a client. A compounding combination of all modalities is far more effective to achieve a deep hypnotic state.
Our brain represents experiences received from all our senses and different parts of our brain have been designated to our senses so we have a visual cortex, an auditory cortex, an kinaesthetic cortex,an olfactory cortex, an gustatory cortex and auditory digital cortex. It was Bandler and Grinder who revolutionised psychology by suggesting the terms and definitions of…...

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