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A Project Management Experience

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I was involved in hosting an annual dinner for the business student union and was a member of the promotional team. The annual dinner served as an opportunity for freshmen to meet alumni and establish personal professional networks. The project scope for the promotional team was to create brand awareness about the 10th SBM annual dinner to freshmen. Also, to give information about what the annual dinner was and the benefits that it could provide to freshmen. Last but not least, promote the annual dinner effectively.

For the project time, we had around one month, from 4th September to 10th October 2008. In this limited time period, we needed to promote the event, find participants, plan out the event, and decorate the venue.

For the promotional team, there were a few risks. One of them was obviously not enough freshmen joining the activity, leading to not able to recoup the costs spent on organizing the activity. The second risk was not enough time to prepare all the decorations in the limited time. Because we rented the venue, we were only able to start decorating the venue in the morning of the actual date of event. We also had limited available personnel because most of the sub-committees had lessons in the morning and afternoon. A third risk was the chance of buying low quality products from Taobao. We wanted to use electronic flameless candles for the tables. However, they were way too expensive if you bought it in Hong Kong IKEA. So it was to either buy only a small number of those expensive candles in Hong Kong or buy a large amount of cheap ones from Taobao. However a risk involved was that there was no way we could ensure not buying low quality flameless candles from Taobao. It would be an embarrassment as well as money wasted if most of the candles didn’t work during the event. At the end I consulted the entire team and decided to take the risk and...

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