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A Project Proposal for the Inventory Control System for Calculation and Ordering of Available and Processed Resources

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Executive Summary

Our proposed project is a real time implementation of an inventory control system for an on-site corporate restaurant management and catering company. One such company is Guckenheimer
( which builds, staffs, and upkeeps corporate kitchens as well as provides catering services to corporate companies. This project is specific in that it applies to the dining domain of restaurants, but is flexible enough to be applied to many different kitchens and restaurants. In the case of Guckenheimer, they can use the software in their kitchens across the nation. The scope of this project will primarily focus on Guckenheimer’s kitchen and inventory located at the Groupon Chicago Office.
Currently at Groupons kitchen, and the food industry in general, restaurant staff and managers are forced to keep track of inventory by hand. This means that they must count what they have sold and what they have left at the end of each day. They must also fill out order forms to be sent to vendors so that they can restock their inventory in preparation for the next week. This wastes valuable man hours and is a rather simple task to automate using our software.
We propose a solution to this issue by developing software that keeps track of inventory in the
“back of house”, or kitchen, and updates it according to daily sales. Each food item is linked to respective resources (or ingredients) and as each product is sold the ingredients utilized in making that product are also utilized. These changes in inventory are kept track of through utilizing a database.
We propose to keep track of each and every ingredient by dynamically linking it to...

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