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A Random Act of Kindness – an Essay

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She handed me a five dollar bill through the car window, then turned and walked away. I don’t know her name, nor where she was going—the encounter was so brief—but I know I will never forget that lady stranger who generously saved me from a lot of frustration and prevented me from walking a mile or more to my destination. The scene was a downtown public parking lot. My husband, Leo, and I were already a half hour late for a statewide conference on the status of African American families and children. (CSAAFC). We had taken the wrong fork in the expressway, and found ourselves deadlocked in traffic that was backed up for four miles due to a serious accident. I told Leo to go the other way, but he didn’t. . .

When we finally were able to exit, we tried to find parking in the designated free garages and lots near the hosting hotel. But, by now, they were all full. Not expecting this, neither of us had brought change; all we had was a twenty dollar bill. When we did find some space in a lot two blocks away from the conference, we were unable to pay the automated box for our slot; we needed five dollars. There was, handily, an ATM that charged $4.50 to get change for a twenty. But, there was no guarantee that there would be a five spot; we might have gotten just two tens for change. That wouldn’t have helped the situation. Besides, $4.50 just seemed like highway robbery. I wasn’t willing to pay it. We asked several people approaching the pay box if they could change a twenty. “No”, “No”, “No” were their answers. So, dejected, we walked back to our car, got inside, and started to back out. We were going to look for a spot on the street that would take coins. A quest that would surely have taken us a longer distance away.

Just then, one of the people we had spoken with tapped on the window on the passenger side. It was a short, medium-built Caucasian woman, who was...

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