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A Report on Oscar Edmund Berninghausa’s Painting

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Personal Interest: What Appeals to me What attracted me to this painting by mere looking at it was actually its size and what I thought it represents. By size I mean the visual size of the four outstanding images in the painting. The force of attraction with which the images are featured in the painting seem to draw my feet and eyes closer for a more critical view and my hands for a reach to feel its surface. The size of the frame is pretty large and towering if one faces it. Images in the painting include a beautiful, young lightly made up lady gracefully leaning by a majestic, strong looking, white saddled stallion as if for support. These two figures were standing under a four branched rich green leafy oak tree. A little farther behind them were a high twin- like rocky mountains. I admired the natural and wholesome appearance the painting exudes. The lofty mountains which form the main background of the painting stand imposing over a flowing stream by its foot, and a green valley. They seem to call a viewer’s attention from a distance father away from the woman, horse, maize field, house and tree. I was mostly attracted to the figure of the woman. Her figure to me is an embodiment of gracefulness and tenderness. She radiates strength and confidence. As a woman I took away from the picture a feeling of completeness. The entire landscape of the entire painting looks lively and healthy. Although Edmund uses more of dark colors for the vegetation, his mixture of red, yellow, and a shade of orange on the woman’s gown and face, and the patchy flower bushes at the stump of the tree, and his use of purple on the mountains and tree barks gave the painting its vibrant appearance. I understood that the painting is one of the many paintings of Edmund. He Lived in Taos Pueblo, a place that lies about one mile north of the modern city of Taos, here in New Mexico....

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