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How can we get a better Customer Service in Wal-Mart?
Rebecca Jimenez (Polite)
ENG 315
Professional Communications
Assignment 4
Strayer University
Professor Priscilla Patten

Table of contents
Introduction 3
Problem statement 3
Findings 3
Method used 3-4-5
Conclusion 6
References 7

The purpose of this report is to inform to people, how we can get a better Customer service? As a customer I choose the store Wal-Mart; because of every store that myself or people that goes to that store have problem with the Customer Service. Everywhere you go you see customers going thought some bad services, 1 or 2 cash registers open for more than 15 people in each line that is open, or when customer need a somebody that work in Wal-Mart to help that customer find the product that customer need and that customer cannot find nobody to help them. And when the customer finally somebody comes is not from the place that customer need that help. So the customer walk around trying to find somebody to help and if customer have the luck to find one, they would help that customer with bad attitude, disrespectful, and they act like they do not want to work that day.
Problem Statement
As a customer and see other customers react in the store the way we do when is not a good customer services in the store is to get signature of customers in every Wal-Mart in the area and after that write a letter to corporation about is customers service act to the customers in the stores and see if the customers can change.
Well I find this information doing resources in the internet, stores by seeing the customers services behave in the store, and customers’ service reaction in the store.
Unhappy customers are bad news for any company, and it only takes one of them to shatter a perfectly good day at work...

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