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A Room of Ones Own

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April 15, 2014 A Room of One’s Own Virginia Woolf once spoke of famous words saying that (you cannot find peace by avoiding life) words such on these is what exemplifies the vision Woolf had of A Room of One’s Own. She talks in a great detail about certain topics that she’s most fixated with during the time of the twentieth century, topics such as feminism, inequality, gender, independency, freedom, lack of privacy and money. All things that you would expect to be a giving for women living now in our world. But then women didn’t have as many rights as women do now, making it a lot harder for women to strive and live a prosperous equal life as men did during their time. We are all human beings and I believe even back then, regardless of the circumstances that was giving for women, that we should always have equal rights for everyone including women.
To begin with understanding where Virginia Woolf is coming from, it’s important to first look to her most seemingly innocuous statement that comes off deeply radical. Virginia Woolf once said that “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she to write fiction” during the time people saw this harmless statement deeply radical to the point that it drew lots controversy and attention to it. Because back then for women writers they were routinely denied the time and space to produce creative works. During the time when women had little rights to work with, they were look down-upon by society as if whatever a woman would convey from her lips had no worth of value to it. Having so many restrictions on woman writers made it extremely more challenging for them to produce any sort of fictional works. The statement comes off deeply radical because it recast the accomplishments of women in a new and far more favorable light, forcing people to realize the harsh truths about their...

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