A Rose for Emily Outline

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A Rose For Emily outline:
 Introduction
1. The Literature piece of “a Rose for Emily” it’s clear that change is essential in a persons life where Emily is an example of it where she stayed in the past pre-civil war self. Faulkner would agree that the past should stay in the past.

2. Thesis- In “A Rose For Emily” there are examples of several types of conflict from having to do with Emily’s own self-depression and anxiety, her disconnection with the community, also there is symbolism of the characters that are not accepted in her community- Homer Barron and Tobe.
 Body
A. self vs. self
a. Lonely, yearning for her dead dad
b. Mental, insecurity
c. Kept in a still place in her house, enclosed
d. Killing Homer Barron and keeping the weeding stage in her room due that Homer Barron didn’t want to marry her so she killed him.
B. Person vs. community conflict
a. New South- community with taxes, judgment, evolving and when the middle class starts.
b. Old south- confederate, old, dad
c. The town doubts Emily when they see her buying the arsenic they are suspicious and when they smell the bad odor they sprinkle lime instaed of actually going straight to her about the issue.
d. The town did not accept Emily and Homer’s
e. “Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town” (Faulkner 79)
f. “the ladies began to say that it was a disgrace to the town and a bad example to the young people” (Faulkner 83), so they called her cousins.
C. Symbolism~ Homer Barron, Tobe, and the house
a. “…we began to see him and Miss Emily on Sunday afternoons” (Faulkner 81) when they first saw Emily and Homer hanging out
b. Homer Barron: freedom, progress, modernity and change, North
c. It goes against traditional southern womanhood, because a…...