A Rose for Emily

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William Faulkner was a great short story writer whose literature has withstood the test of time. “A Rose for Emily” is one of his better know pieces that can be interpreted in many different ways. The theme one connects with after reading the story depends on the reader’s view of the writer and the writing itself. Many people look at the story as a love story in which a woman is unable to let go of her lover and only wants to preserve him like a rose. Letting go was difficult for the women and holding on was easier. She did what she had to do to preserve her love for her lover even if it was against the town’s laws.
The time period in which this short story was written is also important when critically analyzing the writing and the writer’s purpose and theme. During the time that Faulkner wrote this story, he was greatly in debt and seeking ways to become financially stable. He wrote this story not knowing that it would be his first published work and bring him wealth and recognition. It was first published in 1930 but covers the time periods of 1861-1933. This was a very critical time in American history. During this time period, the South was fighting for their livelihood, slavery against the North. They were trying so desperate to hold on to what had held their southern cotton economy together. They felt that the federal government had no power over the states especially their slavery supported economy. They did everything to hold on to their culture but eventually war was inevitable. Even after the Civil War, the South did anything and everything to keep African Americans in bondage and as second class citizens. Faulkner observed the behavior of both the South and the North and captured their attitude in his short story, “A Rose for Emily.” Emily Grierson’s attachment to Homer Baron was just like the South’s attachment to the idea of slavery. Just like the…...