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A Self-Analysis Paper for the Midterm

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Binalfew Mecuriaw
En 102
Prof. Nuredinoski
Self-analysis Essay During this short course of semester in English102, I have reviewed both my strengths and weaknesses. By reviewing both my strengths and weaknesses has helped me a lot to realize what I have improved, and what I still need to work on to improve. My two major strengths I have acquired during this semester are being abele to do my homework on time, and acquired the ability of outlining in order to control my idea through logically formulated outlines. What I need to work on to improve is class participation. I have improved my homework doing habit dramatically during this English 102 course. Doing homework has always been a complicated task for me before I attended this class. Since other English classes I took before were a full semester schedule, I used to come class with out doing my homework. Finally, when I registered in this accelerated and fast paced class, I realized that I had to do all my homework before I go class to follow my professor lecture very well. Now, I am able to understand what the professor teaches about. This helped me to follow the professor attentively during the lecture. Doing my homework in time is the most powerful thing I acquired during this course of semester. The second strength that I have improved a lot is my outlining ability to stick to my central idea. Before this class, I wrote a couple of paragraphs and essays on other English classes. However, I usually used to deviate from the main idea of my paper while I write. Then, I started to explore what makes my paper ineffective. Finally, I found out that my poor ability of outlining lowers my paper. Therefore, during this class, I committed to eliminate my poor outlining ability. For instance, in my first paper, outlining helped me a lot to write a well developed paper. It helped me to put things in the…...

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