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A Snowy Day

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I awoke, my feet cold under the sheets. My room was strangely quiet as I slipped out of bed and looked out the window. I saw the world covered in a sea of white snow. I hurried to get dressed and started for the back door. Hesitantly, I walked out of my warm cozy comfort zone towards a freezing cold, snow blurry. I stopped at the door, silently watching the snow fall. The tiny ice crystals drifted peacefully down from the sky, layering all the standing structures. The door creaked open after I nudged it with a lot of strength and effort, and I prudently stepped onto the back porch so that I don’t slip and fall, now I had a full view of my backyard, a wintry paradise enclosed in snow. As I walked down the steps and headed for the sidewalk, the squeaking of the wooden steps combined with the crunch of the snow under my feet felt like two instruments from the orchestra, performing in sweet silence all around me. The white, cottony powder covered the branches of the trees. As I walked down the sidewalk, I saw my car parked under a thick layer of snow .My mischievous dogs ran to meet me, leaving trails of paw prints in the snow. I continued to the driveway and scraped some snow off of the car window, and looked inside. The powder chilled my hand, so I put my hand inside my pocket to warm it, the snow began to fall harder. I wandered around the car, and crunched the snow beneath my feet. I hear birds chirping, and stride to the bird feeder, where several small birds hopped around on the ground. The snow was peppered with tiny holes where seeds had fallen from the bird feeder. The birds flew away as I approached them.
I continued walking and scooped up some snow from the ground, shaped it into a rough sphere, and threw it at a tree trunk. The snow scattered, falling from the tree and from all the bushes surrounding the tree. As I treaded past the birdbath, I realized the water in the receptacle would be frozen and there it was; a large diamond textured spherical ice block in the basin. The snow fell faster and harder, making it hard to see. I slowed down, waiting for the snow to diminish, after the snow subsided I resumed my trek with great enthusiasm. I brushed past a cedar tree, and the snow fell to the ground like powdered sugar, revealing green needles underneath. I began hiking down the trail towards the pond. The dogs followed me devotedly, prancing down the path behind me. The forest suddenly turned quiet. The only sounds were my breath and the snow crunching under my feet, as well as a few birds chirping in the branches above me. I saw the pond just a few trees ahead, completely solidified. The normal black hole was now covered in white. The dogs ran ahead of me onto the snow-covered pond. The ice held the two blemished beasts as they ran to the other side. I carefully stepped on to the ice, and the ice cracked slightly, so I decided not to risk stepping onto the pond myself.
I perambulated back up to the trail and continued, noticing the snow covered fence. The fence led me around a curve to the sleeping berry bushes, down the hill and up another hill, completing a small loop leading back into the clearing of my backyard. I walked up to the garden and saw the large hay-covered rectangle sprinkled with snow. I paced down to the other side of the backyard, to another trail leading into the woods. I followed another shorter trail down to a second pond, and that pond was also was iced up and covered in snow. Feeling a lot colder now, I decided to go back inside and eat breakfast. I strolled back up the trail and saw my house a few hundred feet away. As I reached the driveway, I saw that the car window was covered with another thin layer of snow. I ran back up the stairs into the house after shaking off all the snow on the porch railing. The dogs looked at me with a very sad face, I gave the both a pat on the head, before going inside. I’ll be back.

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