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A Step to Successful Beginning


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A Little Beginning for a Succesful Future

Been involved in some college organizations and extra activities has given me more than just uncountable networking, but also favorable thoughts, insightful knowledges, until the priceless experiences. Those are things that I have never learnt in a formal way, it’s happened naturally when I’m being in social activities. I love to interact and communicate with people, meet new people, share the experiences, and, hopefully, generate the new ideas. I started to shape my leadership role from the early time I became an university student. Fortunately, I’m in a competitive environment that encourage me to be a future bightful leader.
Recently I was in charge at a ITB’s event named Mechanical Festival 2013. I was appointed as a General Advisor, along with the Organizing Committee President, helped the Committee to do their jobs in creating the biggest festival at Teknik Mesin ITB. Giving recommendations, suggestions, and advises to the Committee were my primary duties as a General Advisor. All the working departmens were under my and the OCP’s supervisions. We made sure the Committee worked on the tracks. People might question me why I was involved in other university’s event, I could answer confidently, I need to challenge my self in accordance to the self-development. It was my pleasure to manage and direct people whom I never know before. Though the moments were really exhausted yet stresful, but I was really proud with the result I got in the end. Mechanical Festival had given me a highlighted moments in life.
The next step to develop a strong leadership trait in my personality is being a delegate in an international conference known as Model United Nations. I’m selected as one of Unpad delegation to represent Republic of Senegal in Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee at World Model United Nations 2013. In the

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