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A Study of Effective Communication

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A Study of Effective Communication

A Study of Effective Communication

A Study of Effective Communication Effective communication is a crucial part of everyday life and especially in the workplace. This assignment reviews the interpersonal communication between a manager and employee in two different films. The first film is, “Listening Skills: Yeah Whatever”, and the second film is, “Virtual Workplace: Out of the Office Reply”. The assessment of these videos will show the intricate ways in which communication in the workplace happens. In the video, “Listening Skills: Yeah Whatever”, the communication between Pilar and Miguel in the first part of the video was horrible. Pilar being the manager to Miguel was trying to relay important information about the financial side of the account Miguel was working on. While Miguel was an excellent artist who delivered a masterful campaign piece for the client, he did so 11,000 dollars over budget. Pilar had him come into the office to discuss these shortcomings on the account and come up with a way to correct the situation. ("Listening skills: Yeah," ) Miguel was so excited about how well the campaign had come out and was infatuated with himself that he did not listen to what Pilar way saying to him. He believed the client had deep pockets and had come to their firm primarily because of Miguel and his skill. Miguel felt he was above his manager Pilar and his body language emphasized this point by being disrespectful. At one point he even answered a phone call while in the meeting without checking with Pilar. He was not willing to make simple concessions in order to correct his over spending on the budget. ("Listening skills: Yeah," ) Piler was cool, calm and collective while trying to speak with Miguel. She congratulated him for the great skill he had shown in his art for...

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