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A Study on Consumer Satisfaction Towards Hero Honda Splendor Plus with Special Reference to Erode Town

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1. Name :
2. Address :
3. Gender : a) Male b) Female
4. Age a) 18-25 Years b) 26-35 Years c) 36-45 Years d) 46 & above
5. Martial status : a) Married b) Unmarried
6. Educational qualification a) Illiterate b) Up to Higher Secondary c) Under Graduate d) Post Graduate e) Professional f) Technical
7. Present Status a) Student b) Business c) Employee e) Professional e) Others
8. Size of the family a) Up to 3 members b) 4 to 5 members c) 6 to 7 members d) Above 7 members
9. Monthly Income a) Less than Rs.5000 b) Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 c) Rs.10001 to Rs.15000 d) above Rs.15001
10. By which source do you know about this vehicle? a) Advertisement b) Showroom visit c) Friends & Relatives d) others (specify)
11. What factors influencing you to buy this vehicle? a) Price b) Design style c) Brand image d) less maintenance cost e) Colour f) Mileage g) Speed h) Pollution free i) Comfort j) Credit facility k) Strong & Durable l) High resale value 12. Mention the mode of payment? a) Cash b) Credit
13. Have you bought the vehicle as? a) New b) Second-hand
14. What type of colour do you have? a) Cloud silver b) Black c) Hi granite Blue d) Candy Blue e) Black with silver Strip
15. Average distance covered by day? a) Less than 50km b) 50-75 c) 76-100km d) More than 100km
16. How long do you possess this vehicle? a) Up to 1 Year b) 1 Year to 3 Year c) 4 Year to 6Year d) More than 6 Year

17. Mention the mode of maintenance of your vehicle. a) If authorized service centers Express your opinion towards the service of authorized service centers? i) Highly satisfied ii) Satisfied iii) Neutral iv) Dissatisfied v) Highly Dissatisfied b) If unauthorized service centers Express your opinion towards the service of unauthorized service centers? i) Highly satisfied ii) Satisfied iii) Neutral iv) Dissatisfied v) Highly Dissatisfied 18. What is your opinion about the performance of Hero Honda Splendor plus? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neutral d) Dissatisfied e) Highly Dissatisfied
19. is there any problem faced by you in using Hero Honda Splendor Plus? a) Yes b) No a) After sales service b) Starting trouble c) Poor breaking system d) Poor Pickup e) Poor Road grip f) Cost of vehicle
20. State your level of satisfaction towards Hero Honda Splendor Plus (Please tick in relevant column) S.NO | Particulars | HS | S | N | D | HD | 1. | Price | | | | | | 2. | Resale value | | | | | | 3. | Riders convenience | | | | | | 4. | Spare parts | | | | | | 5. | Safety features | | | | | | 6. | Pollution free | | | | | | 7. | Service centers | | | | | | 8. | Fuel consumption | | | | | | 9. | Maintenance cost | | | | | | 10. | Smoothness | | | | | | 11. | Seat comfort | | | | | | 12. | Break condition | | | | | | 13. | Gear shifting | | | | | | 14. | Long distance ride | | | | | | 15. | City Ride | | | | | | 16. | Head Lamps | | | | | | 17. | Horn condition | | | | | |

21. Are you satisfied with the price of this vehicle? a) Costly b) Reasonable c) Cheaper d) No idea

22. Mention the mileage per liter of your vehicle? a) Below 50 km b) 50 to 60 km c) 61 to 80 km d) Above 80 km
23. What do you feel about availability of spare parts? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neutral d) Dissatisfied e) Highly Dissatisfied
24. What is your opinion about the battery capacity of your vehicle? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neutral d) Dissatisfied e) Highly Dissatisfied
25. Did you have any idea to change your present vehicle? a) If yes, mention the company _____________________________________
Mention the reason to change your present vehicle? i) Starting trouble ii) Poor breaking system iii) Poor pick iv) Spare parts cost v) More fuel consumption vi) Poor road grip vii) Poor after sales service viii) others

b) No

26. How do you feel about the warranty given by the company for a Particular model of your brand? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neutral d) Dissatisfied e) Highly Dissatisfied
27. Express your opinion towards the advertisement of your present brand vehicle? a) More attractive b) Attractive c) Fair d) Poor e) Very Poor
28. Give your suggestion to improve Hero Honda Splendor Plus? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

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