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A Successful Entrepreneur in Bangladesh


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A successful Bangladeshi entrepreneur

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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Profile 3
Company Profile 3
How did he set up REVE Systems 4
Specialization of REVE Systems 4
Target customers 4
Competition in the industry 4
Choosing IT Sector 4
History of his company 5
Working environment in REVE Systems 5
M Rezaul Hassan advice to the budding entrepreneurs in Bangladesh 5
References 6


M Rezaul Hassan is the founder CEO of REVE Systems. Under his leadership, REVE Systems has become the leading software and solutions provider in IP communications domain. REVE Systems was awarded with the Red Herring’s Top 100 Global Company in 2012. REVE Systems is headquartered in Singapore, has software development facilities in Dhaka and New Delhi and offices in the UK and the USA. Right now, REVE Systems has 2000 plus carriers from more than 75 countries as their customer.


Mr Rezaul Hassan is the CEO of REVE Systems. He founded this company in 2003 after working in the IT/ Telecom industry for many years. As the founding CEO, Hassan, along with a dedicated team of colleagues, has helped to build REVE Systems into a major solution provider in the VoIP industry. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its footprint globally. He played a key role in the development of good customer relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace.

An engineering graduate, Mr. Hassan earned an MBA from IBA, University of Dhaka. He is recognized as an expert in the IP communications space and has been invited as a speaker at several international seminars and workshops on Telecom. Because of his clear values, aspirations and vision, today REVE Systems has acquired an important place in the VoIP industry.

Company Profile

REVE Systems is leading provider of VoIP products and solutions. REVE holds leadership position in Mobile VoIP solutions, with its flagship product iTel Mobile Dialer Express being used by more than 1250 service providers, across 65 countries. REVE's product portfolio includes iTel Mobile Call Back Dialer, iTel Mobile Call Through Dialer, iTel SwitchPlus, iTel MVNO Smart, iTel Codec Convertor and billing solutions for the VoIP industry. They work closely with VoIP service providers to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace. Their clients range from start up?s to large global IP carriers. They are a member of Symbian Foundation and part of iPhone / Blackberry developer community. The company is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Bangladesh and India and presence in UK and Argentina. REVE Systems receives Red Herring top 100 award.

How did he set up REVE Systems

He started REVE Systems in late 2003 with a focused approach to serve IP-based communication industry. When he started, he saw an opportunity in providing billing solutions to the VoIP industry and started working on that idea. His belief was the IP will be the converged platform for all communication requirements and hence he wanted to specialize in this domain.

Specialization of REVE Systems

They work in the domain of VoIP and IP Communication platforms. Their solutions today range from Mobile VoIP applications to infrastructure software products for IP carriers, which include Softswitch, Billing applications, transcoding and bandwidth optimization software.

Target customers

Their target audience is the voice carrier, who uses IP platforms to carry voice traffic around the world. So their customer bases ranges from OTT ( Over the top) voice providers to Tier 1 incumbent carriers to calling card/ home broadband telephony providers around the world. They service over 2000 carriers, who come from more than 75 countries around the world.

Competition in the industry

They currently compete globally with many software companies and competition is quite stiff in this industry. Some of their competitors are VoipSwitch from UK, Nexge from India, CounterPath from USA, PortaOne from Canada, Acrobitz from Czech Republic, Aloe Systems from Russia. However they offer an end to end platform for VoIP service providers, which none of the competitors can match.

Choosing IT Sector

Bangladesh IT sector focuses on outsourcing opportunities mostly, as that’s the proven model in the IT industry and there are enough opportunities there too. However in Outsourcing business, Bangladesh based IT companies have to compete with the larger companies based in India, China who are quite well entrenched. He chose the product approach as there is higher scope of innovation in building products than in outsourcing of projects and we had the knowledge/ expertise in the IP communications domain which they put to use.

History of his company

As a garage start up in 2003, he has seen their ups and downs. While he started with just a billing solution which he commercialized in 2004, it was a challenge to penetrate the global market with that product. In 2007, he had a situation where he had to take a bank loan to finance their regular operational expenses, as their new products had not been commercially launched. He started getting traction with their Mobile VoIP solutions, in which the first product, iTel Mobile Dialer Express came out in early 2008. Since then he has been growing steadily, which has culminated in us winning many product awards between 2009-2012 and the Red Herring Top Global 100 award in November 2012. A small company trying to make a mark, attracting good talent is a challenge. Similarly as he move in the global market, striving to be ahead of competition and creating innovation is a challenge that he need to deal with.

Working environment in REVE Systems

Innovation is the key to their success and that comes from colleagues at every level – it’s not a top down approach. They try and offer a working environment which fosters innovation and enhances customer satisfaction. They work in a 24x7 environment and their colleagues across their offices in five countries have to be geared to face the same. Hence they have incorporated best practices like flexible working hours, transport facilities, periodic employee trainings & feedback. In some of their offices, the day starts with a 30 minutes meditation session; they have seen colleagues reporting better productivity, higher concentration levels and better personal life as a result of that. They have a fully functional gym and proposed Table Tennis board. They serve three meals in their offices for all- Breakfast, lunch and evening snacks and dinner for colleagues who work late nights. But more than all this, they encourage a very friendly environment, irrespective of office hierarchy.

M Rezaul Hassan advice to the budding entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

There are huge opportunities which have opened up, due to a global economy and a very interlinked & connected world. Bangladesh has very good talent and my suggestion to the want to be entrepreneurs will be to create solutions and products keeping the global market in mind. The VoIP industry alone will need more than 10,000 new service providers by 2016, to cater to an estimated 1 billion people who will use Mobile VoIP services – so this will be a very big opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to run a global business with the help of Internet.


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