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A Summery of the Cast of Amontillado

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A summary of the Cast of Amontillado

The protagonist (Montresor) narrates the story of a murder, happened half of century ago. The murder case is caused by an unspecified insult. In the time of carnival season, he perfectly seizes the opportunity to conduct the evil plot he prepares for a long time. Catch up with the emotion of festival, he found his friend Fortunato, the victim) with dizzy. To subdue his victim go to the trap, he opens a conversation with wine, which would be attractive to his friend. Without doubt, his friend is successfully subdued through the clever conversation. Then, they enter the catacomb, which is the grave for Fortunato too. During their proceeding, the protagonist constantly asks whether his friend needs return to ground or not. However, out of the passion to wine, he rejects to returning. Finally, they reach the end of the catacomb. The protagonist here uses the clever talk again that mentions another person who is an expert in tasting wine as well to trigger the victim’s emulative emotion so that his plot may be easier to success. Even being trapped, Fortunato is still flooded within his intoxication until the protagonist starts walling up a grave for him. Out of fear of death, he screams, cries, to try to browbeat his life-ender from trapping him there forever. At first, the murderer is scared of these horrible cries, however, after recognizing this is the final struggle of his friend, he scream back, and it works. After the final struggle did not work, the poor victim starts to give some humors, hoping maybe his death god will pity him. However, the result is that his death god did not going to give him any pity. Therefore, anything is done! The protagonist forces the last stone into its should-be position, and leaves. This is all thing the protagonist narrates.

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