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A Temporary Matter

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In the story, “A Temporary Matter”, Shoba, the wife, reveals to her husband, Shukumar, at the climax of the story that she was planning on moving out. The loss of their child is a key factor in this decision but it is no where near the only factor, and I argue that it is not the main one. One cause of the relationship deteriorating the way it did was the fact that Shukumar was missing in action through most of the day. Shoba and Shukumar had difficulty spending time together because he was always working and Shoba was always distant. While this did not in any way cause the death of the unborn child, Shukumar not being there during the birth was what I believe, a key factor in the decision that Shoba made to move on from the relationship. Despite Shoba letting Shukumar go on his business trip, I believe he should have stayed and help Shoba which is what most believe people in healthy relationships do. This was a bad move on Shukumar’s because it is eventually what caused Shoba’s mother and most readers to dislike the character. He was not there to console and comfort Shoba over the loss of their child. One of the other key factors that caused the relationship to crumble is that even after the death of their child, they both became isolated from the world and more importantly from each other. The lack of communication between both of them made it extremely difficult for the two to simply move on. I believe In order for a relationship to grow and work, there needs to be communication to the Nth degree. If there’s no communication there can be serious misunderstandings and assumptions that can lead to disputes, which lead into arguments between them both. This can tear any relationship apart. If Shoba had spoken up to Shukumar about how she felt in the first place and if Shukumar ideally had been there and able to listen to Shoba the relationship could have been reconciled; however, the times they really had a chance to talk was during the hour that the lights had gone off every night for construction. I don’t believe an hour is nearly enough time to talk, but that is just an opinion. Any serious discussion such as the loss of their child, the feelings of pain, loss and resentment would just grow until such a breaking point where the relationship doesn’t mean anything anymore. This is exactly what happened in the story. There is not one finger to blame, the blame goes to both Shoba and Shukumar.
The final cause is indeed the loss of their child; however, it is of my own opinion that this wouldn't have so effectively derailed the relationship had the other two previously mentioned causes been remedied. With Shukumar being there for Shoba more often and Shoba not having the ability to speak up and the two of them actually communicating with each other for longer than an hour. Those causes combined in a way make the loss of their child more just a tragic event that happened rather than a cause of the end their relationship. In order for most relationship to work well, both parties should be involved equally in trying to make things work and there should be as much communication between them as humanly possible. Without those things, the relationship is simply destined to fail.

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