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A Tenacious Church

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Paul, Silvanus and Timotheus, in his letter to the Thessalonians, saw it fitting to give thanks to God always for the brethren, at the church of the Thessalonians, because of how their faith had grown and the charity and love they had shown toward each other in troublesome times.

In Paul‘s first letter to the Thessalonians, he preached and taught about three weeks, almost every major doctrine of the Christian faith. Although Paul’s visit to Thessalonica was short, his ministry was long enough to leave a solid foundation for a thriving church. After leaving and going to Athens, Paul leaves Timothy and Silvanus behind to help the new church by way of encouragement. The church was faced with persecution, however persecution can mean growth. God’s spirit strengthens and encourages suffering saints as they go through the difficulties of Christian life. Timothy rejoined Paul at Corinth and gave him the report on the new church. A short time afterward, Paul writes II Thessalonians and began to thank God for the tenacity of this church and it’s determination to grow in faith. Paul considered this church his friend. After hearing of the progress of this tenacious church and their growth and love toward each other, Paul couldn’t help but praise God for their accomplishment.

So then, Paul realized first, a growing church is a faithful church, and that this church would go through much persecution. Therefore much encouragement would be necessary. Their faith was growing beyond all natural expectation. Faith without works is dead; the spirit of God was at work in the lives of these believers. Growth is a process, before a baby can become a man, he first must go through the process of being a man, he has all the members of a man, but he must go through the process of being developed. The faith...

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