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A Thousand Splendid Suns Analysis

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Our book is A Thousan Splendid Suns, a 2007 novel written by an Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini, after his bestselling 2003 debut, The Kite Runner. Khaled Hosseini has mentioned that the novel was a “mother-daughter story rather than to The Kite Runner, which was a “father-son story”. It uses some of the theme used in The Kite Runner but has its focus primarily on all the female characters and how they live in the Afghan soceity. On 22nd May 2007, the book was released and received favorable prepublication reviews which led it to become the number one on New York Times bestseller for around fifteen weeks. It sold over one million copies just during its first week.
Mariam, born in Heart, 1959. She was boren an ethnic
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At the age of just 5, he lost a leg to a land mine.After knowing each other for a decade; they evolved from best friends to lovers.
“A Thousand Splendid Suns can be seen as a mother-daughter story”- Khaed Hosseini
Khaled Hosseini considers the novel to be a love story, in that it is a love "draws characters out of their isolation, that gives them the strength to transcend their own limitations, to expose their vulnerabilities, and to perform devastating acts of self-sacrifice"
A Thousand Splendid Suns shows its readers that it has a central theme, which shows humanity the place of women in Afghan society. Washington Post writer Jonathan Yardly pointed out to a passage in which Mariam’s mother says “Learn this now and learn it well, my daughter: Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. You remember that, Mariam.”
In the book, both Mariam and Laila are forced into marrying Rasheed, who forced them to wear a burqa even before it was implemented by law, and later became very abusive towards them. This shows patriarchal despotism, in which women are really just dependent on their fathers, husband and

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