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A Thousand Splentdid Sun Essay

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Journal Entry 2 A Thousand Splendid Suns

In the novel,Hosseini suggest that women are viewed as second class citizen.The women are the victims of the power of men withholds in society.Women have high expectation of hope for the future, but once reality sets in, their hope is crushed and lost forever.The cycles of hope and hope being broke into million of tiny piece of glass, reveal that women suffer repeated over and over.Yet because they are women, they are needed to continuously find the strength to live on with the fact of life.This trend of the hope and oppression is uncovered throughout Mariam and Rasheed marriage.Mariam is trying to find some hope in her marriage that could maybe one day lead toward ideal picture of “true love” and contentment.She is now transformed from “illegitimate child” to “legitimate wife” in Afghan society. Mariam take pride in pleasing her husband by cooking traditional dishes and the role of a wife. The gift of burqa from Rasheed, show Mariam his strong desire keep her all to himself.Burqa is a symbol that clearly is used to separated women and used to control women’s human right for freedom.Rasheed views the “modern” women as devil candy, shameful toward both society and reputations of their families.The “modern“ women made Mariam aware of the domination force Rasheed has over her life with martial law.The news of Mariam’s Pregnancy offer her an opportunity to hopefully release all the shame of being “the Bastard child”in her mother eyes and Jalil illegitimate child. Hosseini used pregnancy as one of symbol for hope and value of women in society throughout the novel. Through the begin of Mariam’s pregnancy,Rasheed highly hope for baby boy. This confess the idea of Rasheed only want marry to produce an son to carrie family name and reputation. The miscarriage of their first child leave both character overcome with grief.Rasheed consider the miscarriage as shameful on his reputations and see Mariam as hopeless,embarrassment and awful wife.This caused Mariam fear Rasheed for his increasing temper toward her.Mariam soul purpose of life is to produce an family and pleasing her husband for lifetime. During four year and many more miscarriage.Her marriage has given Rasheed only dishonor reputations and heavy burden for him.He is never pleased with her cooking and role as wife. This can be acknowledge through this quotation “through the mouthful of grit and pebbles, mariam mumbled a plea.Tears were leaking out of the corners of her eyes”CHEW” he bellowed”. This quote enforce the domination force Rasheed has over her life with martial law because her being infertility is ethically shameful both personal and societal oppression. This lead to rasheed becoming more physically abused toward Mariam.Mariam is viewed as second class citizen and is victims of the power of Rasheed withholds over her. she high expectation of hope for the future,and a family. But once reality sets in, her hope is crushed and is broke into million piece of glass because being infertility is both ethically shameful and is burden on Rasheed character. Indicates the burden in her marriage will lead to lifetime of neglect and abuse from Rasheed for ruining his reputations. Throughout human history women has be alway be oppressed by men and women has alway suffer in our society is same story repeated since human life begin. Women alway needed to continuously find new hope and the strength to inspect the reality of hardships we faced in our universal today. women has alway had the power and strenght to help rebuild broken dream , hope and whole nation when time is right.women are the backbone in the spine of the life,without women the mankind weren’t exist in first place.

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