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A Timeless Classic

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A timelss Classic

When we think about what life is like today and how people are treated equally , the thought of discriminating against a person because their skin is a different color seems morally wrong. Well in 1930’s this was pretty much the normality in day to day life. To kill Mocking bird shows what is was like to live in a time when people were treated terribly because of the color of their skin. This novel also reflects the time at which it was written because in the 1960’s racism against African Americans was still a big problem. To Kill a Mocking bird is a timeless classic because it teaches readers what it was like to live in 1930’s and issues of racism, it relates to the time period it was written in , and it also still relates to issues that are present today. During the 1930’s racism was a very big issue in the south. African Americans were treated extremely un- fair and had little civil rights. They were persecuted and discriminated against because of the color of their skin and no other reason but that. Racist Americans seemed to really think that African Americans were less important and less human then white people because there skin was brown. “Despite the decline of organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, racism was as strong as ever, especially in the Southern states” (Allen). To me this shows that the racist white American was ignorant and honestly stupid to think that a person was less important and less human because their skin was a different color. African Americans in south were severely segregated from the white people , whether it be in a restaurant, a store or just walking down the sidewalk. To kill a mocking shows how un-fairly African Americans were treated when they were accusing Tom Robinson of something he did not do just because he was black. They assumed it was him and conjured up un reasonable reasons why...

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