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A Tour of the Brain

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A Tour of the Brain
Michelle Luman
Rasmussen College

Author’s Note:
This paper is being submitted on April 27, 2013, for Dana Greiner’s G148/PSY1012 Section 04 General Psychology course.

The brain is a marvelous, yet fragile thing. It keeps us going, it takes care of us. If it wasn’t for the brain we would not be who we are today. On this tour we will cover the span of two hemispheres, three major parts of the brain and everything in between. So buckle up and follow along as we follow the intense roadmap of the human brain. As we travel up the spinal cord and jump over to the brainstem, you can see that this part of the brain helps to regulate your reflexes, and controls your heart and lungs. Thanks to this special part of your brain, your doctor can check your reflexes by lightly tapping sensitive areas of your body like your knee, wrist and elbow to make sure you are responding correctly. As long as your brainstem is intact, this is a test you will always pass! Have you ever wondered why you become aroused? Yes it helps to have a partner you are attracted to, but thanks to that part up there, the reticular formation, you are able to become physically and mentally aroused. The reticular formation runs through your brainstem and connects to your spinal cord; it helps to screen information as you receive it. You may ask, “What is wrapped around the reticular formation?” Well, that would be your medulla, thanks to her you are able to breathe and have your heart beat without even thinking about it. The medulla is an extension of the brainstem, which is an extension of the spinal cord. Now as you look over to the right you will notice a cauliflower shaped item running around the back of the medulla that is your cerebellum. Your cerebellum helps to coordinate fine muscle movement and balance. If you are an athlete or a dance you should really thank and...

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