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A Traditional Marriage

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A Traditional Marriage
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July 25, 2013

A Traditional Marriage
John R. Guardiano wrote an article in the American Spectator titled, “Why Gay ‘Marriage Equality’ Is Bad for America and Hurts Children.” In his article, he argues that gay marriage is not “traditional.” His idea of a traditional marriage is one between a man and woman, which he considers to be the foundation for a strong family. He calls a gay union a direct undermining of the sanctity of marriage. He argues that families with a mother and father will raise stronger children with less socioeconomic boundaries. He states that without a union between a man and woman, there is no chance for a “strong in-tact family.” Therefore, with the support of gay marriage he believes that children will be bombarded with drugs, crime, and poverty because of a missing “family” link. Guardiano also argues that “Fatherless children” are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, become incarcerated, and have reduced educational achievements. He says that gay marriage has a direct effect on this because it deprives a child of a father or mother. He concludes his article in stating that not all fatherless and motherless children are doomed to fail, but by further undermining marriage through “misplaced notions of equality” children are just one step further from becoming well-adjusted and successful into adulthood. (Guardiano, 2011)
Guardiano’s idea of a traditional marriage is an opinion in itself. There is no Webster’s Dictionary definition for “traditional marriage,” so his explanation of what it is likely stems from his own religious affiliation. The phrase “traditional marriage” is derived from both Christian and Islamic religions. Essentially, Guardiano’s entire article is opinionated because his...

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