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A Trip to Remember


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A Trip to Remember

I will never forget the summer of 2006. It was a breezy, warm day in June. My family and I stumbled upon a small campground located in Dorr, Michigan. The blackish brown decorative sign with yellow-gold writing read Hungry Horse Campground. I thought to myself “what, a strange name for a campground.” As we drove down the long winding midnight asphalt road, I could not imagine why a campground would have such an odd name.
As we approached the main office, my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree in December. I could not believe that such a beautiful place existed in such a tiny town. The office was a large walnut brown and resembled a log cabin. Surrounding the building were enormous rocks, fuchsia flowers, and small turquoise ponds with waterfalls. The calming sound of water flowing throughout the rocks and the smell of flowers made me feel as if I was in heaven.
As we set up the mildewed scented tent, I remember my son playing in the majestic grained ivory sand so amazed that it was not dark brown and clumpy like back in Indiana. I watched him play while enjoying the fresh scent of pine drifting through the air. The bird’s sweet melody and the silence surrounded me in glory. I knew that there was nothing better in the world than in that moment. I had my two boys, and we were building a memory we would never forget.
As our time progressed, we found that the campground had two pools, both underground and one shaped like a fish. A white picket fence surrounded the pool area and the smell of chlorine lingered in the air. The crystal sparkling water looked as clear as glass, creating a mirror to see my family’s reflection, the smile on their faces made my heart flutter.
Afterwards, we went back to the campsite, to appreciate two things a

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