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A Truly Classless System

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A truly classless society People have argued this subject for a while now, but if you really think about it a truly classless society would be very irritating. You could be the hardest worker with the toughest job and still be getting paid as much as a lazy worker. You know what you call that, unfair! People should have to work up the later for their money; if you try hard enough you deserve more. I don’t think it’s fair that some people are just born into rich families, there for they don’t have to work as hard, but the class system would be even worse. If everyone is getting paid the same amount of money, chances are that they are going to slack off. Competition is what keeps people motivated to actually try. What’s the point of pushing yourself hard if you’re not going to further yourself ahead of anyone. People also won’t care to try to get a better education, because they’d know college or not you will still get the same payment. I believe because of this, no one will want to try hard enough to get the high education needed jobs. All the jobs really necessary like doctors and nurses will decrease in workers. A truly classless society will hold back people from actually caring to push them forward and actually try. I’m not really sure if it would even work, I mean people could try it out for a bit, but I feel like it would fail. People would start getting irritated and protest to discontinue the no class system society. I honestly don’t think it would work; the only ones who would want it would be the ones who really don’t try. America is all about working and trying to strive for more and more. If you take people’s goals away, they aren’t going to just stand and take it, they will fight for what they deserve and worked so hard to get. It honestly sounds like a very unrealistic idea. It sounds like we would be…...

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