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A Two Phase Study on the Usage, Attitude and Image of Silver Jewelry

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I. Title: Lining Our Silver Box: A Two Phase Study on the Usage, Attitude and Image of Silver Jewelry
II. Background of the Study Sterling silver is a material commonly used in making hand-crafted jewelry. It is a silver-alloy made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Sterling silver jewelry is a popular accessory choice among thrifty shoppers who wish to look stylish and trendy. Buyers of sterling silver jewelry can replicate their favorite accessory trends, look and feel stylishly classy, while only paying a fraction of the cost of genuine silver, gold, or platinum. Silver Box started out in 2006 as a small humble company with a mission to design, execute, and distribute sterling silver jewelry creations of best value to Filipinos all over the country. From its initial launch at a Christmas bazaar, the small business has come far, branching out all around the metro. Despite its initial success and the rising demand for silver, Silver Box’s sales have declined. The company needs to have a clearer vision of what target market it is capable of achieving. In addition, Silver Box currently does not subscribe to any particular marketing strategy. For these reasons, this paper aims to conduct a thorough research on the consumers of sterling silver in order to find the appropriate market segments, brand strategies, and plans of action for Silver Box to reach a higher level of profitability.
III. Objectives A. To identify the appropriate target market of Silver Box; B. To determine the market positioning and brand message of Silver Box; C. To determine the distribution channels of Silver Box; D. To gather insights and understanding of the target market; E. To gain understanding on the competitive dynamics; and F. To provide recommendations for Silver Box based on the research.

IV. Review of Related Literature Jewelry, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is an object of precious metal often set with gems and worn for personal adornment. DeSantis further broadened the definition of jewelry by stating that it is made out of almost every possible material and has been made to adorn nearly every body part, from hairpins to toe rings. Jewelry’s use and function has evolved throughout history. According to Zharina (2011), several cultures had a practice of storing considerable amounts of wealth in the form of jewelry. It has also been used as a form of currency. Other cultures, on the other hand, believe in jewelry as a form of divine protection. The most common examples would be amulets and devotional medals. Additionally, some pieces of jewelry carry symbolisms. The most well known symbolism is matrimony. The wedding ring, worn by the husband and wife, symbolizes a covenant not only with each other, but also with God. Alternatively, jewelry can also symbolize group membership, in the case of Christianity’s Crucifix or Judaism’s Star of David. Artistic display has also been a function of jewelry. It began to take primary importance during the late 19th century, when the work of masters such as Peter Carl Faberge and Rene Lalique became prominent.
Forms of Jewelry The most common form of jewelry is the ring. They may be plain, adorned with gemstones, serpentine coils, signet or open on one side. Rings are most often used as symbolic tokens given during special events like engagements and weddings. Signet rings, on the other hand, carry emblems of fraternal orders or insignias of some organizations and are worn by the members of such organizations. Another well-known form of jewelry is the necklace. In general, they come in four forms: a close fitting collar band decorated with precious stones or beads, a chain necklace with a pendant, a row of beads in graduating sizes set in a wire or chain, and strings of different lengths of necklaces worn on top of each other. Necklaces can be made of different precious metals, gemstones, raw materials or a combination of these items, and are commonly used together with pendants made of precious stones. Another form of jewelry is the earring, which may either be set against the earlobes or dangling from it. The bracelet, which is worn on the arm, is also another popular jewelry form. It can be closed band, spiral coil, open on one side, closed with clasp or flexible rings formed as links. The less common forms of jewelry found in the market are pins, cuff links, anklets, chains, broaches, and collar buttons. (Jacobs, 2011)
Sterling Silver Based on the article Sterling Silver by Surhone, Timpledon and Marseken (2010), in making jewelry, silver cannot be used alone since this metal is too soft. Other kinds of metal should be mixed in so that the output is sturdier, while preserving the ductility and beauty of the metal.
Advantages of Sterling Silver Sterling silver jewelry is very common and accessible because its price is relatively cheaper than jewelry made from materials such as gold. Additionally, it is stronger and safer to use than other materials. It also lasts long due to the high silver content. (Beading Life, 2006)
Disadvantages of Sterling Silver Silver is very susceptible to tarnishing and corrosion. An article from entitled Tarnish and Corrosion and Its Remedies states: “Chemically, silver is not very reactive — it does not react with oxygen or water at ordinary temperatures, so does not easily form a silver oxide. However, other metals in the alloy, usually copper, may react with oxygen in the air.” This problem can, however, be combated by constantly polishing the silver, making sure it is well maintained.

V. Industry Analysis
Sterling Silver Industry A consumer research study by MVI Marketing Ltd. conducted in the United States revealed that silver sales are steadily growing and expanding. High gold prices have driven consumers to look for other options and silver has become the number one alternative for the following reasons: • 51% of the study’s respondents agreed that sterling silver jewelry is more wearable than gold. • 70% said that they could accessorize all their outfits with it. • Family and friends serve as influence. Respondents claim to wear sterling silver jewelry because 75% of their peers also wear it. • 70% of them said that they are inclined to buy sterling silver jewelry as gifts for their loved ones. Retailers of sterling silver jewelry in the US cater to both young and adult consumers. Young consumers are inclined to buy sterling silver jewelry because of the lower prices compared to gold. Moreover, silver can be easily matched to the swift change in fashion trends. The adult consumers, on the other hand, use these as guilt-free indulgences. In 2010, China and India were the biggest Asian importers of Silver. Gems and jewelry are considered two of the most important sources of income for the Indian Economy. It is the leading commodity in foreign exchange and the fastest growing industry in the country, contributing over 15% of the country's total exports and providing employment to 1.3 million people directly and indirectly
Philippine Jewelry Industry The abundant supply of gold and silver in the Philippines has made the jewelry industry flourish over the past years. Firms retrieve these raw materials mainly from Camarines Norte and some parts of Mindanao, with small-and-medium scale manufacturers mainly located in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Camarines Norte, Davao, Cebu and Baguio City (BOI, 2008).

The industry has greatly contributed to the export sector of the country, with the United States, Italy and Hong Kong being the top three importers. However, only an average of 20% of the total jewelry produced are exported to different countries, while the remaining 80% are sold to the domestic market. According to the Board of Investments (BOI), the first semester of 2006 showed an increase of 22.71% in sales (US dollars) from the previous year’s first semester. It had been projected that sales would follow this trend in the following years. However, the drastic increase in gold prices starting in 2007 severely damaged the fine jewelry sector, ultimately causing a decrease in consumer demand.

An interview with prominent Filipino jeweller, Mrs. Suzette Ayson, revealed that in 2008, gold prices increased more than five times its original price, from 468Php/gram (2008) to 2,500Php/gram (2011). Although gold prices increased in a global scale, a new opportunity was created for local manufacturers towards the production of silver and other cheaper metals.

Philippine Sterling Silver Jewelry Industry

According to Mrs. Ayson, the silver jewelry industry has been increasingly productive since 2007, and consumer demand has been increasing in local and foreign markets. In a global perspective, China remains to be the leading country in terms of sales. This is due to the country’s cheaper labor and faster turnovers.

The Philippine silver jewelry sector now focuses on improving quality and maintaining an international standard to increase competitiveness and efficiency. Leading silver manufacturers invest on modern technology to be at par with local competitors. Industry delivery standards for efficiency and professionalized overall set ups were established in order to meet long-term goals.

After 2007, the silver industry has increased its sales volume by approximately 200%. However, the economic slowdown of the United States and several European countries in 2010 resulted to a 15% decline on average annual sales. According to Mrs. Ayson, the decline may still continue and become more severe in the coming years due to the lagged effects of external economic shocks. In addition, the price of silver has increased more than double since 2010 which may, in turn, affect the volume of production.

Consumers of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Prior to 2007, silver jewelry was targeted towards the middle class and lower middle class consumers. However, recent developments have enabled jewellers to attract the upper-middle and upper class segments. Developments included improving the characteristics of silver products to mimic fine jewelry products. Gemstones are now used to increase the value of the product and to give it a more upscale look.

The market for silver has since increased and diversified. New technology and designs have emerged to allow the remaining manufacturers of gold to shift to silver production. Since the cost of raw materials increased, the value of silver products is no longer taken for granted. Although different target segments have emerged, the middle and lower-middle class still account for the largest percentage of silver jewelry consumers.

VI. STEPLE Analysis
Fashion trends continue to change every season. This includes trends in accessories. Over the years, jewelry has gone from simple metal pieces to more intricate and elaborate designs, consisting of various materials such as plastic, cloth, etc. These seasonal trends could result to a change in consumers’ response to sterling silver jewelry.

Technological Improvements in technology for jewelry-making can help develop better quality sterling silver products. Advanced technologies can help slow the oxidation process so the jewelry pieces can be used longer without tarnishing. Also, more intricate and elaborate designs can be made out of sterling silver from these advancements. On the other hand, improvements in jewelry-making for other metals could also lead to a loss of market share for sterling silver products. The use of lighter and less costly metals could cause the decrease in the purchasing and use of sterling silver jewelry.
If the country would suffer a recession, households will be forced to cut down costs. Unnecessary expenses will be foregone, including expenses for jewelry. However, it is also possible that they continue to buy jewelry to pamper or comfort themselves during trying times. Additionally, this may serve as an opportunity. They may opt to buy sterling silver jewelry as it is relatively cheaper compared to other jewelry pieces that make use of higher-value metals.
Silver Box’s sterling silver jewelry is being imported and are subject to certain tariff and duty rates. All imported goods are subject to Value Added Tax at a rate of 10%. Further, certain items under the same provision states that commodities like jewelry are also subject to Ad Valorem Tax. This kind of tax is also an internal revenue tax. Before goods can be released this has to be covered by Authority to Release Imported Goods issued by Bureau of Internal Revenue. Imported goods have four major steps to follow before it will be released. These are (1) documentation, (2) examination and appraisal, (3) pre-liquidation and payment, and (4) release of goods from custom zone.

Legal Republic Act No. 7942 is the law that governs mineral resources exploration, development, utilization and conservation. Under the same act, it is stipulated that no person shall be allowed to engage in mineral trading locally and internationally without getting a registration from the Department of Trade and Industry and submitting the said registration to the Bureau. Further, another important section under RA No. 7492 is the minerals processing permit where it can be renewed for every 5 years but not to exceed a total term of 25 years.
More individuals and even firms are becoming environment friendly. Sterling silver manufacturing companies could be a part of this movement by reducing emissions and waste in their production. They can also reduce, reuse and recycle certain materials in their manufacturing process to be able to cut costs and maximize their making of silver jewelry.
VII. Methodology In gathering primary data for this research, qualitative and quantitative research techniques were used. The results were then interpreted, analyzed and used to come up with recommendations for Silver Box.
Research Design and Instruments Used A descriptive research design was employed by the team for this study. A 34-item Usage, Attitude and Image (UAI) Interview Questionnaire was constructed. The parts of this person-administered interview are brand awareness, advertisement awareness, purchase behavior, consumption behavior, and attributes of brands.
Branches of Silver Box were visited for observations. Informal interviews were also conducted with salespersons of the kiosks (Please refer to Appendix G for the Observation Summary). In preparation for the UAI survey proper, two focus group discussions (FGD) were conducted. Each group consisted of at least five respondents and was administered by two facilitators who aided the flow of discussion and probed answers from participants. The facilitators used a guide to assure coherence and organization of discussion. To complement the results obtained, 8 sets of in-depth interviews were also conducted (Please refer to Appendix C for the FGD Transcripts and In-depth Interview Transcripts). Both preliminary FGD and initial interviews were conducted in convenient and controlled locations to attain effective documentation with the use of a voice recorder.
A non-probability purposive sampling method was used to gather data for the quantitative research. Using the insights and ideas gained from the qualitative research, the UAI interview questionnaire was then constructed (Please refer to Appendix A for the UAI Questionnaire). The survey ascertained respondents’ awareness, usage, perception and feelings toward sterling silver products. The respondents were divided into three groups, according to the “Market of Interest” of Silver Box given in the case. These groups are the youth (15-21 years old), young professionals (22-35 years old) and adults (35 to 59 years old). A total of 450 respondents were gathered for the survey administration, with 150 respondents for each group. Since all the branches of Silver Box are only located within Metro Manila, all of the respondents also come from the same area. To ensure proper representation of the population, the number of respondents was made proportionate to the population of each city/municipality in Metro Manila, data of which came from the website of National Statistics Office or NSO (Please refer to Appendix F for more information on the population sample).

VIII. Results and Discussion
A. Target Market
Identification of Market Segments The results of the survey from the three groups were the compared. With the use of the results of the percentage of sterling silver purchasers and frequency of purchase, the primary and secondary target markets were determined. When asked if they purchase or buy sterling silver jewelry, most of the young professionals group (79%) answered that they do, followed by adults group (66%) and youth group (63%), as seen in Table 1.

Table 1. Percentage of the target market that purchases sterling silver. As for the frequency of purchase, the young professionals group is also the most frequent purchaser. From this group, 47% buy 3-4 times a year, as compared to the 46% and 47% of the youth and adults group who only buy once a year. Based on the FGD and interviews, the reason behind this is that the young professionals have higher purchasing power than the youth, and are able to buy higher-priced items. Most of the youth respondents said they would rather spend their allowance on food and school needs. Moreover, compared to the adults, the young professionals make more effort to keep up with trends and update themselves with fashion. Refer to table 2 for the graphical representation.
Table 2. Purchase frequency of the respondents per age group in a year. These results show that there is a bigger opportunity for sterling silver jewelry in the young professional group. This is why the primary target market identified for Silver Box is the young professionals, aged 22 to 35 years old. As for the secondary target market, the team identified the youth aged 16 to 21 years old. Although the results of the youth and adult groups are fairly similar, there seems to be more opportunity in the youth, since they are more concerned with their appearance and are more up to date with fashion trends. Additionally, our research reveals that consumers in this age group also buy jewelry for their peers. Based on the qualitative research, the youth are able to buy sterling silver jewelry because of the allowance given to them by their parents (who fall under the adult group). This shows that even though the adults are providing for the youth, the latter does the actual purchasing of the jewelry.
Primary Target Market
Demographics. The primary target market for Silver Box is the young professionals from ages 22 to 35 years old, from the middle class. These yuppies or young professionals are career builders who aspire to be the best in their professions. They are generally in entry-level positions.
Psychographics. Based on qualitative research, this group aspires to have an active lifestyle and strives to maintain balance between work and social activities. They enjoy socializing with peers and mingling with new people. Their leisure activities include travelling, partying, or simply hanging out with friends or officemates. During these gatherings, they want to look good and present themselves well, constantly seeking acceptance and affirmation. They also have the independence to make their own choices and purchases. They are also daring, susceptible to trying new things and activities.
Behavior. Based on qualitative research, their hobbies include frequently buying fashion magazines and surfing the internet to stay updated with the current news, styles and other trends. They buy brands or products which are similar to their friends’ or colleagues’ choice. They are tech-savvy, frequently using their mobile phones, e-mails, and social networking sites to keep in touch with others.
Secondary Target Market
Demographics. The secondary target market for Silver Box is the youth aged 16-21 years old from the middle class. These are students usually in the last few years of their high school and college students who are aspiring to have good careers.
Psychographics. Most of their time is spent in school, studying. However, qualitative research reveals that they try to maintain a balanced lifestyle by joining extra-curricular activities and hanging out with friends. They usually spend their free time with their circle of friends or barkada, going out to malls to shop or watch movies. While they are still dependent on their parents, they are given allowance which they can choose to spend any way they want.
Behavior. Based on the qualitative research, this group frequently buys products similar to their friends’ choices or brands endorsed by their favorite celebrities. They constantly use social networking sites and check the internet during their free time. They usually spend their allowance on food and school needs. They also try to save up to purchase items such as prepaid load, clothes and other fashion items.
B. Brand Message or Positioning Silver Box provides sterling silver jewelry that is classy and stylish at an affordable price. Standing alongside Unisilver and Silverworks, the two big competitors of Silver Box, it manages to rise above the competition and focus on catering to the older market, specifically working professionals, who use jewelry to spruce up their everyday outfits. More so, adorning silver jewelries uplifts their image, making them feel more respected. Its unique and upscale designs without sacrificing the price is what sets Silver Box apart in the jewelry market. The brand’s objective is to give its consumers the feeling that they are ahead when they are wearing the product.
C. Distribution Channels Based on the UAI results, the target market often buys sterling silver jewelry in malls, from the actual stores or kiosks of the brand. This was followed by department stores, tiangges, and bazaars. When asked where they bought their most recent silver jewelry piece, the results were similar to the previously mentioned. The UAI also shows that the accessibility of the location of the jewelry store is important, having an above-average rating of 4.2. Qualitative data gained from the FGD and interview transcripts also showed that the young professionals frequently drop by malls before going home. According to them, they go to malls that are most accessible and convenient (meaning on their way home) to them. Furthermore, the physical appearance and attractiveness of the outlet were also important to the consumers, having an above-average rating of 3.9. In the UAI results, when asked when they buy sterling silver jewelry, the top answer for the young professionals group is “When I see something I like”. This means that the physical structure of the kiosk is given importance.
D. Market Understanding
Means-End Chains Model of Product Knowledge The means-end-chains model shows how the consumers’ knowledge on product attributes affect their knowledge on the consequences; both functional and psychosocial and values. Below are the means-end chains for the youth and young professionals.

Consumer Product Involvement Model


The above model incorporates consumers’ intrinsic self-relevance and situational self-relevance. The intrinsic self-relevance is similar to those mentioned in the means-end-chains earlier. This refers to the goals or values the consumers will get from sterling silver jewelry. As for situational self-relevance for sterling silver’s consumption, based on the qualitative data and UAI results, the target market purchases sterling silver products when it is on sale or when they have occasions to go to, like birthday parties, weddings and the like. This model shows that both intrinsic and situational self-relevance are important in determining the involvement of consumers when it comes to consumer-product relationships.

Wheel of Consumer Analysis [pic]
Consumer Affect and Cognition. Most of the respondents view the product as something that can go with anything they wear, something that they can use regularly. A number of them already have a specific brand in mind before purchasing a piece of jewelry. This includes brands like Unisilver or Silverworks. Majority of the participants interviewed buy silver jewelry based on their feelings. Prior to seeing a jewelry store or a piece of jewelry, they do not feel the urge to buy anything. However, after seeing a piece of jewelry they like, they would feel the need or urge to buy it.
Consumer Behavior. Data gathered shows that respondents from the group of young professionals have a lower frequency of purchase, buying on a quarterly basis, as compared to the group of students, purchasing their jewelry monthly. Students are able to buy jewelry more frequently because the line of jewelry they buy is relatively cheaper compared to the older age groups’ choice of purchase. Also, they can easily purchase jewelry since they spend the money they get from their parents, rather than their own.
Consumer Environment. Sterling Silver jewelry is a more practical alternative to other types of jewelry, and has been in trend recently. Silver jewelry is now more accessible to consumers due to the number of branches present in malls, as well as due to the increase and ease in transportation. There is also a wider range of silver jewelry now available to the consumers as compared to other metal accessories. Based on the survey, the accessibility of the store and the physical appearance including lighting, arrangement of products and location of the store affect their perception of the product. These external factors have also greatly affected how they think, feel, and behave towards silver jewelry.
Marketing Strategy. Having these in mind, recommended strategies were made for Silver Box, to be discussed further below.
E. Competitive Analysis
| |Silverworks |Unisilver |
| |[pic] |[pic] |
|Market Share |47.3% |52.7% |
|Products |Earrings |Earrings |
| |Rings |Rings |
| |Bracelets |Bracelets |
| |Necklaces |Necklaces |
| |Couple rings |Couple rings |
|Pricing |Earrings – P100 - 3500 |Earrings – P120 – 1000 |
| |Rings – P150 - 2500 |Rings – P150 - 3000 |
| |Bracelets – P250 - 2500 |Bracelets – P100 - 4500 |
| |Necklaces – P199 - 5000 |Necklaces – P200 - 2500 |
| |Couple rings – P400 – 3500 |Couple rings – P320 - 4000 |
|Distribution |Malls (SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, |300 branches distributed all over Luzon |
| |Ayala Malls, Ocampo Malls, Araneta Malls |Visayas and Mindanao |
| |and Others) | |
|Advertising |Print, outdoor and transit ads featuring |Print, output and transit ads with |
| |edgy personalities such as Sarah Gaugler; |endorsers like Billy Crawford, Kim Chiu, |
| |a tattoo artist/lead vocalist, and Tim |Gerald Anderson, and Iya Villania |
| |Yap; a fashion icon, editor and a TV | |
| |personality | |
|Product Positioning |Market challenger against leader unisilver|Leading retailer for sterling silver in |
| | |the country |
|Target Market |Young professionals, and Students that are|Teenagers of Class C and D. |
| |stylish, chic and edgy. | |


| |Silverworks |Unisilver |
| | | |
|Layout |Dominating color is black |Dominating color is blue |
| |The logo of the brand is found at the top most part |Header is a loop of the endorsers pictures |
| |of the page, beside their current tag-line “There is |After the banner, there are three columns, the first column|
| |no substitute” written in a playful font |has the kinds of jewelry, second column is where the |
| |Ads being flashed take up 80% of the main page, |pictures of the jewelry are located and the last column |
| |colorful and attractive, featuring personalities |contains auction bid, information booth, members’ corner |
| |Each segment of the website is labeled properly at |and we can help. |
| |the top part of the page | |
|Features |About us - description and a brief background of the |Home - main page |
| |brand |Online Auction - auctioned items |
| |What’s new - features their latest products, and a |Collections - displays their top selling items |
| |few details about each |About Unisilver - description and a brief background of the|
| |Collection - displays the brands’ products per |brand |
| |category |News and Updates, Photo Gallery, Forums and Contact Us are |
| |Online Catalogue - a virtual magazine containing the |also included in their website |
| |products with the product code |Links to Pay Pal and |
| |Promotions - this segment announces the promos and | |
| |discounts consumers can avail of such as free bags | |
| |for every 1000 purchase of Silverworks products | |
| |Services - enlists all the special services the | |
| |consumers can take hold of such as made to order | |
| |customization, repairs, free cleaning and | |
| |personalization | |
| |Careers, Frequently Asked Questions, Store Locations | |
| |and Contact Us are also included in their website | |
| |Links to their social networking sites such as | |
| |facebook and twitter are also found at the bottom of | |
| |the page | |
|Overall Theme |The website aims to convey a techy feel, which |It aims to be user friendly by showing the pictures and the|
| |includes the use of animated photographs found on the|prices |
| |main page and on the sides of each segment |Traditional |
| |Hip and modern |Organized and accessible |
| |Organized and accessible | |

KIOSKS – Glorietta branches

| |Silverbox |Silverworks |Unisilver |
|Physical Appearance |Kiosk has three sides, and the dominating |Kiosk has four sides, having orange|Kiosk is very small, and only has |
| |color is the brand color; light blue |and grey as the dominating colors |one main side and two small ones, |
| |Jewelry are properly displayed according |Items are arranged by style and |dominating color is silver |
| |to category |category |Items are arranged in a cluttered |
| |Products are well lit |Lighting is average |manner, and according to category |
| |Kiosk is free of clutter |There is a big amount of space to |Light only hits the jewelry on the |
| |Signs on sale and other information can be|move around the kiosk |top shelf |
| |viewed with ease | |Barely no space to move about |
| |Ample space to move around | | |
|Categorical Management |One side of the kiosk features affordable |Items are arranged per theme, one |Items are arranged by size |
| |items called “Bread and Butter” which is |side features the edgy designs, |Smaller items, such as rings and |
| |targeted for the students |another contains the watches, and |earrings are placed on the top most|
| |Placed in front are the high class pieces,|another has the UAAP items |shelf |
| |which are arranged with more spaces apart |Smaller items such as earrings and |Larger items such as chains, |
| |On the standing cabinets beside the front |pendants are placed on the top |bracelets and necklaces are placed |
| |table are the featured items such as |shelf, and larger ones such as |at the lower shelves |
| |charms, pearls etc |necklaces are placed in the lower |The items are not arranged per |
| |On the top shelf are the best sellers, and|shelves |theme |
| |discounted items |Dog tags are hung around the | |
| | |display cabinets | |
|Location |2nd floor, on the area leading to Landmark|Ground floor on the area leading to|Ground floor on the area leading to|
| |Near shoe stores |Landmark |Landmark |
| |Can be seen easily |Near other kiosks, and Unisilver |Near other kiosks, and Silverworks |
| | |Can be easily seen |Cannot be seen easily, since it is |
| | | |behind the escalator |











IX. SWOT Analysis
Silver Box embodies class and elegance. It provides the market a wide variety of choices through its different styles and collections. This includes the pearl collection, pendants, cross collection, couple rings, lockets, hoops earrings, stone collections that consist of birth stones, and set collections. Silver Box’s elegance can be seen through its packaging. The simple yet sophisticated design communicates the brand’s value for style. Its products are also affordable, making it easily accessible to the public.
Silver Box has only seven branches, fewer compared to its direct competitors. Additionally, its product placement is inconsistent. Some Silver Box kiosks are located in high end malls while some are located in lower class malls. The layout and the store design are not appealing and fail to call attention. Even the lighting of other kiosks is dim, making it difficult to appreciate the products. Also, the items that need to be emphasized were not highlighted by the arrangement of the products inside the kiosks. Silver Box also has poor customer service, with product lists and social networking pages not updated regularly. Its website is also down so tech-savvy consumers who want to browse online do not receive the information they seek. There are no visible advertisements, whether inside or outside the mall, unlike its direct competitors. The company’s brand image and message is not clearly stated as well.
With the price of gold rapidly increasing, the demand for silver has increased. Silver is also very versatile, easily matched with different outfits. Its elegant yet simple nature also allows it to be worn at work or school, or even during events like weddings or parties. Also, it is predicted that silver will be the new upward trend due to the sudden increase in demand in the stock market, particularly in the mining industry. The silver industry is growing and its value is escalating. Though it is affordable, it can also be a good investment.
The competitive nature of the silver industry and new market players are threats to Silver Box since consumers will have more options to choose from. New tactics and innovations will emerge from these new players, and may employ more aggressive promotions and advertisements. Sterling silver companies should ensure that they have a clear brand image and positioning in order to differentiate them from competitors. Although there is great similarity among the products offered, one’s competitive advantage and core competence should always stand out and be clearly perceived by the consumers. Excessive inflation and economic downturn can lead to the increase in price of the products, and consequently cause people to save money and prioritize buying necessities. Thus, excessive inflation can lead to fewer purchasers of Silver Box. Also, the prices of the products will become unstable due to possible increases in price of the raw materials. Fashion trends also change fast. Silver Box must then keep up with the fast innovations in the market otherwise it will be left behind by its competitors. Companies should constantly put efforts in developing the product to keep it fashionable yet affordable.
X. SWOT Matrix
| |Good Packaging |Inconsistent store layout and location |
| |Classy and elegant designs |Unorganized product placing |
| |Affordable price range |Lack of Advertising |
| |Wide variety of styles and collections |Poor customer service |
| | |Inefficient internal management |
| | |Unclear message of brand |
| | |Lack of corporate tie-ups |
|Increasing demand for silver |How can you use your strengths to take |How can you use your opportunities to overcome |
|Silver is very versatile (easily matched) |advantage of these opportunities? |the weaknesses you are experiencing? |
|Silver is always in fashion |S4, O2 |W7, O4 |
|Investors predict that the silver industry could|S3, O1 |W1, W2, O1 |
|be a possible upward trend | | |
|Competitive silver industry |How can you take advantage of your strengths|How can you minimize your weaknesses and avoid |
|Excessive inflation and economic downturns |to avoid real and potential threats? |threats? |
|Constant innovations for jewelry designs |S4, T3 |W6, T1 |
| |S2, S3, S4, T2 |W2, T3 |

S4, O2
Wide variety of styles and collections – Silver is very versatile (easily matched) Silver Box currently has a wide variety of styles and collections for consumers to choose from; they can match it with practically anything they are wearing. With the very versatile styles and collections that Silver Box offers, consumers can opt to wear it on special occasions or on a daily basis.
S3, O1
Affordable price range – Increasing demand for silver Since gold is more expensive than silver jewelry, there is an increasing demand for silver in the market today. Silver Box offers a variety of products at very affordable prices, enabling it to meet the demand of consumers for a cheaper option for their jewelry.
S4, T3
Wide variety of styles and collections – Constant innovations for jewelry designs While the aspect of constant innovations for jewelry designs is always present in the market, Silver Box manages to offer a wide variety of styles and collections to their consumers. It is expected that consumers would always look for new designs to keep up with changing trends in our country. Silver Box provides continuous innovations for their styles and collections to cater to the needs and wants of their target market.
S2, S3, S4, T2
Classy and elegant designs, Affordable price range, Wide variety of styles and collections – Excessive inflation and economic downturns Even though there is a visible threat on excessive inflation which, in turn, forces consumers to re-evaluate their purchasing priorities, Silver Box must emphasize on providing a variety of classy and elegant designs at an affordable price. The clarity of Silver Box’s brand message would give its consumers the assurance that for every purchase, there is value for their money.
W7, O4
Lack of corporate tie-ups – Investors predict that the silver industry could be a possible upward trend With the possible boost in the silver industry, Silver Box could create useful corporate tie-ups in order to increase awareness, consequentl driving sales. One of the benefits for corporate tie-ups is that both parties gain mutually from the association. Silver Box, as a growing company, could use support from bigger companies to increase their awareness in the market. Increasing awareness would in turn, provide opportunities for additional sales.
W1, W2, O1
Inconsistent store layout and location, unorganized product placing – Increasing demand for silver Even with the increasing demand for silver, Silver Box is still unable to take full advantage of this opportunity due to their inconsistent store layout and location. Stores located in dead spots of a mall, there would be less consumer awareness. Silver Box is also dealing with the problem of unattractive store layout/design. Some stores look very dull and non-attractive to shoppers. This creates missed opportunities for consumer purchases. Along with improper store allocation and store layout, product placing is cluttered which gives consumers a hard time browsing through the collections. Silver Box should give justice to their products and attend to consumer demands by implementing proper store layout and allocation, and by organizing product placing.
W6, T1
Unclear message of brand – Competitive Silver Industry There are a number of big to small players in the silver industry. In order to stand out from competitors, Silver Box must have a clear and strong brand message directed to the target market. This could be communicated by coming up with a tagline and other promotional key messages.
W2, T3
Unorganized product placing – Constant innovations for jewelry designs Organizing product placing would make premium products more noticeable to the consumers. This will allow them to highlight new innovations or designs. New concepts such as ‘mixing and matching’ can be shown off if items are strategically placed. Implementing an organized in-store product placing would give fair dealing to the quality and affordable products Silver Box is providing.
XI. Recommendations
A. Product In line with the research to re-brand Silver Box, the team recommends a new logo that would best reflect the company to its target market. This logo gives the classy look that Silver Box aims for, and aids in the team’s recommended launching of promotions and print advertisements (Please refer to Appendix E for the Collaterals).
Figure 1. Proposed logo for Silver Box. The team also recommends that the company carry a tagline that would best be associated with the brand. The proposed copy is “Designed for success.” Silver Box is a company that aims to provide its consumers the feeling of ambition when using the brand. These people dream to achieve success in the workplace and aspire to reach the next level. They aspire to have the image of an individual who is ahead. Silver Box aims to be their companion as they work their way towards reaching their aspirations. According to the UAI results, the top 2 uses for sterling silver jewelry by the target market are for everyday use and for special occasions. More than half of the respondents use sterling silver everyday to wear to school or to work, indicating that wearing sterling silver jewelry is already a part of their daily lives.
Table 3. Instances wherein the target markets use sterling silver jewelries. Additionally, when asked the reason for using sterling silver jewelry, the top answer for the youth group is “It can be easily matched with my clothes”, followed by “It is affordable”. For the young professionals group, more than half of the respondents said “It is affordable”, followed by “It won’t easily get snatched”, and “It can be easily matched with my clothes”.
Table 4. Reasons why the target markets use sterling silver jewelry. In order to cater to these needs of the target market, the team recommends having a jewelry set containing a base necklace and 2 pendants that can be attached to or detached from the base piece. The 2 pendants will have different designs, all of which will still match the base necklace. This will give the consumers variety, allowing them to change the style of the necklace depending on the occasion. Designs of pendants will range from casual and chic, which are simple yet accentuates their everyday look; to formal and classy pendant designs, which are more sumptuous designs fit for special occasions. With this, consumers would have the option to choose which pendants to use and match with what they are wearing. This will also cater to their need for affordable jewelry because instead of buying a new necklace, they would only buy the pendants. Moreover, since this will be in a set, the consumers would get value for their money. In order to encourage the consumers to frequently purchase these items, the team recommends selling separate pendants to give consumers more choices for design. These pendants will also have a label indicating which base necklace it goes best with. If possible, the clasp which would be used to attach or detach the pendants should also be exclusive to Silver Box. This is to encourage consumers to purchase pendants solely from Silver Box and patronize the brand. Additionally, if designs of the pendants will be constantly updated, this versatility will allow consumers to keep up with the ever-changing trends in fashion without having to spend too much. Below are samples of the proposed product innovation.
Figure 2. Sample of proposed base necklace.

Figure 3. Sample of proposed base chain with a formal pendant.

Figure 4. Sample of proposed base necklace with a simple pendant.

Figure 5. Proposed name for the new product line.
B. Promotion
Promotion Card The existing Silver Box V.I.P. Privilege card gives consumers a 10% discount on regular item purchases.
Figure 6. Sample poster for Silver Box VIP Privilege Card. To further encourage purchases, the team proposes a promotion card to supplement this. This promotion card will encourage purchases through Silver Box stickers. For every single receipt purchase of at least P300, the consumer will be given one Silver Box sticker. Completing a total of 12 stickers entitles the consumer to a free limited edition accessory worth P2000. However, collecting a certain number of stickers along the way also entitles the consumer to Silver Box gifts: a free accessory worth P300 or less after collecting 4 stickers, and a free accessory worth P500 or less after collecting 8 stickers.

Figure 7. Sample poster for Silver Box Frequency Card.

Figure 8. Sample layout of the Silver Box Frequency Card for Women.

Figure 9. Sample layout of the Silver Box Frequency Card for Men. Based on the team’s research, the top reason for purchasing sterling silver is that it is inexpensive. It is evident that saving money is an important concern for Silver Box consumers. More than just encouraging purchases through the V.I.P. Privilege card that provides discounts on succeeding purchases, free cleaning, etc., the team feels that consumers can be further encouraged to make frequent purchases through free products from Silver Box. More than just the discounts, the free products imparts that consumers can save a lot more by buying from Silver Box compared to other competitors. This promotion card will be given to a consumer after a single receipt purchase of at least P500, in the same way that the V.I.P. Privilege card was given at the same minimum purchase price. The card will include information about the promotion mechanics, as well as photos of the limited edition accessories and their list price to encourage the consumer to diligently collect stickers for these accessories. Also, both the V.I.P. and promotion cards can be used simultaneously. The consumer can avail of the 10% discount and Silver Box sticker, except during the 4th, 8th and 12th purchases wherein they receive gifts instead. The duration of the promotion will be from January to December 2012. It will primarily tap into the consumers who purchase Silver Box items every month. Through this tactic, the team hopes to ensure the continuity of their purchases as well as encourage other consumers to make purchases more often.
Silver Ticket Promo A promotional campaign based on the Willy Wonka “Golden Ticket” concept will be implemented to raise hype for the launching of Silver Box’s new product line. There will be 50 silver tickets posted on the inside of random boxes. These silver tickets signify that the consumer is a winner of the promotion. This will run for 2 months. [pic]
Figure 10. Sample poster for Silver Box Silver Ticket Private Sale. Once the campaign period ends, the winners will be granted entrance to a private sale event that will serve as the launch of the new product line. The silver ticket will also serve as a 300-peso gift certificate that can only be used in the said event. The sale will provide the winners with the first pick on the add-ons to be released. Aside from the silver ticket winners, all the Silver Box VIP cardholders will also be invited to the special sale, a perk for members.
Improved Website Social networking media can only disseminate so much information. Websites remain to be the digital information hub for consumers. While Facebook and other social media can be used to penetrate the market and make them know about the brand, the website should still be the central online medium for the brand. In the website, information about the company’s history, vision, goals, news updates, promotions, contact details, store locations, and a catalogue will be published. Because it is sometimes difficult to find certain information from social media after consecutive posts, the website will have a search feature. The website’s catalogue will allow online consumers to browse through available accessories and find the stores that have them on-hand. This gives consumers a wider range of accessories to choose from, compared to just choosing from the available products in a particular branch that may not suit the consumer’s preferences. It also allows them to choose a branch nearest to their residence should they decide to make a Silver Box purchase.
Figure 11. Proposed about page of the website.
Figure 12. Proposed shop page for the website.
Figure 13. Proposed contact page for the website.
Figure 14. Proposed home page for the website.
Figure 15. Proposed promotions page for the website. There will also be an interactive ‘Silverbox for Me’ page wherein consumers can upload a photo of themselves and digitally try on Silverbox accessories. There will be recommended poses for the user’s photo/s to be uploaded, to ensure realistic depictions with the accessory after being laid over the user’s photo/s. Most individuals may not have the time to physically go to the store and try on jewelry to see if it fits them. This page allows users to try on accessories at home or at work (i.e. during lunch break) and cut down the time the actual shopping in the kiosk. Moreover, this option also allows users to match the accessories with their specific outfits.
Figure 16. Proposed interactive page for the website.
Active Facebook Page Facebook is a 21st century phenomenon that cannot be taken for granted. In fact, statistics show that in the last 6 months, 74% of users in the Philippines are aged 16-34, falling directly under the brand’s target market (“Philippines Facebook statistics,” n.d.). Silverbox already has an existing Facebook page. However, it was last updated on November 2010 and there is hardly any activity. The Facebook page is a good tool for marketing if it is maximized. If the page’s 1316 fans are regularly updated about promos, discounts, new designs and the like, a desire to purchase can be created in the consumers. Also, because of the sharing feature of Facebook, fans can share the page or posts to their friends or tag Silverbox in their photos, increasing publicity for the brand among potential consumers.
Figure 17. Proposed active facebook page.
Corporate Tie-Up Silver Box will sponsor giveaways of partner companies. For consistent excellent performance of an employee for a year, a Silver Box accessory will be given together with a free V.I.P. Privilege card and a promotion card. Silver Box encourages being ahead, and excellence is one of the principles associated with this. By sponsoring such giveaways, Silver Box strengthens their image as well as increases the awareness of potential consumers (young professionals) about the product. Sponsorships of company giveaways will not be limited to the annual recognition of performance. Silver Box and partner companies may agree on other promotions as well –such as high performing interns and the like, so long as it is associated with the values and image that Silver Box represents.

Strengthen communication with consumers via text blasts The present tactic of communicating to consumers via SMS is effective. V.I.P. Privilege cardholders positively perceive messages received from Silver Box about exclusive sales and the like. In this respect, the team proposes that this communication medium is reinforced. Silver Box should send text blasts not only to V.I.P. Privilege cardholders, but also to other cardholders who have provided their contact details. Consumers will be made to input their contact details on a logbook that will serve as a database for Silver Box. Consumers will not be obliged to share their details, however, the salespersons will highly recommend them to do so and explain the benefits –i.e. updates on designs or new product lines, new stocks, special promos, etc. Given the competitive prices of telecommunication companies nowadays, such as the unlimited text to all networks, this medium will be low cost, yet effective. It gives a more personal touch compared to posters and other media. Also, seeing as the cellphone is a necessity nowadays, it is a 99% guarantee that the consumer will receive the message.
Ads on E-mail Advertisements (i.e. digital versions of posters) about the newest designs and product lines, promotions, sales, etc. will be disseminated through e-mail. The primary target market is composed of young professionals who have 9-5 jobs that generally inhibit them from seeing TVCs, hearing radio Ads, billboards, etc. while they are in work. Since this is precious time wasted, the team proposes e-mailed Ads to penetrate this time slot. Also, since computers are present in almost all workplaces and e-mail is a popular communication medium in workplaces nowadays, it is likely that the target market will be reached. With the help of partner companies, Silver Box will have access to databases and easily reach potential consumers.
Press release The survey results reveal that newspapers are one of their main sources of information for our primary target market. Given this, we plan to reach them through this free tactic when it comes to promoting the brand and its products. Facts sheets and news releases about the latest Silver Box accessory designs and/or new product lines will be submitted to the country’s widely read newspaper publishers –Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Releases will also refer readers to the brand’s website where potential consumers may obtain more information about the brand and its products. In this way, Silver Box acquires more publicity among potential consumers, increasing their awareness and later, the likelihood that they will make a purchase (See Appendix for sample of press release).
Improved print ads and posters inside the kiosks Print Ads and Posters displayed on Silver Box kiosks need to be improved. Print Ads about the brand in general must cater to the particular dreams, aspirations and needs of the target market, in relation to the brand’s unique selling proposition. The brand’s concept of making consumers feel that they are ahead can be linked to the working consumer’s situation. Instead of just featuring a model wearing Silver Box jewelry, Ads will feature working class men and women wearing Silver Box accessories in the workplace (i.e. during a presentation). In this way, our primary consumers easily relate to the brand and its uses in their day-to-day living. Moreover, the element of elegance being sold by the brand should be infused in all poster designs to strengthen the image being imparted. Posters about promotions must also be improved. They must be readable from a distance, and the benefits (i.e. free product, discounts, etc.) emphasized in bold or in larger font sizes. Well-designed publicity on the kiosk can increase appeal and attract passersby. The primary target market makes Silver Box purchases primarily because something in the store attracts them –usually a product. However, given consumer behavior about buying sterling silver because they are low-cost, emphasizing the affordability feature becomes an opportunity for the brand to tap into for the passersby market as well. Well-designed print media that successfully impart such messages can lure in potential consumers among mall-goers.

Payday sale Silver Box will hold payday sales on the 15th and 30th day of every month. Discounts ranging from 5% to 15% off on all regular priced items will be granted. The primary target market receives their salaries on these dates; this is an opportunity that the brand may tap into to increase sales. The sales will be publicized a week before each payday to remind consumers of the opportunity they may want to maximize. However, payday discounts cannot be availed of together with the 10% discounts from V.I.P. Privilege cards. Consumers must decide whether they would avail of their V.I.P. discount or the payday discount. Nonetheless, the promotion card may be used even for payday sale purchases.
C. Place
Improve kiosks by LED lights Based from the UAI results, the respondents gave importance to the attractiveness of the outlet. Furthermore, our store observations show that lighting of Silver Box kiosks one of the areas for outlet improvement. The Silver Box kiosks should then be well-lit to properly showcase the different accessories that the brand provides. To be able to address this need, it would be best if Silver Box were to install LED lights in all their branches. These lights are known to be brighter and at the same time more energy efficient thus giving a better view of their production selection.
Improve kiosk designs The team also recommends displaying standing electronic billboards on at least 1 side of the kiosk. This will allow them to communicate any messages or promotions to potential consumers passing by the mall area. The electronic billboard will also easily catch their attention due to its uniqueness compared to other plain posters. Additionally, the team recommends having mirrors available in the kiosks. This will allow consumers to try on the jewelry and see for themselves how it looks on them.
Rationalize store locations Based from the UAI results, respondents also greatly consider the accessibility of the location. In addition to this, as we analyzed the sales per branch, the branches with better sales reports were the ones located near LRT/MRT locations. Silver Box should consider rationalizing the number of branches or possibly reconsider the current locations of these to be able to maximize sales through its accessibility and reach.
The store observations showed that their display of accessories was too cluttered that it was hard to appreciate the various jewelry styles. Given this, Silver Box should consider properly storing their stock per style. Currently, their stocks are all displayed giving a very packed looked. By fixing their display and limiting the stocks shown, it will allow customers to easily view their various designs while also showing that their products are actually purchased by many customers.
XII. Budget Below is the estimated budget for the recommendations of the team for Silver Box:
|Product Development (est. 200 pcs) | |150000 |
|Promotions | | |
| |Silver Ticket Promo (printing and discounts) |30,000.00 | |
| |Website maintenance |30,000.00 | |
| |Facebook page maintenance |20,000.00 | |
| |Text Blasts |15,000.00 | |
| |Email Ads | 20,000.00 | |
| |Press Release (for printing/ event for media) |50,000.00 | |
| |Posters |25,000.00 | |
| |Payday Sale | |170,000.00 |
|Place: LED Lights in display cases | |120,000.00 |
|Place: Standing Billboard displays in kiosks | |40,000.00 |
|TOTAL | |500,000.00 |

APPENDIX A: UAI Questionnaire
If working, what company?
If working, what occupation:
If student, what school?
If student, what year?
Do you commute? (Which public transportation do you most often use. Please indicate all)
City living in:

I. Introduction Good Morning/Afternoon! We are from [school]. We are conducting a survey; there are no right or wrong answers, it is your opinion that matters.

Magandang Umaga/Hapon! Kami ay mga estudyante ng [school]. Kami po ay nagsasagawa ng survey. Walang tama o maling sagot, ang opinyon ninyo ang aming kailangan.

I have here a list of products and services that are available in stores. Which of these are you aware of? __Sporting Goods __ Travel Accessories __Sport Shoes __Clothing stores __Alteration shops __ Jewelry Stores __ Cell phone accessories __Fashion Accessories __ Fast food ___ Spa ___Salons

If mentioned, Jewelry Store or Fashion Accessory Store ask: : You mentioned that you are aware of a Jewelry Store, what Jewelry store are you aware of? What about Fashion Accessory store, what are you aware of?

Ask all: What do understand of Sterling Silver? Whatever the answer, just write it down. Do not correct respondent.

You mentioned earlier that you are aware of these jewelry shops, which ones do you think have silver jewelry?

II. Core Data Portion 1. When hearing about silver jewelries, what brands come to your mind? Anong mga brands ang mga naiisip mo kapag naririnig mo ang tungkol sa mga alahas na sterling silver?

|Products |FM |OM |Aided |
|Silverworks |1 |1 |1 |
|Unisilver |2 |2 |2 |
|Just Gift |3 |3 |3 |
|Silverbox |4 |4 |4 |

2. What else? [OM] Ano pang iba?

3. [For the brands not mentioned: Ask] [Aided] What about (brand not mentioned)? Do you know these brands? Maliban sa iyong mga nabanggit, alam mo ba ang mga brands na ito? ____Yes Oo _____ No Hindi

4. [FOR THE FIRST MENTIONED BRAND, ASK:] Where did you first learn about this brand? Where else? Saan mo nalaman ang tungkol sa brand na ito? Saan pa?

Television Radio Malls Internet: What sites? Billboards Bus Advertisements MRT/LRT Advertisements Family/Relatives Friends 5. What about advertisements for sterling silver jewelries? What silver jewelry brand advertisements have you seen, heard or read in the past six months? What else? Sa loob ng anim na buwan, anu-anong mga patalastas ng silver na jewelry ang iyong napanuod, narinig o nabasa? Ano pa?

|Products |FM |OM |Aided |
|Silverworks |1 |1 |1 |
|Unisilver |2 |2 |2 |
|Just Gift |3 |3 |3 |
|Silverbox |4 |4 |4 |

6. [ FOR THOSE NOT MENTIONED, ASK:] What about this brand’s ad? Sa brand naman na ito? ____Yes Oo ______ No Hindi

7. Where did you see these advertisements? Saan mo nakita ang mga patalastas na ito?

Television Radio Malls Internet: What sites? Billboards Bus Advertisements MRT/LRT Advertisements Family/Relatives Friends

8. Do you have any silver jewelry? Mayroon ka bang silver na alahas? _____ Yes Oo ______ No Hindi

9. Have you ever bought any silver jewelry? _____ Yes Oo (Go to Question 11) ______ No Hindi (Go to Question 10)

10. Will you please tell me your reason/s for not buying silver jewelry? Pwede mo bang sabihin ang mga dahilan kung bakit hindi ka bumibili ng silver na alahas? (INTERVIEWER: Probe for Specifics) ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


11. What kinds of silver jewelry have you bought in the past year? Check all that applies. Indicate at what price you bought it/them at. Ano/ anu-anong klase ng mga silver alahas ang iyong binili sa nakaraang taon? Paki-tsek ang lahat ng naaayon. Paki-saad kung magkano niyo nabili iyon/ang mga iyon. Bought Price ____ Necklace _____________ ____ Earrings _____________ ____ Ear Clasp _____________ ____ Bracelet _____________ ____ Ring _____________ ____ Couple Rings _____________ ____ Anklet _____________ ____ Others, please specify:: _____________

12. Among the different kinds of silver jewelry that you bought, which among them do you buy most often? Next to that? Sa mga sterling silver na alahas na iyong binili alin sa kanila ang mas madalas mong binibili? Ano ang pangalawa?

First- Second- Third-

13. When do you buy silver jewelries? Check all that applies: Kailan ka bumibili ng silver na alahas? Paki-tsek ang lahat ng na-aayon: ____ I really buy silver jewelries often Talagang madalas akong bumibili ng silver na alahas. ____ When there are occasions I have to attend to Kapag may mga okasyon na dapat kong puntahan • Enumerate these occasions: Paki-saad ang mga okasyon na ito: ____ Only when I see a silver jewelry that I like Kapag may nakita lang ako na aking nagustuhan ____ For gift-giving Pang-regalo ____ Others, specify: ________________________________________ Iba pa, paki saad: _____________________________________

14. Why do you buy silver jewelry? Bakit ka bumibili silver na alahas? ____ It is cheaper compared to other jewelries such as gold Mas mura ito kesa sa ibang alahas tulad ng gold ____ It is a safe gift to give for others Mas mabilis itong i-regalo sa ibang tao ____ It can be easily matched with my clothes Mabilis ko itong ma-ipapareha sa aking mga damit ____ It has a wider design range than other jewelries Mas maraming design ito kumpara sa ibang alahas ____ It is less extravagant than other jewelries like gold, so it doesn’t attract snatchers Mas hindi ito kapansin-pansin kumpara sa ibang alahas tulad ng gold, kaya mas hindi ito na-iisnatch

15. When you last bought silver jewelry, what brand did you buy? Noong huli kang bumili ng silver na alahas, anong brand ang iyong binili? 16. When you last bought silver jewelry, where did you buy? Noong huli kang bimili ng silver na alahas, saan ka bumili?

Department Store Mall (Stores/Kiosks/Stalls of the Brand) Tiangge Bazaar Others

17. Where do you most often buy silver jewelry? Saan ka kadalasang bumili ng silver na alahas?

Department Store Mall (Stores/Kiosks/Stalls of the Brand) Tiangge Bazaar Others

18. How often do you buy sterling silver? Gaano ka kadalas bumili ng sterling silver? ____ a month ____sa isang buwan Every ____ months bawat ______ buwan

19. The last time you bought silver jewelries, how many pieces did you buy? Noong huling bili mo ng silver na alahas, ilan ang iyong binili?

20. What kind was this/these? Anong klase ito/ ang mga ito?

21. The last time you wanted to buy sterling silver jewelries, did you have a preferred brand in mind? Noong huling naisipan mong bumili ng sterling silver na alahas, mayroon ka bang brand na nasa isip bilhin? ____ Yes Meron (Go to Question 22) ____ No Wala (Go to Question 25) 22. What brand was that? Anong brand iyon? 23. Were you able to buy what you wanted at that store/brand? Nabili mo ba ang iyong nais doon sa tindahan/brand na iyon? ____ Yes Meron (Go to Question 25) ____ No Hindi (Go to Question 24) 24. What did you do then? (Go to Question 25) Ano ang iyong ginawa? ____ Went to other brands/stores Pumunta sa ibang brand/tindahan ____ Did not buy anymore Hindi na bumili pa ____ Others: Please specify Iba pa: Paki saad

25. Who do you usually buy sterling silver jewelry for? (Check all that applies) Sino ang kadalasang binibilhan mo ng silver na alahas? Paki-tsek ang lahat ng na-aayon. ____Myself only Para sa sarili ko lang (Go to Question 27) ____For others only Para sa ibang tao lang (Go to Question 26) ____Myself and for others Para sa sarili ko at sa ibang tao (Go to question 26)

26. Who are the others who you buy silver jewelry for? (Check all that applies) Sinu-sino ang ibang tao na binibilhan mo ng silver na alahas? Paki tsek ang lahat ng naayon. ____ Husband/Wife ____ Boyfriend/Girlfriend ____ Parents/Siblings ____ Friends ____ Co workers ____ Others

If the respondent answered “For others only”, Proceed to Question 31. If respondent answered “Myself and for others” proceed to Question 27.


27. What kinds of silver jewelry do you use? Check all that applies. Ano/ anu-anong klase ng mga silver alahas ang ginagamit? Paki-tsek ang lahat ng naaayon.

____ Necklace ____ Earrings ____ Ear Clasp ____ Bracelet ____ Ring ____ Couple Rings ____ Anklet ____ Others, please specify::

28. Among the different kinds of silver jewelry that you use, which among them do you use most often? Next to that? Sa mga sterling silver na alahas na iyong ginagamit alin sa kanila ang mas madalas mong ginagamit? Ano ang pangalawa?

First- Second- Third-

29. When do you use silver jewelries? Check all that applies: Kailan ka gumagamit ng silver na alahas? Paki-tsek ang lahat ng na-aayon: ____ Everyday Araw-araw ____ When there are occasions I have to attend to Kapag may mga okasyon na dapat kong puntahan • Enumerate these occasions: Paki-saad ang mga okasyon na ito: ____ Sometimes Minsan • Please state what “sometimes is”: ___________ Paki saad kung ano ang “minsan”: ___________ ____ Others, specify: ________________________________________ Iba pa, paki saad: _____________________________________

30. Why do you use silver jewelry? Bakit ka gumagamit ng silver na alahas? ____ It is cheaper compared to other jewelries such as gold Mas mura ito kesa sa ibang alahas tulad ng gold ____ I feel better about myself Mas maganda ang tingin ko sa aking sarili ____ It can be easily matched with my clothes Mabilis ko itong ma-ipapareha sa aking mga damit ____ It has a wider design range than other jewelries Mas maraming design ito kumpara sa ibang alahas ____ It is less extravagant than other jewelries like gold, so it doesn’t attract snatchers Mas hindi ito kapansin-pansin kumpara sa ibang alahas tulad ng gold, kaya mas hindi ito na-iisnatch

31. What brand/s of silver jewelry have you bought and/or use in the past year? Please list all. Anong brand ng silver na alahas ang iyong binibili/ginagamit? Paki lista ang lahat.

32. What brand of silver jewelry do your family/ friends/co-workers buy and/or use? Please list all. Anong brand ng sterling silver ang binibili/ginagamit ng iyong kapamilya/ kaibigan/katrabaho? Paki lista ang lahat.

33. Here is a list of sterling silver qualities and characteristics which I would like you to rate, from 5 being definitely important to 1 not important at all when choosing a sterling silver brand to use and / or buy:

Nandito ang isang listahan ng mga serbisyo at karakteristiks ng mga sterling silver na alahas na nais kong bigyan mo ng rate, 5 bilang talagang importante at 1 bilang hindi importante, kapag namimili ng prepaid telecom service na gagamitin.

5-Definitely important Talagang importante

4-Somehow important Medyo importante

3-Neither important nor not important Hinid masabi kung importante or hindi

2-Somehow not important Medyo hindi importante

1-Definitely not important Talagang hindi importante

| |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |
|Affordable Price / Abot-kaya ang presyo | | | | | |
|Does not tarnish easily / Hindi mabilis mangitim | | | | | |
|Attractive Design and style that fits me/ Disenyo at istilo na bagay sakin | | | | | |
|Range of design/ Maraming pagpipilian na desenyo | | | | | |
|Has an attractive packaging/ Maganda ang lalagyan pagkabili | | | | | |
|Attractive Outlet Appearance / Maganda outlet na pagbibilhan | | | | | |
|Free Cleaning services/ Libre ang pag-papalinis ng alahas | | | | | |
|Accessibility of the location / Madali puntahan at nadadaanan ko ang outlet | | | | | |
|Promos like Sale/ Promo tulad ng sale | | | | | |
|Knowledgeable sales persosn /May malawak na kaalaman ang sales lady sa produkto na | | | | | |
|binebenta nila | | | | | |

34. Now, may I ask you for your opinion about each of the following sterling silver brands? Will you rate each of them on each of the attributes that you just rated in importance? Please rate only if you have tried these brands. Maari ko bang mahingi ang iyong opinyon tungkol sa mga sumusunod na sterling silver? Maari mo ba sila i-rate ayon sa mga katangiang iyong binanggit ayon sa kanilang importansya? I-rate lamang po ang mga brands na inyong nasubukan na.

5 = Very highly Sobrang mataas 4 = Generally highly Medyo mataas 3 = Neither highly nor poorly Katamtaman lamang 2 = Generally poorly Medyo mababa 1 = Very poorly Sobrang mababa
| |Silverworks |Unisilver |
|Affordable Price / Abot-kaya ang presyo | | |
|Does not tarnish easily / Hindi mabilis mangitim | | |
|Attractive Design and style that fits me/ Disenyo at istilo na bagay sakin| | |
|Range of design/ Maraming pagpipilian na desenyo | | |
|Has an attractive packaging/ Maganda ang lalagyan pagkabili | | |
|Attractive Outlet Appearance / Maganda outlet na pagbibilhan | | |
|Free Cleaning services/ Libre ang pag-papalinis ng alahas | | |
|Accessibility of the location / Madali puntahan at nadadaanan ko ang outlet| | |
|Promos like Sale/ Promo tulad ng sale | | |
|Knowledgeable sales persosn /May malawak na kaalaman ang sales lady sa | | |
|produkto na binebenta nila | | |

Thank you very much for your cooperation! Maraming salamat sa iyong kooperasyon!















APPENDIX C: FGD Transcripts
I: Good afternoon, we are from [school] at may mga tanong lang ako tungkol sa silver jewelry. Okay lang ba sa inyo na irerecord yung mga sasabihin niyo sa group discussion na ito?
Interviewee (I): Where do you usually buy sterling silver jewelries?
Respondent 1 (R1): Ako overseas. Kasi my mom works in Dubai, so usually, dun ako nagpapabili. And sometimes, if I need like simple earrings. I buy from silverworks.
Respondent 2 (R2): Ako naman, I don’t buy that much. But if ever, I bought several times from Unisilver.
Respondent 3 (R3): Me, sa mga tiangge tiangge lang, sa 168 ganon.
Respondent 4 (R4): Ako sa mga malls, whichever I see. Ganon. Like The Bead Shop.
Respondent 5 (R5): Ako rin, sa mga malls malls.
I: Why those brands?
R2: I think because Unisilver is more popular than Silverworks. Or at least I think it is.
R1: Silverworks, I think, because their advertisements look more attractive? I don’t know, I think, they look more classy or something. I prefer overseas, cause it’s free. Cause my mom buys for me, so yun. Yung mga billboards nila, yung concept parang maganda classy.
I: If you buy here in Manila, you’d have to pay for your own?
R1: Using my allowance (laughs). At least if she buys there, I can save up for more diba?
Oh, alright, for the others, why those brands?
R5: Yun kasi yung madalas na nabibili sa mga malls eh.
R4: yeah, kung ano makita.
So, you buy based on what you just see around?
R5: Oo, kasi when I see something which I like, I go buy. So, it depends, which ones I see around.
I: What kinds do you usually buy? And why that?
5: Bracelets, pero super bihira lang din naman kasi ako tumingin sa mga ganong shops eh.
4: More on bracelets, I also am fond of earrings but I rarely buy them personally. I usually have my mom buy them for me. I just don't like going out without any bracelet on.
3: Mostly earrings and necklaces that has vintage style or with pearls. Earrings, kasi it’s because even you don’t have any bracelets or necklaces it adds glamour already and sa necklace naman, because it adds some beauty in your plain shirt or anything under the sun, in short, its funky side.
2: I’m used to wearing earrings lang talaga.
I: Why so?
R2: I’m not kasi used to having things hanging sa arms and neck ko eh. Mas-comfortable talaga ako sa earrings lang.
R1: I buy chains lang, and do something with it. Make something out of it, necklace lang or whatever.
I: What do you consider when buying?
R3: First, the style. Next stop, its amount and if it doesn’t show anything na parang "cheap." In short, it looks like an expensive but for real it is cheap. Lastly, quality! For me, that’s the most important, na kasya sa budget ko.
R4:I think I consider the price and style cos I'd want something affordable but not disregarding the design at the same time. But mas important yung design for me, kasi that’s what will attract me to buy something first eh.
R2: Design and the style.
R1: Quality, syempre diba that’s important.
R5: Quality rin. Gano katagal bago siya umitim or madumihan. Tapos yung tibay ng silver and yung service narin nung shop.
I: What is “matibay” for you? Anong services hinahanap mo?
R5: Basta gusto ko yung after 1 month, sira na. Kahit mura, gusto ko pa rin tumatagal. Yung services, cleaning. Kahit ganun lang.
I: Earlier, some of you mentioned design. What about design, what designs do you like?
R2: Whatever’s “in”, or those which can match my clothes.
R4: Yeah, kung ano yung bagong design or style na meron. Siyempre it’s important that they are updated with what’s the new trend diba?
I: How about the price?
R1: Pwede rin. Because usually, you know naman the price, so icocompare mo sa luma mong nabili. Kung cheaper ba or more expensive than nabili naming dati.
R2: Yeah, kung mas mura ba siya sa before.
R4: If there are sales and discounts, nakaka enganyo bumili rin.
I: What is considered cheap?
R1: Yung mga for chains, siguro mga 300 to 400 pesos.
R3: Oo, mga sa price range na yun.
R4: Ako siguro, mga 500 pesos? Depends eh. Depends if I like it enough to spend money on it.
R5: For me, baka 700 or 800?
I: Are you the ones who pay on your own when buying?
R1: Yeah, from my allowance. Usually, pag shopping expenses, I save up eh.
R3: From allowance, too. But sometimes, if I’m out with my mom, I’d ask her to buy for me. But if I’m out with friends, yun, that’s when I buy on my own.
R4: Allowance, same thing.
R5: Yeah, allowance.
I: You all mentioned allowance, so do you really save up for this?
R1: For me, not specifically, for this. I save up because I want to shop and buy things, and sometimes, jewelries are under those which I want to buy.
R3: I don’t really save (laughs). Pag nagkataon lang na meron. Kasi hindi naman ito ung priority eh. Unless, I really want something. Sometimes, pag wala na akong pera pambili, sa parents nga, or hindi nalang bibili.
R2: Well, I prefer buying clothes and shoes, so I do save up and sometimes nga I see jewelries that I like, so I buy using from savings.
R4: Cause my mom always says na matuto mag tipid, so nagtitipid ako sa mga allowance ko, para meron naman akong mabili.
I: How about the service? Does it matter?
R5: yeah, for me oo.
I: Why so?
R5: Because, pag papalinis ka diba? Dapat meron rin silang ganon. But thinking about it, minsan lang naman ata yun. But it feels better to be assured na as customers aalagaan ka nila diba.
R2: Uhm, for me no. Kasi sayang lang effort kung babalik ka, kasi you can buy the cleaner naman.
R1: Acutally, yeah. You waste your time pa going there. Do it yourself nalang. But it depends naman sa tao. Pero mas okay na if the quality is okay.
I: How long should a piece last for it to be considered good quality?
R1: Mga at least 6 months to 1 year.
R5: kasi balewala if mahal or mura ung price tapos maganda yun service if pangit ung quality nung product diba.
R1: If mabilis masira, sayang pera. Sana bumili ka nalang sa cheaper store.
How do you know the quality?
R2: Diba meron ung parang percentage ganon?
I: So, important sa inyo talaga na alam niyo what quality you’re buying?
R1: yeah, so we know that we are getting the value for our money.
I: How often do you buy?
R2: Seldomly lang.
I: Define what is seldom?
R2: 2 times a year? Mga ganun.
R1: yeah, very seldom. Christmas?
R2: yeah, for gifts? Occasionally. And if something catches your eyes. If may makita lang sa mall.
R3: Impulse buying, or when I have to attend an event
R4: Twice a month
R5:Rarely? Pag may nagustuhan lang ako. Siguro twice a year, ganon. Depende if gusto ko talaga.
Why do you buy?
R2: For gifts.
R1: yeah, usually for gifts.
R5: For myself. If I want lang. Or if gifts rin.
R3: Ako, kasi it adds confidence as a girl. So for myself ganon.
R4: It feels good to have a new one every now and then.
R5: Or like if I really need it. Like if I need something to match it with my clothes lang, yun I’ll buy it. Or ganon, pag may parties? Occassions? Christmas?
R4: But ako, for myself lang. Always for myself.
R3: Ako rin. For self lang.
I:For what reason do you give gifts?
R1: Kapag may occasions lang. Like birthdays madalas. Maganda siyang gift na not so painful sa wallet.
R5: Oo, ganun rin. Birthdays talaga.
I: Why buy jewelries for them? Instead of other things?
R1: Siguro kasi it’s safer to buy them jewelries? Kasi pag clothes, picky yung mga tao eh, at least ito mas bagay siya for whatever clothes they will be wearing, so ganon nalang.
R2: Yeah, tsaka yun nga, it’s cheaper, so hindi super mahal and alam mo na mas malaki un chance that they’d like them.
What do you think of kiosks or stalls for sterling silver?
R1: Ako okay naman. I trust them naman. I believe that they go under quality control. Ganon.
R2: Lighting also. It’s part of the marketing diba? Kapag well-lit? diba? Part yun?
R1: And okay rin, if may variety, thickness or thinness nung mga ganon.
R2: But wag yung crowded na macoconfuse ka na sa mga binebenta yung mga endorsers nila minsan ok rin.
R4: I don't usually go to those stalls. Before, they'd appear "jologs" or "baduy" to me but now I've gotten to like them since I got interested in piercings.
R3: If it looks nice, okay naman. I’d buy from them as long as okay yung hitsura nung stall.
I: What are the qualities of a nice stall?
R3: Yung kitang-kita kaagad yung mga products. Kelangan yung good lighting para makita talaga ang ganda ng mga jewelry. Gusto ko rin yung not too cluttered. Panget kasi kung siksik lahat ng products.
I: On your free time, what do you often do?
R2: Punta sa malls.
R1: Ako din, I like going to malls kasi ang daming pwedeng gawin dun tapos it’s cold pa.
R3: Mall din ako.
R4: Shopping, of course. (Laughter)
I: What do you often shop for?
R4: Iba-iba naman. Pero most of the time, clothes and shoes.
R5: I like watching movies sa mga mall.
I: Aside from clothes shopping, what else do you buy?
R2: School stuff! (Laughs)
R1: Yeah, or mga magazines. Food. Yun naman madalas eh, food.
R3: Food and I buy magazines too. Or books, cause I love reading. I love going to bookstores.
Whenever you go out, do you need to be wearing jewelry?
R1: Yes.
R2: Yes.
R3: Yes din.
R5: Oo. I’m more confident talaga kapag may jewelry eh. I feel prettier.
R4: Same.
R5: Yun nga, cause mas-confident ako kapag may jewelry.
R2: Nakasanayan na, I guess. Kung wala, I feel naked.
R1: Di kasi complete yung outfit kapag walang jewelry na kasama. Parang ang plain.
R3: And parang it feels good na maganda yung hitsura mo when you go out diba? You’ll feel more confident to interact with people and meet them. Kesa naman when you’re just in plain clothes, mas mahihiya ka.

Interviewee (I): Good afternoon, we are students from [school] at meron lang po kami ng mga questions tungkol sa silver jewelry. Okay lang po ba sa inyo na irerecord ang lahat ng mga sasabihin dito sa group discussion?
I: San kayo usually bumibili ng mga jewelries?
Respondent 1 (R1): Sa mga malls, ganon.
Respondent 2 (R2): SM, ganon.
Respondent 3 (R3): Sa mga malls.
Respondent 5 (R5): Kung san merong maganda.
Respondent 2 (R2): Kung san may sale. Ganon.
Respondent 5 (R5): Kung san yung mura (laughs)
I: Ano ang mura para sa iyo?
R5: Siguro yung mga 350? Okay na yun.
R4: Well, depende, minsan yung mga 800 pataas, ganon. Depende sa budget nung araw nay un eh. (Laughs)
R3: Ako siguro kaya pa until 1000? Mga ganon. Kung anong brand rin kasi, syempre yung feel ko na sulit diba?
I: Anong brand yung mga usually binibili niyo?
R3: Ako meron ako nabili, ito, nabili ko sa may ano… Yung stainless yung mga binebenta… Yung sa mono… Nakalimutan ko na ung pangalan. Tsaka meron din yung sa Silverworks.
R2: Ako dun sa mga department store, ganon.
R1: Oo, Silverworks. Mga ganon. Sa Unisilver.
I: Bakit sa mga brands na iyon?
R3: Yun yung mga uso na kasi ngayon diba? Yung mga…
R2: Tsaka safer.
R1: Oo, mas safe siya eh.
R5: Safer, tsaka mas okay yung quality siguro.
I: Ano ang ibig niyong sabihin sa “safer?”
R5: Safer kasi di naman ata masyadong tinatarget ng mga magnanakaw ang silver.
Anong mga klase yung usually binibili niyo na jewelry?
R3: Uhm. Ano.
R1: Ako, mga earrings tsaka bracelet.
I: Ah, earrings, tsaka bracelet. Eh yung iba po?
R2: Ako, ring.
R3: Ako, ring tsaka earrings.
R5: Bracelet, mga ganon.
R4: Ako sa silver, hindi masaydo, pero bracelet, minsan.
I: Yun po ba yung mga madalas niyong sinusuot?
R1: Oo, yun yung pang-araw araw na.
Everyone else nods and agrees.
I: So pang, office work ganon?
R2: Oo, para narin kapag lalabas after ng work, at least, meron ng dalang alahas.
R3: Ako, since dati pa talaga, nagsusuot naman talaga ako pang araw araw. Nakasanayan ko na.
I: Ano yung mga kino-consider niyo pag bumibili kayo?
Everyone: Price. (Laughs)
R3: Number 1 yung price.
R5: Ako, yung kung fashionable siya. Isa rin yung factor kung fashionable yung style. Plus yung value for money, kung okay yung price.
I: Ano po yung fashionable ba para sa’yo?
R5: Mahilig ako dun sa mga simple lang. Yung madaling ibagay sa damit. Depende talaga kung hilig ko yung design.
I: Ah, so yung design? Pano yun, dapat bagay sa damit?
R3: Oo, dapat yung matching.
R2: Pati yung quality.
R1: Ay, yes importante yung quality.
R4: Yung pagiging matibay.
I: Ano ung matibay na quality para sainyo?
R4: Yung hindi mabilis masira, yung mga tatagal naman ng 1 year! Mga ganon.
R5: Oo, basta ung iisipin mo naman na sulit ang pera mo.
I: Eh pano naman po yung services? Like free cleaning? Importante po ba yun?
5: Cleaning? Hindi rin masyado.
All agrees and says: Hindi. Hindi rin.
R5: Kasi minsan, medyo malayo yung place.
R3: Oo nga.
R2: Oo.
R5: kaya hindi mo na siya mababalikan. Unless na kung within sa lugar mo lang.
R3: Tsaka yung nawawala yung papel.
R5: Oo, ganon.
R2: Tsaka meron naman yung nabibili na panglinis diba?
R1: Oo, tsaka yung iba nagbibigay rin naman sila ng ganon. Yung mga panlinis.
I: Gano kayo kadalas bumili ng mga jewelries and accessories?
R4: Kapag may nagustuhan.
R3: Depende eh.
R5: Oo, depende eh. Lalo na kung napadaan ka tapos may nakalagay na sale? Ayun, talagang titingin.
R2: Hindi siya yung pupuntahan mo talaga, kapag nadaanan mo lang.
I: So, parang kapag naglalakad lang sa mall, tapos may nakita lang, tsaka kayo dadaan dun?
All agrees and says oo and yes.
R1: Tsaka yung kapag may occasion. Like kapag kunwari kailangan mo dun sa gown mo, kapag aattend ka ng kasal.
R3: Oo, kapag may occasion.
R1: Or ano yung, anniversary ng company. Kailangan naming bumili para sa suot naming ganon.
R5: San ka bumili?
R1: Sa landmark. Hindi ko matandaan kung ano yung brand niya, basta yung mga nasa salamin, salamin lang. Medyo mahal rin nga yun eh.
R2: Oo.
R1:Sale nga yun eh. Actually, yung bracelet ko, 800 yun, pero sale lang, kaya naging 400 plus. Nung natapos na, sabi ko sayang.
R3: Sayang? Pero maganda naman yung quality?
R1: Siguro kasi 800 rin yun eh!
R2: Okay lang nanalo ka naman.
R4: Sobra sobra pa. kaya okay lang yun.
I: Ah, may best costume ba?
R4: Hindi, sa raffle siya nabunot. Dun siya nanalo.
R1: Oo, siyempre, si ma’am yung nabunot, so syempre angalan naman kunin pa niya yung money diba? Kaya bumunot ulit, tapos ako ung nakuha.
Everyone laughs.
I: Ano yung price range na willing kayo bumili ng mga ganyan, since namention niyo kanina yung price?
R4: Depende kasi sa style ng bibilhin eh.
R3: oo, depende rin.
I: Eh, kapag yung silver?
R5: Actually, medyo mahal rin kasi yung sa silver eh.
R3: Oo, medyo mahal na rin.
R1: gaya nga nung nabili ko, diba.
R3: Pero sakin, ano, hanggang mga 1,000 lang. Yun lang sakin.
R2: Actually, meron nga akong gusto eh. Yung mga 6,000 ata yun? Ang ganda nun.
R5: Ah, yung parang sterling silver na?
R2: Oo, siguro ganon na nga siya.
R5: Mga ganon kasi, may number number na eh, yung mga may grade.
R2: Pero hindi ko siya binili.
R1: Pinaka mataas na yung 1000.
R5: Kasi pag compare mo sa gold, iba talaga. Kaya pwede na rin yung mga 1000. Kasi syempre iba na talaga yung gold.
I: Bakit kayo bumibili? Aside from occasion?
R4: Gift.
R3: O yun, tama siya.
R2: Pang gift.
Madalas, gift para kanino?
2: Para sa pamilya lang madalas. Sa mga pamangking babae. Sobrang naaappreciate nila yun eh.
I: Ah, gift. Eh para sa sarili nyo?
R1: Ako naman, for everyday. Parang mas ano nga yun na gagamitin, kasi aside from safer.
R2: Oo, iwas sa ano.
R1: Although, naisnatch parin.
R2: Oo, safer siya.
R1: Nasnatch parin yung silver ko na, sa alam mo yung.
R3: Ay? Baka kasi akala white gold yun?
R1: Alam mo kasi yung ano, parang chanel na marami siya. Tapos yung papa-cut mo, tapos sila na yung gagawa.
R2: Ah oo.
R1: eh diba mura lang yun?
R4: Ah nasnatch pa?
R1: Oo, nasnatch.
R3: Hindi pa professional yung nagsnatch nun! Di pa marunong.
R2: Pero ganon nga pag silver, hindi siya takaw sa ano..
R1: Eh 200 plus lang yun eh! Yung bracelet.
R3: Eh di sana hinabol mo pa, tapos binigay mo pa yung iba mo.
R2: Kaya safer talaga pag silver. Kasi di gaya ng gold diba?
R5: Tsaka pag nawala okay lang, kasi mas mura ng konti.
I: Pero part ba siya ng daily life niyo, na pagpapasok kayo ng office kailangan may suot na jewelry?
Everyone says yes.
R1: Oo, kasi parang hubad pag wala eh.
R2: Sanay na since dati.
I: Nagpapalit pa ba kayo kung pang everyday?
R1: Ako minsan, ako earrings.
R3: Ako minsan din.
R4: Minsan lang. Pero siguro mas madalas yung earrings?
R5: Depende sa mood mo eh. Earrings ganon.
R3: Siguro earrings, kasi mas gamitin siya eh.
R4: Ako minsan, necklace rin. Pero madalas pag may occasion tsaka ako nagpapalit. Pag may party ganon, siyempre, susuot ako nung mas bongga diba?
R5: Yung ano, mas malalaki mga pendant ba?
R4: Oo, mga pang mas formal kasi.
I: Ano mas madalas, pag bumibili kayo para sa sarili or para sa ibang tao?
R5: Para sa sarili. Ako talaga para sa sarili.
R3: Ako rin, sarili.
Everyone else agrees.
I: Usually, napapabili kayo pag sale?
R1: Oo, kapag maganda yung style.
R2: Tsaka pag occasion nga.
R5: pati yung quality rin. At least naman. Halimbawa, nabili mo siya for 300 na hikaw, tatagal ba yan ng 2 taon? Sabi naman nila pag inalagaan mo daw. Oo, pag hindi binabasa.
3: So parang sulit na rin siya ganon.
I: Kagano ka tagal para maging “sulit” ang jewelry?
R3: Siguro at least 1 year. Kahit mura siya, dapat tumagal naman siya. Silver pa rin naman yun eh. Diba dapat matibay naman yun?
R2: Oo nga. Pero usually talaga silver umiitim talaga?
R1: Oo, kaya lilinisin mo talaga. Alagaan.
R4: kaya ayaw ko nun.
R3: kasi maintenance.
R4: Ako kasi talaga ng silver kasi 1, ayaw ko nga nung maintenance talaga.
R5: ayaw niya nung mga umiitim. Kasi linis ka ng linis.
I: Eh sa iba okay naman?
R1: oo, pero sakin nga madalas nawawala eh.
R5: Ako naman kasi, pag maitim na, hindi ko na ginagamit, bibili nalang ng iba.
I: Usually, gano ba katagal?
R3: Mga 1 year. Usually ganon na.
R5: Depende rin sa quality ng nabibili mo. Tsaka yung ano, extra alaga kesa sa gold, kasi diba normally di na kailangan alagaan?
R2: compare nalang ung price sa quality ng nabibili.
I: Bumibili ba kayo sa mga tiangge tiangge lang? or gusto niyo talaga ung may pwesto sa mall?
5: Ay ako, hindi, mas gusto ko talaga kapag meron siya sa mall. Yung sa loob ng mall na my brand.
I: Bakit?
R5: Masmadali lang pagkatiwalaan na okay yung quality ng kahit anong bagay kapag kilala ang brand. Di lang ito sa jewelry.
R1: Oo nga. Di talaga makakasigurong good buy kapag sa tiyangge lang eh. Yung mga branded kasi, may credibility na.
R4: Yung mga sa loob ng department store ganon.
R3: Yung mga may line. Dazzles. Parang ganon.
R5: Basta yung may pangalan?
R3: Oo, basta yung meron talaga.
I: Ano yung importante sa mga stalls na ganon?
R5: yung lighting, dapat okay. Kasi diba pano naman kung madilim, pano titignan yun.
R3: Oo, importante rin na kumikinang kinang sila. Ganon.
R4: Tsaka pag maayos yung mga naka lagay. Wag ung dikit dikit.
So dapat yung mas konti?
R2: Hindi naman, dapat yung ano, may mapagpipilian rin.
R1: pero wag yung dikit dikit naman sobra gaya sa tiangge.
Anong mga brands yung alam niyo?
R1: Silverworks, Unisilver
R2: Tsaka meron rin ata yung, Just gift.
R3: Ako ung Silverworks and Unisilver lang alam ko. Sila naman yung sikat diba?
I:Narinig niyo na ba yung Silverbox?
R3: Oo, naririnig na rin. Nakita na sa mall. Ganon.
I: Sumilip ka ba nung nakita mo ito?
R3: Hindi eh. Nagmamadali kasi ako nun. Napansin ko lang siya sa may isang tabi.
R4: Ahhh oo, may nakita na akong ganun. Di ako tumingin pero nakita ko na nga yun.
R2: Iba pa ba yun sa Silver Works? (Laughter) Ay, di ko yun alam! (Laughter)
Saan mo ito nakita?
R3: Sa Glorietta ata yun.
I: Ano ang madalas niyong ginagawa kapag may free time kayo?
R4: Gusto ko yung pasyal pasyal lang. Relax lang sa mall. Mga ganun.
R3: Minsan dinner with friends, ganon. Depende eh.
R3: Or movie? Pero mas madalas lumalabas lang with friends.
I: Anong mall madalas mong pinupuntahan? At anong ginagawa mo kapag nasa mall?
R4: Iba-iba eh. Minsan sa Glorietta, minsan Greenbelt. Kahit saan. Madalas, kumakain lang at kung ginaganahan, movies.
R2: Ako rin, ganun din gusto ko. Maraming nagagawa sa mall eh. Masaya.
R1: Movie gusto ko. Pero mahal na ngayon eh so di na ako madalas nanonood.
I: Kapag lumalabas kayo, dapat ba laging may suot na jewelry?
5: Di naman. Mas gusto ko lang na meron. Para feeling pretty diba. (Laughs)
1: Tama, confidence yan, syempre.
3: Ako naman di ko kayang wala. Kasi, mas sanay ako na meron, tsaka gusto ko yung parang nag-aayos ako, kahit papaano presentable ako pag harap ko sa mga tao diba?

APPENDIX D: In-Depth Interview Transcripts
In-Depth Interviews for Students – Compilation

➢ Roland Dira, 19, San Beda, 3rd Year

Hi! I’m Tristel Lim from [school], we’re conducting interviews regarding silver jewelries can I have a few minutes of your time?
Okay game
Tell me something about yourself, Full name, school, age, year in college
Roland Dira, 19, San beda, 3rd year
I see that you love jewelries, where do you usually buy?
Noong una, puro regalo lang sakin tapos maganda pala so bumibili na din ako. Minsan sa tiangge pero madalas sa school bazaars.
Do you have any brand in mind if you hear the word “silver jewelries”
Student: Unisilver? Yun lang ata meron. Madalas nakikita ko sa malls pag dumadaan ako sa gateway, cubao kasi lrt-mrt yung daan ko pauwi.
Ah, so you go to malls na mas convenient para sayo?
Yeah, kasi pag pauwi ako yun na yung mga nadadaanan ko talaga. Para less hassle.
What is your favorite jewelry brand then?
Wala eh. Pero okay sakin yung mga nasa bazaars. Sa GH din madami. Kasi mura lang tsaka maganda pa. Parang same nga siya ng binebenta na bracelet na sobrang mahal.
Ah. So you buy designs na mura lang pero hindi mukhang mura?
Oo, yung maganda na tignan. Kasi diba minsan meron kang mabibili na mura nga pero alam mo na pangit yung design. Pero meron din yung maganda talaga na hindi mo aakalain na mura lang.
What kinds do you usually buy?
Mahilig ako sa hikaw tska sa bracelets pero hindi silver
Hindi siya manly. Tsaka parang pang matanda usually, kung hikaw siguro okay lang. Pero pag bracelet iba na ung binibili ko, hindi na silver.
What do you consider when buying?
Price syempre hindi naman ako mayaman sakto lang, pero dapat maganda din yung design and hindi madaling masira.
What prices do you prefer?
Pag earrings nasa P100-150 lang yan, pag bracelet pwede pang P150-200
Pag more than that na yung price, di ka na bibili?
Depende siguro kung sobrang gusto ko yung deisng, pag hindi, hindi na. Pero madalas hanggang diyan lang talaga.
How about the service? Does it matter?
Kung hindi ako pinapansin edi aalis ako so siguro oo. Gusto ko din yung inaasikaso ako, like sinasabi sakin kung anong maganda and maganda din kung may benefits akong makukuha pag bumili ako sa kanila. Discount pwede na.
Paano yung mga cleaning services? Gusto mo bay un?
Pwede rin, since on the way naman nga pag umuuwi ako. Pero minsan hindi ko na rin naman napapalinis eh.
How do you know the quality?
Ewan ko tinitingnan ko lang, tsambahan lang yan. Pag nasira agad di na ko ulit bibili ng ganon pero pag maayos pa tapos matagal na, yun siguro okay pa.
Ah, so bumabalik ka sa same brands kapag alam mo na matibay?
Oo, syempre. Kasi napagkakatiwalaan mo na sila eh.
How often do you buy?
Minsan nga lang
Define minsan lang.
Once in three months? Mga ganon.
Why do you buy?
Para sakin. Pero minsan pang regalo mga babae kasi mas mahilig sa ganyan diba?
What do you think of kiosks or stalls for sterling silver?
Yes, the small stalls that can be found in the middle of the malls
Ahhh, yung parang sa unisilver, minsan pag may maganda akong nakita or maganda yung design ng stall napapatingin ako pero madalas parang dinadaan daanan lang siya ng mga tao.
So importante sayo na maganda yung pagkaka-ayos ng stall?
Oo naman, yung nakaka-attract ng customers.
Panong nakaka-attract?
Pag okay yung mga ilaw ilaw. Tapos, pag maganda mga naka display, yung maayos. Ganon.
Thank you.

➢ Selene Ferrer, 19, UP Diliman, 3rd year

Hi! I’m Tristel Lim from [school] , we’re conducting interviews regarding silver jewelries can I have a few minutes of your time?
Tell me something about yourself, Full name, school, age, year in college
Selene Ferrer, 19, UP DILIMAN, 3rd year
Do you buy jewelries?
Define sometimes.
I suppose, once in 2 months? Depends eh. If I see anything that I like.
Where do you usually buy?
Stalls inside malls, 168, GH, bazaars
Do you have any brand in mind if you hear the word “silver jewelries”
Silverworks and Unisilver
What is your favorite jewelry brand then?
Nothing specific but in 168 they’re selling different accessories na tama lang yung price and yet very cute yung design.
What do you mean by tama lang yung price?
Siguro 100, or less? Mga around that price.
What kinds do you usually buy?
I love necklaces! That’s my ultimate collection. I think I have 20+ of different kinds?
What do you consider when buying?
I love different styles and different colors that match my outfit usually if I’m wearing plain shirts puro necklace yung nasa neck ko. I like the fact also that a lot of accessories nowadays are not as expensive.
So when you buy, you really think if it can match your outfit?
Sometimes. Or if I have new clothes, I think of what necklaces can match them, then I buy that design if makita ko sila sa mga stores.
What style do you prefer?
I like the long necklaces, they look real at some point but they’re not. Good thing I don’t have allergies with sterling silvers and sa mga materials na ginagamit nila.
So ever since before, you really buy sterling silvers na and wala namang allergic reation?
Yup, good thing!
What price do you prefer?
For necklaces I spent P60 for one if it’s wholesale, P70-P100 if you’re just going to buy one, same for rings, earrings and bracelets. Good quality naman siguro kasi hindi mabilis masira although meron iba na madaling masira pero pwede mo pang papalitan.
These are from where?
Sa 168! They sell all the cheap stuff there!
How about the service? Does it matter?
Since I like cheap stuff, I don’t expect for a really good service but it’s good if they offer services pa. Basta okay yun quality, and good price okay na ako.
How do you know the quality?
Usually it depends on how you take good care of it. May mga lalagyan talaga ako per piece ng accessories sobrang organize lang.
Ah. Pero pag binibili mo,pano mo nakikita na okay yun quality?
Kapag siguro san sila gawa? Kapag silver, okay na yun. But diba merong mga made if nylon, then it depends if okay yun. Mga chains and stuff usually naman okay rin.
How often do you buy?
If ever may makita na maganda. Mga once in two months ganon?
Why do you buy?
It makes me feel pretty and fashionable in a way parang it goes well with every outfits.
So parang it adds to your confidence?
Oo, kapag fashionable yung the way you dress diba?
What do you think of kiosks or stalls for sterling silver?
It’s a good way to sell stuff tapos lower yung rent tama ba? And for sterling silver, I think they should make the stalls attractive feeling ko kasi pare pareho lang sila dapat may uniqueness and kahit papano dapat may iba naman silang binebenta. Like silverworks and unisilver pag nakikita ko feeling ko pareho lang yung items nila, no difference.
What do you mean by difference?
Siguro yung sa style and design? Para ma distinguish naman sila. Kasi parang more or less same same lang yung binebenta nila eh.
Are you aware of silver box?
Not really but from the word itself I bet they’re also selling silver.
Thank you!

➢ Mikaela Lacaba, 19, iAcademy

Good morning, I am Stephanie Chan from [school]. I would like to conduct an interview regarding jewelry. Is it okay if I may have some of your time for this?
Can you introduce yourself? Name, age, school.
I’m Mikaela Lacaba, 19 years old, studying in iAcademy.
First question, do you buy accessories or jewelry?
Yeah sometimes.
Define sometimes.
Twice a month. Depends if I see anything I like.
Where do you buy these items?
At small stalls I see in malls
Which stalls? Do you remember the brand name?
I usually buy at The Bead Shop, it's on my way home kasi.
What other stalls do you usually purchase your jewelry?
Aside from Beadshop, I'd usually purchase from "tiangge's" because I like a good bargain. I don't really like spending much for accessories unless I find one design which I really like, only then would I spend more than I usually do.
You buy from The Bead Shop out of convenience? Right? Or you really like their products?
Both, for convenience and I really do like their products.
So convenience is important for you?
Yeah, like I mentioned, it’s on my way home, so easier for me to go there.
Usually what kind of accessories do you buy? More on rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings?
More on bracelets. I also am fond of earrings but I rarely buy them personally. I usually have my mom buy them for me.
Why are you more fond of bracelets? And what material is this bracelet from The Bead Shop?
Not sure, I just don't like going out without any bracelet on.
So more on, out of habit?
Yeah, nakasanayan na eh.
For the material?
I'm not sure what you call the material they're using e. But they do have the same texture with felt paper.
Would you buy sterling silver jewelries?
If there’s a need, like on occasions. But mostly, I buy in The Bead Shop.
How much are you willing to pay for earrings?
Depending on the reason why I'd buy them, if I'd be using it for a party or some other event, then I won't mind spending up to 500 but if it's for everyday use then I can only afford up to 200.
How much are you willing to pay for necklaces?
I don't really mind necklaces as much so probably around 200 as well.
How much are you willing to pay for bracelets?
If I think the design's worth the price, then I'd buy it considering I have the budget for it as well. Probably up to 1500 only if I'm using my own money
How much are you willing to pay for rings?
Hmmm, probably 500, again, it depends on the design and the purpose on why I'd be buying it.
What do you consider in buying accessories or jewelry.
I think I consider the price and style because I'd want something affordable but not disregarding the design at the same time :)
Among the 4 attributes you mentioned, which is the most important for you?
Why design?
Cause it's the first thing that would attract me into buying it.
How often do you buy jewelry?
Twice a month
Why do you buy jewelry?
It just feels good to have a new one every now and then.
What does it feel good to have a new set of accessories every now and then?
It's like a morale booster for me. It makes me feel more confident about myself.
So it adds to your confidence?
Yeah, when I’m able to dress fashionably. I really make sure that I’m able to match my outfits with jewelries.
Why do you use jewelries?
To match them with my outfit and make me look better.
What feeling do you get when your outfits match your jewelries?
I guess I'd be happier? I'd feel like I'm starting my day right.
Do you buy jewelry for someone else or just for yourself only?
Only for myself .
What will induce you to buy jewelry from these kiosks?
Sale or discounts. New designs.
What is your impression of jewelry being sold in kiosks/stalls?
I don't usually go to those stalls. Before, they'd appear "jologs" or "baduy" to me but now I've gotten to like them since I got interested in piercing.
So you buy mostly earrings from these stalls?
Yeah, mostly earrings lang.
What are the brands are you most familiar of? How did you know about these brands?
Unisilver, Silverworks. They have print ads almost everywhere e. I see them at the back of buses
Thank you!

➢ Bryan Delmendo, 21, UP

Where do you buy your accessories, or jewelry? I usually buy in Silverworks and Just Gift, and Unisilver. And dati, sa Silverbox. Saang lugar ka buminili nun? Sa malls, kasi doon maraming mga kiosks. Mga stores nun eh. Silverworks yung una mong minention na brand, bakit yung brand na yun?
Silverworks, kasi siya na yung gain ng pangalan parang since history. Parang yun na yung first na narinig ko na brand, na trusted brand ng mga ganun. Sa tingin mo bakit siya yung trusted brand, ano yung meron sa kanya? Ewan, ko. Quality siguro masasabi mo dahil maraming bumibili. Saan mo nabalitaan yung brand na yon? Sa word of mouth, tapos sa mga ads Anong klaseng ads? Ads sa mga bus, kung saan saan. Mga newspaper. Yung Just Gift naman, bakit yung brand na yun?
Yung Just Gift kasi, kunyari meron siya sa waltermart, siya yung easy access kung wala yung Silverworks. So hahanap ka ng mas mura, pero yung quality, di naman ganun ka mas malayo sa quality ng Silverworks. Edi yun nalang, mura pa! Namention mo yung easy access? So importante sayo yung easy access? Hindi naman sobra, pero siyempre yun yung mas mapupuntahan mo talaga eh. Pano naman yung Unisilver?
Yung Unisilver, parang same din ng Silverworks eh pero parang naalala ko merong iba yung Unislver na wala sa Silverworks. Like ano? Parang ibang design, tapos kunyari wala yung hinanap mo, ganyan. Bakit din Silverbox?
Silverbox kasi, nung time na yun naghahanap lang ako ng mura. Tapos since walang mura doon sa mall na pinaghahanapan ko, puro Silverworks, Unisilver, naghanap ako. Tapos yan, nakita ko Silverbox. Anong klaseng jewelry binibili mo? Binili ko ring sa silverbox, earrings, bracelet Bakit yung mga ganung jewelry binibili mo? Wala, gusto ko lang. Para magamit minsan, ganon. Para sa sarili mo, or for gift? Para sa sarili ko, at for gift. Parehas. How much are you willing to spend for a piece of jewelry?
Depende eh, kung kanino mo ibibigay. Willing to spend ako, kung may pera ako mga 800 siguro. Pero pag yung gusto ko lang, yung nagtitipid siguro mga 300 to 400, ganyan. Para sa sarili mo, magkano yung willing ka i-spend? Sa ngayon, mga 300. So ibig sabihin di na ako bibili sa mga brand na yan kasi di aabot. Bakit 300? Kasi di naman practical eh. Anong ibig sabihin mo ng practical?
Hindi naman kasi siya kailangan sa pang-araw araw eh diba? Parang pag gusto ko lang, pag feel ko ganon. Pag bumibili ka ng piece of jewelry, ano yung hinahanap mong attribute niya? Quality? Siyempre, yung hindi siya namumuti. Pano naman yung price? Oo, isa rin yun. Yung quality, anong klaseng quality ang gusto mo?
Siyempre, kung bibili ako sa mga branded stores. Siyempre maganda na yung makakahanap ako ng di usual. Yung maganda na hindi usual, design na yun diba? Oo, maganda design tapos matibay na quality. Hindi mabilis pumuti. Pano naman yung services, important din ba?
Oo, tingin ko kelangan kasi kapag lumapit ka, dapat accommodate ka kagad. Yung services ka kelangan mo ng cleaning? Oo, kasi kung ganun kamahal yung bibilihin mo eh. You’re paying for services like that eh, so dapat libre na mga ganyan. Parang para matuwa ka naman. How bout yung design? Important din, isang factor. Sa price, quality, style, services, design. Ano dun yung pinaka important sayo?
Design, kasi yun naman yun hinahanap namin eh.
Tapos, after nun? Kung nahanap mo na yung design, ano na next na titignan mo? Quality, tapos price, tapos services. Gaano ka kadalas bumibili? Mga twice a year. The average Bakit ka bumibili? Kasi, gusto ko eh. Yung para sa sarili mo, bakit ka bumili? Kasi gusto ko lang? Bakit mo gusto? Para may masuot, wala pag may maisipan ko lang Anong nacocontribute ng pagsusuot ng accessory sayo? Gumagwapo ka?
Di naman, nararamdaman mo lang para sa sarili mo. Siyempre, kahit papano, dress up. Mapakita mo na may suot ka. Saka, shiny eh. Bakit ka naman bumibili para sa ibang tao? Gift. Siyempre, special sila eh. Bakit jewelry in particular, bakit silver? Kasi, di siya nabubulok. Silver, kasi panget yung gold eh. Bakit maganda yung Silver? Maganda kasi di naman siya kasing mahal nung gold. Tapos shiny. Bakit mo naman ginagamit? Wala, para statement. Ano pa? Para pogi. Bakit sa tingin mo nagpapagwapo sayo? Kasi, may accessory ka, di ka bare. Sabi mo twice a year ka lang bumibili? This year ba bumili ka na? Hindi Ano makapagencourage sayo bumili?
Wala eh, personally. Siguro kung tuwang tuwa. Pag may makita ako. Kasi paminsan maddaanan mo, tapos at first glance makikita mo tapos parang “oy, okay ito ah!” ganun. Yung product itself So what if may promo sila?
Pwede, pero depende padin eh. Depende sa need at want. Kahit may promo naman eh, di ka padin bibili. Pano kung may advertisements silang magaganda?
Advertisement, una kong naiisip eh “50% discount” tapos meron ka pang free na ganyan, yun mapapabili talaga ako. Pag makita ko sa newspaper Pano kung may mga nageendorse ng celebrities? Feeling ko hindi. Pano pag may pagbibigyan ka? Tapos ako ang gagatos? Depende kung sino yun!
Diba nakikita mo naman yung mga tindahan nila sa malls? For you, ano important sa aesthetics nila?
Kasi you’re selling your product, parang fact na yun na something special na eh. Dapat may space. Kasi, napansin ko sa iba eh, parang Silverworks sa Trinoma, sobrang sikip nung store nila. Parang, iikot ikot ka, titingin tingin ka. Kelangan mo ng space.
Tapos, siyempre medyo colorful. Di naman masyado, siguro kug gusto lang nila mapansin ng mga tao. Mahirap naman kung sobrang plain. Parang kunyari yung logo. Silverworks, di naman plain parang catchy. Diba yung sa ads, lahat sila colorful eh. How about yung lighting? Siyempre, importante. Ano pa? Yung store itself ah, siguro yung display? Yung mga glass display. Tapos, ano sa display? Dapat yung hindi siya yung yuyuko ka pa. Yung stuff na mabilis para sa mga bibili. Ano pa? Yun lang. Okay, Thank you.

In-Depth Interviews for Working Professionals – Compilation

➢ Jeffrey Paulo Eugenio, 25, Project Assistant in Philippine Business for Education (NGO)

Hi, I’m from [school] and we’re conducting interviews on jewelries, can I have a few minutes of your time?
Where do you buy?

Last time I bought was in TBS (the bead shop) in Rockwell, in one of the kiosks.

Do you buy there regularly?

No. My girlfriend is more fond of clothes than jewelry kasi. I bought her a silver ring in TBS. How much was it? What was the occasion?

It was around 1,000pesos. It was our anniversary then. And I was still in college when I bought it. The last time I ever bought jewelry.

What brand? Why that brand?

TBS. Actually when I was looking around, nakita ko lang siya, chamba lang. I’m not really familiar also where to look, so it was incidental.

What kind? Why?

I bought her a silver ring, I just chose a ring because it look pretty compared to the others that I saw.

Did you think it looked pretty on her or it looked pretty in general?


How much are you willing to pay for each kind? Why?

I’ve never thought about it, but I’m willing to pay 3,000 at the most if it were a special occasion.

By special occasion, what do you mean?

Like anniversary or birthday gifts.

What if it’s not a special occasion, just a normal day?

I wouldn’t buy otherwise, but if I had to basing from my salary, 700pesos at the most.

What do you consider when buying?

Price, quality and design are the most important ones to me. Come to think about it, the ring that I bought in TBS didn’t last very long, around a year, the silver started to fall apart. Pag sa price, yun nga around700pesos. Sa quality naman, as long as it lasts long? But I’m not sure as to what “long” is, cause girls naman may mga alam nun eh diba? Pag services, cleaning of the jewelry, ang alam ko nga Silverworks does some cleaning diba. Pwede rin yung mga may ganon. On style and design, whatever comes to mind nalang na maganda.

How often do you buy?

Not often at all.

When do you think you will buy again?

I don’t know, it’s not exactly on my girlfriends ‘wish list’.

Why do you buy?

Just for special occasions, but not just for anyone, it has to be for someone special. I’d never buy spontaneously, only on birthdays and anniversaries.

Do you buy for yourself or for someone?

I wouldn’t buy jewelry for myself; I don’t even buy watches for myself. It has to be for someone.

So what possible scenario would you ever consider on buying for yourself?

Not really, I just don’t see myself needing jewelry in the future.

What will induce you to buy?

It’s more of self-motivation, like if it was my gf’s birthday I’d buy it. I don’t really believe in advertisements, it’s a self-motivation thing kasi for me. Advertisements won’t really influence me in terms of buying. But instead, I think advertisements are useful for brand awareness, kaya kapag kailangan ko maghanap ng gift on her birthday or anniversary, at least alam ko na where to go.

What do you think of those in kiosks/stalls? Lighting? Aesthetics?

Kiosks, they’re effective especially for those na nagbbiyahe, theyre very convenient for travelers. Because these kiosks can be seen usually kunwari sa mga daanan kapag lumilipat ka from LRT to MRT.

So you think they work best for commuters?

Yes, because it would be convenient for them.

What are the brands you are most familiar with? How did you know about these brands?

The Bead Shop, Silver Secrets, Silverworks, not sure pero parangGerald Anderson ata yun sa mga mobile ads. Unisilver. The ‘silver’ brands confuse me sometimes; it’s hard to distinguish.

Where did you hear or know about their brands?

I see them in buses, billboards and kiosks, sometimes in TV? But rarely.

➢ Jose Luis Parungao, 27, Call Center Agent Convergys

Hi, I’m from [school] and we’re conducting interviews on jewelries, can I have a few minutes of your time?

Where do you buy jewelries?

I buy in malls, like sa glorietta or sa mga area na malapit sa malls.

Why in malls?

Kasi kung mall, it seems more legit and the quality of the jewelry might have better quality.

Where else besides in malls?

Wala, sa mga malls lang talaga eh, can’t think of any other okay place to buy if ever.

What brand?

Hindi ako particular sa mga brands, lets face it, I’m a guy, I don’t really know the good brands, basta tingin ko maganda at okay sa girlfriend ko. But of course I look at the quality naman, hindi basta basta kahit anong brand diba.

What kinds do you usually buy?

If bibili ako ng jewelry for my girlfriend, it would be earrings siguro.


Earrings kasi parang mas madaling pumili and its easier to determine which one is nice and not.

If walang earrings, ano kukunin mo?

Bracelets definitely, wag lang talaga necklace or rings kasi wala talaga ako alam dun.

How much are you willing to pay for each kind? Why?

Probably at least 500pesos, not more than 1000pesos, it depends on why I’m buying it for her and the occasion, since bago palang ako sa trabaho. I’m not really earning much and I have my baby to take care of diba.

What do you consider when buying?

Ayun nga, 500-1000pesos. Sa quality naman, as long as it seems durable, im not sure how to test the quality kasi. Like I said, I’m a guy. Wala ako masyado alam diyan.

How about the services?

Siguro quick repairs and cleaning. Like if may warranty or something yung nabili ko, aayusin nila yung damages.

Eh sa styles and design?

As long as it looks nice for her, kasi diba subjective naman yun sa tao?

What do you consider most important among those? Why?

Price siguro, kasi nga medjo tipid talaga. And of course im sure may makikita naman akong jewelry diyan na kaya sa budget and still looks nice and has nice quality diba?

What does ‘nice’ look to you ba?

Yung parang cute sa kaniya. Kasi nice is relative diba, ewan ko, depende kung bagay sa kaniya yung bibilhin ko, kung bagay sa kaniya, edi that’s nice already for me.

How often do you buy?



My girlfriend isn’t really a big fan of jewelries, she likes shoes more, so usually kapag may occasion or anniversary namin, I get her shoes or clothes.

Why do you buy?

It’s mostly incidental siguro, when I see it while im walking in the mall or when I’m commuting and I see that it might suit my girlfriend, that’s the time il buy it siguro. If I’m going to spend serious money on jewelry, it would be for special occasions only, not just on any other day.

Do you buy for yourself or for someone?

Just for my girlfriend. I don’t know anybody else na mabibigyan ko ng ganun. Medjo weird kasi kung sa ibang tao if not your special someone.

What will induce you to buy?

I think TV commercials will induce me to buy these things, depende sa presentation siguro. Also if I have the money for it. Kasi kahit gaano kaganda yung advertisements, kung walang pera, wala din mangyayare sakin diba. But advertisements and the media will really help me to remember their brands nga.

What do you think of those in kiosks/stalls?

They look okay naman, mukhang good quality sila, and the prices aren’t that cheap from what I remember.

Do you think you’d buy in kiosks?

Yeah I would, mukhang okay nga sila. Basta mukhang trusted naman.

What are the brands you are most familiar of?

Unisilver, Imono, Silverworks mga ganun. Yung unisilver and silverworks sa mga buses and sa magazines din ata. I’m not sure where I saw them exactly pero alam ko either sa magazine o sa labas ng bahay. Im aware of Imono naman because I saw a branch in Mall of Asia when I was walking around there. Nagkataon lang na napansin ko siya.

➢ Jinea David, 28, Reflexologist

Hi, I’m from [school] and we’re conducting interviews on jewelries, can I have a few minutes of your time?
Okay, game.

Where do you buy jewelries?
Usually kapag earrings unisilver minsan sa ano yung galing sa baguio. Pero pag something na mumurahin sa mall.
Besides earrings, what else do you buy? Necklace and rings.
What brand? Why that brand?
Minsan pa lang ako bumili ng necklace sa silveworks pero earrings lang talaga madalas kong bilhin. Parang mas popular kasi yung unisilver tsaka mas marami silang murang accessories kaysa sa silver works.
Pano mo nasabing popular?
Mas madalas ko kasing naririnig sa mga friends ko na dun sila bumibili. One time nga yung friend ko sinabi ng friend ko “ay bumili ako ng unisilver sa silverworks” hahaha parang colgate na siya pag sinabi mo yung brand naiisip mo na kagad toothpaste.
So earrings talaga madalas mong binibili like what you said earlier?
Earrings, oo. Eh lagi kasing nawawala ng anak ko yung earrings niya. Tsaka mas feel ko lang yung mga earrings.
What do you mean na mas feel?
Eh kasi pag earrings kasi maraming iba ibang shape pwedeng heart pwedeng maliit pwedeng malaki.
How much are you willing to pay for each kind? Why?
Para sa earrings 200-300. Pero mahal na skin yung 300 kasi usually 199 and 299 yung mga prices sa mga pinagbibilhan ko. Dahil anak ko lang naman madalas kong bilhin kapag nawala ok lang tsaka wala naman akong balak bumili ng mamahalin talaga.
What do you consider when buying?
Una yung quality, eh kasi mas alam mo na magtatagal yung binili mo hindi katulad na few days mo lang ginamit nangingitim na. Pangalawa style, eh yun gusto nakukuha ko yung gusto kong style. Tapos yung mura siya.
Pano mo malalaman yung quality?
Pag binili mo tapos tumagal. Sa mga muslim sa palengke nalaman ko yung may nakalagay na 925.
So, tinatanong mo talaga kung 925 ba siya?
Oo naman. Syempre sayang rin pera kung di tatagal.
How often do you buy?
Every two months pag nawawala ng anak ko niya earrings niya tsaka pag may pera ako.
Why do you buy?
Gusto ko lang.
Bakit gusto mo lang?
Eh kasi mas mura pag nawala dika manghihinayang. Tsaka mas “in” kasi yung mga silver ngayon compared sa gold tsaka iba.
Why do you use?
Actually binili ko lang yung necklace kasi nacute-an ako. Diko pa nga sinuot yun eh. Sa earrings naman dun ako compartable more on sa anak ko talaga yung mga binibili ko. Tsaka pag tumatanda ka na di ka na masyado mahilig sa maraming accessories di katulad dati mahilig talaga ako.
Do you buy for yourself or for someone?
Para sakin tsaka sa anak ko. Before may binigyan ako ng bracelet para sa friend ko na nagdebut. Unisilver yung brand.
What will induce you to buy?
Pag nagustuhan ko lang tlga yung design tsaka style.
How about advertisements?
OO! Parang feeling ko pag may ganon makikita mo na meron silang celebrity endorser feeling mo maganda din sayo yun.
Celebrity endorser?
Si iya villana sa lalake naman si elmo anak ni francis M.
Ah, sila bay un sa unisilver?
Oo, parang yun yung mga nakikita ko sa labas eh.
What do you think of those in kiosks/stalls?
Ako kasi di naman maselan. Unang una kasi pag nakasale kahit anong brand pupuntahan ko talaga. Yung lighting ok din yun kasi dun mo makikita kung maganda pagkasilver niya baka yung ibang product defective na.
Eh yung maintenance service?
Dapat talaga meron ganun. Pero ang di ko gusto sa silver works may card sila na ibibigay para maavail yung service eh nawala ko yung sakin so di ko na mapalinis sa kanila yung nabili ko. Sana may sariling record sila.
What are the brands you are most familiar of? How did you know about these brands?
Unisilver tsaka silverworks pero meron pa yung isa nakalimutan ko na pero wala na ata ngayon yun. Nakita ko lang sa mall.

➢ Maria Camille Diaz, 32, Customer Service Representative for Le Soleil Shipping Agencies, Inc.

Hi, I’m from [school] and we’re conducting interviews on jewelries, can I have a few minutes of your time?
Sige. Okay.

Where do you buy jewelries?
Nowhere. Just kidding. I usually buy sa mga tiangge.
Which tiangges in particular?
Do you have a brand preference?
Wala, none. Sa mga tiangge naman, no brands eh.

So okay lang sayo, if hindi branded?

yeah, expected naman yata yun kapag sa mga tiangge ka bibili diba?

What kind of jewelry do you usually buy?

I buy silver madalas.

By what kind, meaning the type of jewelry.

Ahh. Necklaces, usually.

How much are you willing to pay for them?

Less than… I won’t go over 500.

Why is that?

Why? Because I don’t feel I need to make gastos to get good stuff. It’s all in the way you choose naman eh.

So you’re saying na you can get good stuff with lesser amount of money?

Oo. Yun yung good deals talaga.

What do you consider when buying?

Design. It has to match my clothes. Like I should be able to pair it with my clothes. Also, price, of course.

So do you have any design preferences?

I just don’t like it being too tacky. Basta wearable. I don’t like imitations of the other brands. That’s super tacky.

Among the factors you mentioned, what is the most important for you and why?

Design. Kasi some accessories can be cheap but nice. Some naman are panget naman pero sobrang mahal so it’s always good to base on the appearance.

How often do you buy jewelry?

Around once a month, mga ganyan.

What are your reasons for buying?

Cause it accentuates what you’re wearing. Because it’s an added accessory. It’s like BLING. It accentuates what you’re wearing. It makes you feel prettier. Because of that, it makes you generally more confident.

Do you usually buy for yourself or for someone else?

For myself. My daughter has her own style kasi so I don’t really buy for her na.

So, what would usually induce you to buy new jewelry?

Style. New trends.

What about advertisements?

No, that doesn’t work for me. I need to go around and see stuff for myself.

What do you think of those stores that are kiosk-style?

That’s where I usually buy my stuff.

So you can trust them naman?

Yeah, I think so. They’re inside the malls rin naman.

What about for sterling silver?

Eh di Silver Works. That’s all I know eh.

How did you come to know of these stores?

In the malls, ads and TV.

Thank you!

APPENDIX E: Press Release
Style, a word which means an elegant mode of approved fashion. Style is not determined by the minute of a trend, or by the tawdry manner of a garment, but rather by the simplicity and elegance that arise from attention to detail. Style can come from the defining finishing touches that add flavour to a simple ensemble. To be stylish means to be the better version of yourself. In style, there is no detail too small or insignificant, that it cannot transform something out of the ordinary into something breath taking.

Silver Box is a small jewelry company that produces sterling silver accessories. Theirs is a company that understands what it means to be stylish; being yourself with a few finishing touches. They produce lovely pieces of jewelry that fit every taste and preference; from stylish and trendy bracelets, to classic and elegant rings and pendants. Their hand crafted, imported designs are ideal to be the finishing touches to make any outfit perfect, helping the wearer be the better, more stylishly confident version of themselves. Not only do Silver Box accessories make you look and feel stylish, but they do so at reasonably affordable prices. making becoming stylish a little easier to achieve. Silver Box also has a website that showcases their latest collection pieces, store locations, and promotions ready at your fingertips.

Style is a big word that, in retrospect can mean many things. It can mean the way things are done, it can mean a mode of fashion, it can represent possibilities and advancing. The thing that ties all these together is that style, in any way you put it, lies in the details; the finishing touches that make things perfect. Silver Box aims to help find the finishing touches that make the better, more ready, and confident versions of ourselves. Silver Box, designed for your success.

APPENDIX F: Population Research
Projected Populations by Five-Year Age Group (2000-2010)


|Age Group |2000 |2005 |2010 |
|15-19 |8,010,600 |8,915,700 |9,603,300 |
|20-24 |7,115,000 |7,952,200 |8,857,500 |
|25-29 |6,120,400 |7,051,800 |7,892,000 |
|30-34 |5,591,700 |6,067,400 |7,001,500 |
|35-39 |4,898,700 |5,527,500 |6,008,400 |
|40-44 |4,177,900 |4,811,000 |5,442,300 |
|45-49 |3,342,500 |4,071,500 |4,702,100 |
|50-54 |2,638,400 |3,214,600 |3,931,600 |
|55-59 |1,917,300 |2,490,300 |3,050,800 |

National Capital Region (NCR)

|Age Group |2000 |2005 |2010 |
|15-19 |974,400 |926,900 |1,028,200 |
|20-24 |1,094,500 |988,000 |941,700 |
|25-29 |988,200 |1,069,100 |969,200 |
|30-34 |868,500 |944,300 |1,030,300 |
|35-39 |715, 800 |828,200 |907,500 |
|40-44 |610,100 |686,100 |799,700 |
|45-49 |475,900 |585,200 |661,900 |
|50-54 |368,800 |452,400 |560,200 |
|55-59 |219,800 |344,400 |425,500 |

Percentage of Population 16-24 Years Old by Level Currently Attending, 2003

Philippines – 14,198,000

|Not Currently Attending |66.5% |
|Attending |33.5% |
| | |
|Elementary |1.9% |
|High School |46.1% |
|Post Secondary |3.2% |
|College |48.4% |
|Post Graduate |0.4% |

National Capital Region (NCR) – 2,200,000

|Not Currently Attending |65.5% |
|Attending |34.5% |
| | |
|Elementary |0.3% |
|High School |31.3% |
|Post Secondary |2.6% |
|College |65.3% |
|Post Graduate |0.6% |


|Las Pinas |532,330 |4.60% |
|Makati |567,349 |4.91% |
|Malabon |363,681 |3.14% |
|Mandaluyong |305,576 |2.64% |
|Manila |1,660,714 |14.36% |
|Marikina |424,610 |3.67% |
|Muntinlupa |452,943 |3.92% |
|Navotas |245,344 |2.12% |
|Paranaque |552,660 |4.78% |
|Pasig |627,445 |5.42% |
|San Juan |125,338 |1.08% |
|Valenzuela |568,928 |4.92% |
|Caloocan |1,381,610 |11.95% |
|Pasay |403,064 |3.48% |
|Pateros |61,940 |0.54% |
|Quezon City |2,679,450 |23.17% |
|Taguig |613,343 |5.30% |
|TOTAL |11,566,325 |100.00% |

APPENDIX G: Observation Research Guide
|Category |Includes |Take Note Of |Notes |
|Appearance |Clothing, age, gender, |Anything that might indicate | |
| |physical appearance |membership in groups or in | |
| | |sub-populations of interest to | |
| | |the | |
| | |study, such as profession, | |
| | |social status, socioeconomic | |
| | |class, religion, or ethnicity | |
|Verbal behavior and |Who speaks to whom and for how|Gender, age, ethnicity, and | |
|interactions |long; who initiates |profession of speakers; | |
| |interaction; languages or |dynamics of interaction | |
| |dialects spoken; tone of voice| | |
|Physical behavior and |What people do, who does what,|How people use their bodies and| |
|gestures |who interacts with whom, who |voices to communicate different| |
| |is not interacting |emotions; what individuals’ | |
| | |behaviors indicate about their | |
| | |feelings toward one another, | |
| | |their social rank, or their | |
| | |profession | |
|Personal space |How close people stand to one |What individuals’ preferences | |
| |another |concerning personal space | |
| | |suggest about their | |
| | |relationships | |
|Human traffic |People who enter, leave, and |Where people enter and exit; | |
| |spend time at the observation |how long they stay; who they | |
| |site |are (ethnicity, age, gender); | |
| | |whether they are alone or | |
| | |accompanied; number of people | |
|People who stand out |Identification of people who |The characteristics of these | |
| |receive a lot of attention |individuals; what | |
| |from others |differentiates them from | |
| | |others; whether people consult | |
| | |them or they approach other | |
| | |people; whether they seem to be| |
| | |strangers or well known by | |
| | |others present | |

APPENDIX H: Reference List
Beading Life (2006). Benefits of Sterling Silver.

Development of the Jewelry Industry by the Board of Investments.

Golden Economizer. (April 17, 2011). 12 Reasons Why Silver will outperform Gold. Seekingalpha. Retrived on July 23, 2011. From

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National Statistics Office (NSO).Projected Populations by Sex, Region and Province, and by Single-Calendar Years: 2000-2010 (Medium Series). Retrieved September 11, 2011 from

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Oracle Think Quest (2010). Silver. Retrieved from http://

Philippines Facebook statistics. (n.d.). Social Bakers: Heart of Social Media Statistics. Retrieved from

Surhone, L. M., Timpledon, M. T., & Marseken, S. F. (Eds.). (2010). Sterling Silver. VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller AG & Co. Kg

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925 Sterling Silver: Hallmarks / Tarnish and Corrosion and It’s Remedies. (2011, March 2). Retrieved from

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Guide to Islamic Banking

...Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking 1 Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking Written by Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani Ph. D. Islamic Finance Assistance in translation, editing and compilation by Zeenat Zubairi DARUL-ISHAAT Urdu Bazar Karachi Ph: 021-2631861 2 Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking Copyright Regd. No. Publications Rights Reserved with DARUL - ISHAAT KARACHI FIRST EDITION 2002 PRINTED AT ILMI GRAPHICS PUBLISHER DARUL - ISHAAT URDU BAZAR KARACHI-1 PAKISTAN. E-mail : Ph: 021-2631861 AVAILABLE AT IDARATUL MA’ARIF, DARUL ULOOM, KORANGI, KARACHI DISTRIBUTOR IN U.K. AZHAR ACADEMY LTD., at continenta (London) Ltd.. Cooks Road, London E-15 2pw This copy cannot be sold in the U.K., unless sold by or authorised by the 3 Meezan Bank’s Guide to Islamic Banking TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface 7 SECTION I INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM 1 2 3 Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: The Islamic Economic System Factors of production in Islam The objectives of the distribution of wealth in Islam 11 19 29 SECTION II RIBA, ITS PROHIBITION & CLASSIFICATIONS 4 5 6 7 8 Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Riba in the Qur'an Riba in Hadith Riba and its types Commercial interest and usury Simple and compound interest 34 36 42 53 62 SECTION III ISLAMIC CONTRACT 9 10 11 12 Chapter 9: Chapter 10:......

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Integrated Marketing Communications

...Carolina Australia • Brazil • Japan • Korea • Mexico • Singapore • Spain • United Kingdom • United States Advertising, Promotion, & Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications, 8e Terence A. Shimp Vice President of Editorial, Business: Jack W. Calhoun Vice President/Editor-in-Chief: Melissa S. Acuna Acquisitions Editor: Mike Roche Sr. Developmental Editor: Susanna C. Smart Marketing Manager: Mike Aliscad Content Project Manager: Corey Geissler Media Editor: John Rich Production Technology Analyst: Emily Gross Frontlist Buyer, Manufacturing: Diane Gibbons Production Service: PrePressPMG Sr. Art Director: Stacy Shirley Internal Designer: Chris Miller/cmiller design Cover Designer: Chris Miller/cmiller design Cover Image: Getty Images/The Image Bank Permission Aquistion Manager/Photo: Deanna Ettinger Permission Aquistion Manager/Text: Mardell Glinski Schultz © 2010, 2007 South-Western, Cengage Learning ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means—graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, Web distribution, information storage and retrieval systems, or in any other manner—except as may be permitted by the license terms herein. For product information and technology assistance, contact us at Cengage Learning Customer & Sales Support, 1-800-354-9706 For permission to use material from this text or product, submit all requests online at......

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