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A Very High Price

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A very high price
In this world elements and necessary conditions exist so that the human beings can have a worthy life inside the standard established by the modern society: education, medical services, telecommunications, multimedia entertainment etc. are some of the goods and services that today we might consider like basic to support our life style. Also there exist elements that are truly essential for the life in the planet. These are the clean water, fresh air and food, being the first two those of major importance to me the way I see, since we can survive up to 21 days without food, just like Gandhi did; from three until four days without taking any water, and not even 5 minutes without breathing. Regrettably the human race, just thinking about how to satisfy its secondary needs of comfort, has found innovative ways of improving the products and services that we use, but all this at a very high price: killing the indispensable elements for the life, especially the water.
The drinking water availability is turning into a serious problem in many regions of the planet, especially into countries of low economic level. Possibly in a couple of years, the super-economies would value more the fact of having usable water than having fossil fuels. Just making the systems of water purification Mexicali I and Mexicali II, 398126479 P were spent. How mucho more would spend a large city like LA in mater treatment? And what about a big country like USA?
According to the Conagua, 2.5 % of the existing water in the world is fresh water, from this portion.4 % is available water, 30.1 % is in underground deposits and 69.5 % is frozen in the polar skullcaps. Even though of the small quantity of water which we can have and use, it seems that we do not make a conscious and suitable use of it. The companies that use chemists for the achievement of their products or that use…...

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