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A Walk to Rmember

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A Walk to Remember
By: Nicholas Sparks

A walk to remember, a book about faith. How Jamie Sullivan and Landon Cater grow together in love their senior year. Not knowing what was ahead for them this year at Beaufort high school. This book starts off as Landon Cater is describing his family life style and the town of Beaufort, North Carolina. He describes his life style as more on the wealthy side. His mother cannot cook so they have a cook and also a maid. His has both of his parents. But he does not talk to his dad. They do not get along because his father is busy trying to make a name for himself in their little town. We also get introduced to Hegburt, who has a daughter named Jamie and lost his wife. He is there church minister. He has a close relationship with his lovely daughter. Hegburt worked with the winter show. He got a little bored of a Christmas carol. So he decided to make a Christmas Angel. This was a hopeful story about a man who lost his wife and only wanted the best for his daughter. That Christmas his daughter wanted a music box that had an angel on it. This man did everything he could to get this. But by Christmas he did not. But that night an angel came down and granted this little girl her Christmas present. Jamie and Landon start their story when they both have to do the winter play that year. They both did the play and worked together on their line on Jamie’s front porch. This was common in the 50s’ for them to work outside for common respect of Hegburt. As the play went on they started having late practices. Jamie asked Landon to walk her home. Even though Landon did not want to he just could not say no to her. While he walked her home they had three encounters with London’s friends. Eric antagonizes their situation. While they were practice one day, Eric came by and started a scene. He gave Jamie this crazy idea to Landon to go to the orphans and practice in front of then to see the show. Jamie of course thought this was a marvelous idea and tried to start this right way! Mr. Garber though this was great too and had them to the orphans and see what they thought. But of course they did not think it was. So they ended up not doing to show for them. But Jamie was still determined to make this the best Christmas ever!

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