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A Wife and Mothers Role

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It wasn't until our second child was born that we realized how different raising her was compared with our firstborn — our son with special needs. Yet no matter the different roles and responsibilities each person has or takes on, it often falls on the wife and mother to discern how to best support and nurture each relationship within the family.

Wife and mother. In both of these roles, I (Cindi) have been stretched through daily challenges and frustrations as well as through life's victories and joys. I have learned in both roles to perfect the dance that best fits each relationship within my own family — to master the movements that make each relationship work together. Our goals as a couple and as individuals are first to develop our relationship with God; second, to keep our marriage relationship strong; so that, third, we have what it takes to raise our children and care for them the way God would want.

Work, ministry and friends — while important — should not take precedence over our relationship as a couple, or over our relationship with our children. It's tough enough balancing the demands of normal, everyday life, but when one child requires hours of therapies, hospital stays and seemingly constant attention, that's a whole new ball game.

As a wife, I want to be a supportive helper to my husband. Each morning, Joe and I have our individual routines involved in getting our son ready for his supervised place of employment. As Joe walks out the door to take Joey to work, we briefly share one or two things we can pray for one another throughout the day. We connect again later over coffee or a snack and share the ups and downs of our day. We might have to wait until everyone is in bed and the needs of our son are met for the day, but this habit has kept us on the same page these 30 years when we could have easily been going in two different directions....

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