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A Work Nite Different Than Any Other

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A Work Night Different Than Any Other

I never thought this night would be different than any other night I’ve worked. I was a Personal Care Worker in Home Health Care. I had just finished giving one of my clients Mrs. Carol her nightly bath. About 30 minutes had pasted since she had lost her bowels on the living room floor. If the different smells of urine, feces, and vomit didn’t kill you; you would be able to handle anything this job threw your way. After settling her into bed, and giving her nightly meds, my shift was almost coming to a end. While watching the clock, and rushing to do my paper work, fingers turning white as snow in a winter’s storm. I charted today’s daily activities, meals, and the meds that was passed on my shift. This was my nightly robot routine; while prepping waters, and nightly meds for the third shift PCW.
Dan the third shift’s PCW came in, greeting me with the half smile that I was greeted with every night. Really trying his best to be polite and smile, but in his on head saying he didn’t want to see me go. You could tell he really didn’t want to be here. So I hurried and gave him a quick briefing of the previous shifts activities for the four patients that lived there. My car had been down for a month now. So I had been working every double shift that was manageable to save up enough money to get my car out of the shop. But, I wasn’t picking up tonight. I was too tired. I had to leave in fifth-teen minutes flat if to catch the 67 bus. I had to take two buses to work and two buses home. It didn’t help that my shoes was crushing m y feet like an elephant stepping on a peanut. I couldn’t wait to get home to take off these shoes. When the first bus finally came it was like a child seeing a ice cream truck coming down the street ringing its’ bell on a hot summer’s day. The bus ride was quiet, and peaceful. It was only the bus…...

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