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Every summer since I was eleven years old, I attended a church camp called Camp Capers in Waring, Texas. From tubing in the Guadalupe River to sitting next to your date on Bonfire Night, it has become my second home. It’s located in the country where the stars are magnificent and the sounds of obnoxious crickets become heaven to your ears. Camp Capers is filled with joy and love and brings wonderful gifts to the campers as it brings the children of God closer to Him. Not only has Camp Capers touched my life, but the staff, counselors, and campers who experience these incredible weeks with me have also. Campers are constantly surrounded by Christians who adore God’s goodness and who also adore each other. Every summer I’m touched and inspired by each and every person, either because of the person’s stories or because I see the growth of spirituality that God is working in them today. But one counselor and teacher will always have that special place in my heart, and her name is Sarah Cozad. My first year as a camper, I was blessed to have Sarah Cozad as my counselor in cabin fourteen. Her energy and genuine kindness made me feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment I met her. Throughout my first week, I was nervous and self-conscious because I did not know anyone and it was my first time away from home without my parents. One night after chapel and all the activities were finished, we had a cabin gathering called Devotions. Sarah told us to write one thing we were insecure about on one side and on the other write how God can turn the negative into the positive. One thing I was extremely insecure about was my shyness and the inability to express my feelings. I was afraid to show my true character because of the uninviting reactions people sometimes show to others. Sarah explained to us that night that God loves and accepts us for the person we are growing to be...

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