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A.T Kearny and the New Defining Entity

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A.T. Kearney and the New "Defining Entity"



I. Statement of the Problem Electronic Data Systems (EDS) acquired A T Kearney with the vision of creating the most powerful management solution company in the world. Many employees became concern with such acquisition. Many consultants were concern with the changes this merge might bring to their job and the way they work. These were two different organizations, with different skills and cultures. Seniors consultant were concern the many changes these two organizations would have to make in order make sure they work together, efficiently and of course that they would both benefit from such acquisition. II. Summary of the Facts Technology has revolutionized the way we do business these days, IT is not just the back end of the office anymore. The technology system is the key to any business today, it can help reduce and solve product problems, create communication channels and set new levels of service. The acquisition between A.T Kearney and EDS have raised many issues and concerns not only to the consultants but also to management. One of the concerns they are really worry about is to maintain the clientele happy. They are looking to see how they are going to deal the control merger in terms of clients, which company is going to do what and if one does one thing where is the other one standing. Many questions were raised on whether they should be working together to retain current clientele and also secure the new ones. Brian Harrison, President of A.T. Kearney will be the face of these two companies when it comes to getting a strategy for direction, creating and developing new opportunities and any implications with both external and internal sales. The main focus of this...

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