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Aaa Transport Paper

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AAA Transportation Paper


AAA Transportation is an interstate company that focuses on transporting wholesale products in refrigerated trailers around Midwest this company is located in Waukegan,WI. On the other hand, AAA Transportation has new owners that are planning to make some positive changes that can potentially raise the company's growth becoming more successful. The new owners want to add a delivery of nonperishable products, such as canned foods, to their delivery routes, allowing AAA to expand the area they cover and to provide expanded service to their existing customers. Taking in consideration that many of the routes do not require a full load, there would be enough of room to add nonperishable goods. In addition, the new owners plan to provide the delivery at a lower charge than the customers are now paying. Two of the company's employees Vernon and Bud are opposed to the changes of the new owners. Vernon directs the company's drivers and Bud works in the corporate offices. Vernon does not think that expanding the core business is a good idea, while Bud thinks that AAA is not capable of competing with existing companies that provide the same nonperishable products. Vernon and Bud have been with AAA for more than 20 years and both have a high influence between the rest of the employees. This paper will go over the mental model/mindsets including the impact of the two coworkers, the four steps to changing mental models/mind sets, the five forces that influence those mental model/ mindsets, and examples.

Mental model/mindsets and their impact
Mental model/ mindsets are beliefs, ideas, images, and verbal description that we form from experiences. In order to be successful in business, it is important to have the accurate business mindset. Suchlike ideas that are easy as coming...

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