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Basic Questionnaire
1. As far as the competitors are concerned, does anyone provide a service similar to:
I. Recon Exchange
II. Job Work
If YES, how similar/different is the way they operate their respective businesses under these services?
[This would help us analyse whether there is actually some competition or we have a monopoly in Recon Exchange/Job Work market]
2. What do Cummins customers prefer between Job Work/Recon Exchange? Is the patter similar/consistent for our competitors too?
3. How different/similar is the warranty provided by the competitors and how does it affect the prices? [For this we need to understand the warranty process of Cummins as well]
Job Work Questionnaire
1. Which companies provide Job Work apart from Cummins?
2. Whose Job Work is most preferred by the customers? How many competitors are ahead of Cummins?
3. Is the prices of the competitors (especially the ones who are ahead of Cummins in Customer preference) less /greater than Cummins?
4. On an average is the Cummins Job Work overpriced or under-priced as compared to the Competitors?
5. Is there a provision of adding reconditioned parts to the Job Work to reduce cost, amongst the competitors?
6. If a competitor is pricing its Job Work above Cummins, and is still getting better business, in that case, what all factors are responsible for its success?
7. Does the Job Work engine pricing needs improvement (reduction/increase) to attract more customers or to establish itself as a better brand?
8. Is it possible to know, what all pricing components are being included by the competitors in their quotation?
9. Is the quotation in case of competitors the final one, or do they consider revisions? (This is just to see what the market trend is)
10. Do the competitors do the entire Job Work in-house or like Cummins they also have…...