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Depart rtment : SB BU-Educatio on NCFM – COURS OUTLINE M SE

s: ner's Modu ule Financial Markets A Beginn

Markets an Financia Instrume nd al ents Types of M Markets: Equ uity, Debt, D Derivatives, Commoditi ies; Meanin and featu ng ures of priva ate, public companies; Typ of inves pes stment aven nues. Primary Market Initial Public Offer (IPO Book Bu O); uilding throu Online IPO; Eligibillity to issue securities; ugh Pricing of Is ssues; Fixed versus Bo Building issues; Al ook g llotment of S Shares; Basis of Allotment; P Private Plac cement. Secondary Market y BI); Role and fu unctions of Securities a Exchan Board of India (SEB Depositories; Stoc and nge o ck exchanges; Intermedia aries in the Indian stoc market; Listing; Mem ck L mbership; Trading; Clearing an settlement and risk manageme Investor protection fund (IPF); and Do's a nd ent; r and Don'ts for in nvestors, Equity and d ebt investm ment. Derivatives s Types of de erivatives; Commodity and commodity excha C anges; Com mmodity vers financia sus al derivatives. Financial S Statement Analysis Balance sh heet; Profit & loss acco unt; Stock market relat ratios; S m ted Simple anal lysis before investing in the shares understan n s; nding annua report; Di al irector's rep port etc.

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