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Electrical Energy From Starfruit (Averrhoa bilimbi)

A resident in the village of Nguntoronadi, District Nguntoronadi, Magetan, East Java, Indonesia, Sunarto (40), capable of creating electrical energy from the basic ingredients of the aqueous solution starfruit."Development of electric power from the solution of this starfruit, originated from the concern that electricity tariffs will continue to rise. Moreover, Indonesia is still a lot of people in remote areas untouched electricity," said the creator of the electrical energy of starfruit, Sunarto, Tuesday (13 / 07).Starfruit that thrives in the yard of his home, his magic into the decomposing substance capable of producing alternative power, amid complaints of residents will increase electricity tariff (TDL) since early July.He explains, to create electrical energy, the first star fruit commonly used as a vegetable is mashed to take water. Next, using soil media placed in a glass of mineral water is used, water is injected star fruit taste.Furthermore, each cup containing soil mixed with star fruit juice was associated with a series of copper wire and zinc plate, the electric current to flow.The result, electrical energy is created with a sizable voltage, ie up to 5 volts, enough to turn on the lights. The resulting voltage is also greater than the voltage of the battery stone fruit.According to him, electrical energy is created by starfruit has a high acidity level to be able to conduct ions and electrons are there on a piece of copper and zinc. Thus create an electric current.On average, 10 points starfruit is capable of creating an electric voltage up to 2.5 volts, equivalent to one dried fruit batteries. Even in his experience, the electrical energy of the star fruit vegetables can last up to one month old.Sunarto is also an electronic teacher in one school in this Magetan Bendo, hopes his invention will be...

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