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Dear Mr. Sharma,

Greetings from Aamby Valley City and Hotel Sahara Star!

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

Aamby Valley City – Independent India’s first planned hill city. A veritable paradise on earth. A magical place, woven from the fabric of your dreams. Every square inch of this paradise is carefully crafted keeping international luxury standards in mind. Be it the tranquil beauty of nature, the adrenaline rush of water sports & adventure challenges or the finest of hospitality, your every wish is taken care of here.

Some of the wonders at Aamby Valley are:

• Sprawling Villas amidst rolling hills, a sight that could take your breath away

• An enormous fully floodlit golf championship golf course of 18 holes replete with water bodies, emerald greens and even migratory birds

• A technologically advanced and sophisticated private airport

• An international school offering a highly acclaimed international curriculum, equipped with advanced learning systems and teaching methodologies

• A state-of-the-art hospital with superlative medical facilities

• Plethora of adventure sports such as Any Terrain Vehicle, Jungle safari and Wilderness Picnics, Paint ball and many more

• Water sports such as Speed Boats, Jet Skis, Inflatable Rides(Banana Rides) and many more

We heartily look forward to your visit and it is our earnest wish that you enjoy your stay with us. Kindly find your reservation details below.


Credit Card Authorization Form

Dear Sir/Madam,

This form has been created in order to allow Aamby Valley Limited to charge your expenses to your credit card. Please provide all the information requested below to ensure prompt processing of your booking. We ask you to please sign and date the form before submission. Please fax the completed form...

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