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Jiahui Zhou
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ARTS 105
March 30, 2015
Assignment #9 1. The world is a colorful landscape of different languages, skin colors, and different cultures. It's important to develop an appreciation for different cultures in order to become a well-rounded person who is sensitive to the unique qualities of others. One way to develop this appreciation is to try to learn about other cultures around the world. There are several ways to become knowledgeable about different cultures. One way is to observe a craft from a particular culture. Observing works by producers who have a close relationship with a particular culture allows people to gain an authentic glimpse into the food, music, language, religion, and way of a life of a particular group of people. 2. Craft and art originally shared the same meaning. It was during the Renaissance that painting, sculpture and architecture got labeled into the category of art and from there on the activities of making a chair, a rug, a bowl was separated into this other category called crafts. 1. But this distinction comes from a western tradition. 2. Many other cultures does not make this distinction. Example of Pomo Indians 3. And certainly we still consider ancient Greek vases to be art. There is no definite line that separates the two. Labels are a convenient way for people to talk label art. In fact with the feminist movement in the 70’s, women were bringing crafts back into the world of art blurring the boundaries between art and craft.

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