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Introduction 1

Case scenarios


Case Scenario 1 Case Scenario 2 Case Scenario 3

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Webinar 4: Case Analysis – Chasseur Chickens Pty Ltd

Case Scenarios

The following exercises create different scenarios around the Chasseur Chickens Pty Ltd case study (Case Study 1). It allows you to practise applying the concepts and models covered in the Global Strategy and Leadership segment. Notes:  The Chasseur Chickens Pty Ltd case study (Case Study 1) is available on My Online Learning.  The case facts in this case study incorporate characters and events that are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons and events is purely coincidental.


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Case scenarios

Webinar 4: Case Analysis – Chasseur Chickens Pty Ltd

Case Scenarios

Case Scenario 1
Bob Brown and John Smith have just been informed that one of Chasseur Chickens’ competitors, Bigbird, has been forced to cull all chickens in its South Australian farm due to a new outbreak of avian virus. The Health Department has already requested a product recall and newspapers around the country will report this new incident to the public. Bigbird’s profitability will be severely impacted and panic reaction from the public is expected. In the boardroom, Bob Brown and John Smith are discussing the potential impact of such an incident on Chasseur Chickens’ future growth. The sales manager has received a notice from two large supermarket chains advising that they wish to temporarily cancel their chicken orders until further notice. It is anticipated that other smaller customers will follow the retail giants and Chasseur’s sales volume will be halved for at least the next six months. While Chasseur is in a strong financial position, its future growth is questionable....

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